Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 24th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 24th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

A goldsmith lady informs Saachi’s family that Saachi’s bridal dress has half gold work and half fake gold work. Kusum says she will call Sarita and asks, she is sure Sarita must be haaving a reason and asks all ladies to go have food. All ladies leave. Chandra and aunt ask her to check properly. Aunt yells and asks Chandra to call Saachi’s in-laws and confront them. At Sethia house, family reaches back home and Diwakar asks if Saachi’s family liked their gift. Sarita says yes, especially golden thread bridal lehanga. Chandra calls Sethia house. Sarita picks call. Chandra says if they did not have to gift gold lehanga to Saachi, they should not have boasted in front of their relatives. Sarita says they got gold lehanga design itself . Chandra

says half is gold and half is fake gold. Diwakar asks Sarita what happened. Sarita tells Chandra is telling their family is insulted because of fake gold thread lehanga. Diwakar takes phone and says Chandra she must be mistaken. Chandra says no, all relatives are laughing on them. Viren picks call and tells Diwakar that he knows there must be some misunderstanding and he trusts Diwakar. Diwakar says he will find out truth. Viren says he is sure about it and disconnects call. Diwakar stands shocked. His jealous relative start badmouthing that Diwakar is silently listening as Saachi is from rich family.

Viren scolds Chandra for creating an unncessary issue and asks from when they started valuing gold than relationship, they are going to be related for life, but she created a big isssue for gold. He then scolds Kusum why did she let Chandra call and create an issue. Uncle asks why is he scolding family for Sethia family’s mistake. Sushanth brings craftsman who tells how he burnt gold thread by mistake and engraved fake gold thread work. Viren says Sushanth he never doubt Diwakar’s loyalty and knew something is wrong. Uncle yells at craftsman. Viren says we will not discuss about it again and asks Sushanth to have some snacks. Sushanth says it is okay he has a lot of work at home and he came here as they were questioning about his father’s loyalty.

At Sethia house, Daadi says it is good issue sorted out peacefully. Neelima yells it is they showed proof, else Chandra would have insulted them whole life. Craftsman comes and holds Diwakar’s leg and pleads not to send him to jail, he will mortgage his house and finish gold work on lehanga by tomorrow. Diwakar says no need to sell his house, asks Prabhath to get craftsman whatever he needs and asks craftsman to finish work by tomorrow on time. Craftsman says he is like god, thanks him and leaves.

Priyanka sees Aryan standing tensely in a balcony and asks what happened. He says he cannot forget Saachi’s family insulted baba sa/Diwakar unncessarily. Priyanka says all these small issues happen in marriage, he should just think that he is starting a new life with Saachi and they both have to walk holding each other’s hands whole life. He smiles and says bhabi sa’s gyan. She smiles and leaves. Saachi video calls him and apologizes for his aunt’s misbehavior He says they should forget all these petty issues and should dream about their marriage tomorrow.

Next morning, Viren gets busy taking care of wedding arrangements and guides wedding planner. Vaibhav comes and asks him to sign some cheque and then check at decoration. Viren signs cheque and by mistake keeps it on table and walks out to check decoration. Uncle sees cheque book and is shocked to see 25 crores in Diwakar’s name. He calls Chandra and asks why did Viren give 25 crores dowry to Diwakar. Chandra says this is not dowry. Uncle insists. Chandra tells Viren gave loan Diwakar. Uncle insists why a millionaire like Diwakar needs loan, he has taken dowry in lieu of loan. Chandra reveals that Sethia family is in financial crisis and if Viren had not helped them, they would have come on road.

Precap: Uncle tells Chandra that this marriage should not happen. Aryan’s baraat travels towards Saachi’s house. Uncle tells Viren and Kusum he wants to know everything.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Shazia

    I hope this mausiji doesn’t create any other problem in Sayan life and I guess this video came up saying that aryan was not happy at the time of marriage . He was angry with Sawa hi regarding that mess that Saachi mausiji has created

  2. Shazia

    I mean saachi

  3. Vishakha

    disaster starts now..

  4. Relatives; Bua and her interference and then maussi to add fuel to fire

  5. it couldn’t Sony repeat ersk yaar crime patrol got pure son hota hai phir bhi ek 1 :30 ka slot ersk k liye nhi rakh sakte kya plzzz hamesha change q karte hu1:30 no pizzazz repeat karo

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