Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 24th August 2016 Written Episode Update


Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 24th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Priyankya continues giving Sanchi’s number clue to Aryan while playing lido with other youngsers. Aryaan notices numbers. Priyanka confuses him. Family also thinks why is she is talking confusingly.

Sushanth goes to his office and peon tells that Diwakar and Prabhath both look tensed. Diwakar speaks to his investor over phone and requests not to withdraw his investment back. Prabhath keeps hand on phone by mistake. Diwakar scolds him. Prabhath says they got a big contract from Germany client and all their problems will be soloved. He touches Diwakar’s feet, hugs, and congratulates him. Diwakar also congratulates him. Sushanth comes and smiles looking both brothers happy.

In the evening, Prabhath plays rajathani violin. His children say papa

is talented. Daadi saays even siging is a prayer, until one does not engrasped in it, they cannot know its value. Diwakwar comes and Prabhath stops. Diwakar asks why did he stop, he was playing it nice. Prabhath restarts. Sushanth sees them happy and says Priyanka he was unnecessaarily worried that baba and kaka sa are tensed. Priyanka says he is thinking too much.

Aryan thinks bhabhi gave 8 numbers, he will do trial and error with the last numer. He tries many wrong numbers and gets disapppointed. Tanu oil massages her mom’s scalp. Saachi comes and Tanu leaves saying she has to study. Saachi says she will oil massage her scalp. Aunt says she will do her massage instead. Aryan thinks bhabhi did not give number at all. Priyanka comes and gifts him T-shirt and asks to look at it carefully. He sees 17 number and gets happy. Aunt oil massages Saachi’s scalp and says if she applies oil daily, her hair will be siky long till marriage, anyways Aryan is mad behind her. She gives some more moral gyaan. Aryan thinks it is night now, if he should call Sachi or not. Sachi goes out giving eye drops to aunt. Aunty applies drops and rests. Aryan calls. Aunt with closed eyes calls Saachi. She later picks call and Aryan asks if she was waiting for his call. Aunt asks who is it. Aryan gets afraid hearing aunt’s voice and disconnects call. Saachi comes back. Aunt says someone had called. Saachi sees Aryan’s name and says worng number. Aunt asks to block it then.

Aryan disheartedly throws phone on table. Saachi runs to her room and locks in, then calls back Aryan. Aryan says thank got it is her this time. She saks why did he call. He says he ccallled to know if she reached safely. She says yes. He asks if everyone is fine. She says yes, what about his family. He says everyone is missing Jaisalmer, everyone missed something or other, even he is missinng Jaisalmer. He asks if she is also missinng. She says climate, desination wedding, dancers, they were superb. He says they were, what else she is missing. She says camel ride, she remembers even her camel’s name, Rangeela. He asks what else. She says people thee were very good. He asks if someone special. She looks at his cap and sys Sheetal, but she is married, and him,..his daaadi. He says ok then. She asks if he wants to disconnect call. He asks if she was missing something else. She says every moment spent with him. Sushanth and Priyanka come. He changes topic an says it is raining a lot here. She asks if someone came here and says yes. Sushanth says he is not weather reporter, he should be romantic. Priyanka takes phone and says whole day, he wanted her number and now he is talking weirdly. Aryan snatches phone and says good night. Sushanth and Priyanka laugh. Saachi looks at cap and smiles.

Precap: Rishi’s father tells Viren that he come to ask Sachi’s hand for Rishi. Viren gets tensed.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. anyone noticed that saachi phone ringtone is ersk title song ringtone!!!!!
    they are so cute and adorable !!!!!!

  2. Yeah!!! They both are damn cute!!! I hope rishi don’t create any problems…

    1. I hope that so…. but i read the spoilers that rishi will be the main cause for so many prblms b/w aryan nd sanchi…..

  3. I watch ersk and krpkab Daily…So hardly read tellyupdates!
    Sterday i missed ersk and so read d tellyupdate today!
    I knew it…Serials of rashmi and ekra where utter nonsense is shown..all along shoutings with no peace even for a moment!
    Such tellyupdatw pages have lots and lots of comments!
    But sonys serials where something sensilble is shown ppl wont wtch them!!
    Sony tv and star plus serials have got some life in them…they deserve to be at the top!

    awesome work by the team ersk esp the leads how cute they are!
    For a second i thout if am watching vivah…where shahid and amrita speak d same way…they are successful in delivering things…like the essence and feel of an arranged marriage!
    Same way kuch rang too…That of love marriages!!

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