Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 23rd December 2016 Written Episode Update


Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 23rd December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Saachi enters Sethia bhavan with Aryan, Sushanth and Sonu. Whole family fumes seeing them. Sarita angrily looks at Sushanth and Saachi and then Diwakar. Diwakar walks away. Sarita yells at Sushanth why did he bring this boy here. Saachi tries to speak, but Sarita shouts to shut up, she is speaking to her son. Sushanth says this boy is my son like I am your son. Sarita says he is talking as if she did not give good up bringing to him, she can tolerate stranger/Saachi’s betrayal but not dear ones. She walks away followed by everyone. Priyanka looks at Sushanth from stairs. Sushanth tries to walk in, but Neelima stops him and asks him to go and stay in guest house. Aryan asks how can she do this. Neelima says after betraying us and Priyanka, he does not have

right to stay here. She continues yelling that he and Aryan/Saachi insulted everyone. Aryan says bhaisa did not insult anyone, but Saachi stops him. Neelima looks at Saachi angrily and walks away. Sushanth goes to guest house.

Aryan stands sadly reminiscing elders’ misunderstanding them. Saachi consoles him once they get to know the truth, they all will accept them and cheers him up.

Diwakar writes 25 crores cheque with 2 lakhs change interest and asks Prababth to go and give it to Viren. Prabhath asks why so much interest. Diwakar says he is calculating at market’s highest rate and once Priyanka gets well and shanti pooja finishes at home, he himself will throw it on Viren’s face.

Saachi is busy playing with Sonu. Chandra calls her and asks if her in-laws are not torturing her. Saachi says they are not in a TV serial. Tanu joins Chandra and they both chat with Sonu and Saachi over phone. Priyanka walks wiht Neelima and gets angry seeing Saachi playing with Sonu and runs to her room. Neelima yells at Saachi why she is so shameless and did not respect her or Sarita’s words. Chandra and Tanu hear her yelling. Tanu asks Chandra what is happening, why they blame jiji always. Chandra says misunderstanding. Tanu asks why only Saachi is blamed always, Neelima is a big culprit and she always provokes everyone against Saachi. Chandra insists to tell in detail. Tanu tells her about picnic and other incidents. Chandra yells they pushed Saachi in a hell.

Sushanth tells story to Sonu and ask him to sleep. Saachi says she will tell story as the way he is telling story, Sonu will not sleep. She tells story and makes Sonu sleep. Sushanth leaves. Aryan brings food for Saachi and insists to have it right now. Saachi asks him to go and sleep with Sushanth in guest house as Sushanth can do anyting in depression. He insists to have food. She insists to go and sleep with Sushanth and obey her order. Aryan leaves holding pillow. Sarita passes by and sees their guests in window light and Aryan walking out and thinks Saachi is troubling even Aryan.

In the morning, Sarita with Neelima makes arrangements for pooja. Saachi comes and holds pooja mug. Sarita yells at her not to touch it as this pooja is for Priyanka and not stranges. Saachi tries to keep bag mug, slips and drops mug. She tells there is water on floor, but Sarita continues yelling that she did a big abshagun and is a big abshagun of this house. Aryan comes and asks why is she scolding Saachi unnecessarily. Sarita continues yelling she took away peace of this house and took away her son.

Precap: Sarita continues yelling at Saachi that she and her parents have ruined their lives. Viren hears that and warns her to stop yelling at Saachi, he will not let his daughter stay in this hell for a second and walks holding Saachi’s hand. Sarita shouts to keep his daughter at home like he has kept his sister Chandra.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. sarita jitna idiot sayad hi koi hoga. aaj kal mujhe funny lagti he woh. btw archi sach me alag honge kya??

    1. Vishakha

      hone de alag yaar..sath reh k itna nonsense jhelne se to accha hai alag ho jaye..kam se kam shanti se to rahenge..

  2. Vishakha

    Frankly speaking I didn’t like yesterday’s episode at all..sarita sanchi ko bolne nai de ri and sanchi aryan ko..I’m sorry to say lekin sanskari dikhane k chakkar me you show people stupid and brainless and main lead as an abla naari (I’m sorry if i’m hurting someone please forgive me) and what sanskar are they showing?I agree sanchi was wrong somewhere in hiding the truth but that doesn’t mean you’ll say your DIL is a stranger..this is not sanskar according to me..Jab aryan wanted to say something this mahan lady stopped him and then she is consoling saying once they get to know the truth..Are jab na khud bol ri na aryan ko bolne de ri to unhe kya sapne ayenge ki sach kya hai..and sarita madam to pata nai Kis bazaar me apni akal bech k ayi hai ya Kis university se assume karne me phd karke ayi hai pata nai..Apne bete se to baat karni nai hai bas assume karte rehna hai sab Kuch..and last scene was the most ridiculous scene of this show till now..I don’t want to say anything about it..

  3. I m absolutely agree with u. mere man me v yahi khayal aa rahi thi. had se kuch v atcha nehi. bina baat kare koi problm ka solution nehi hoti. sanchi khud toh baat nehi karti aur aryan ko v bolne nehi dete. akele me hi sarita se baat karo na. sarita pehle se v bewakoof he aur aap log usse asli bat nhi karoge toh keise samjhgei woh. sajhedari family se baat karke nivayiye na ki khud mahan ban k. (I m sorry also)

    1. Vishakha

      See sanskar says ki agar aapke bade aapko Kuch acha samjha rhe hain ya agar aap galat ho and wo aapko samjhana chah rhe hain then you should not back answer them and understand what they are trying to tell you..lekin kisi bhi dictionary me ye nai likha hai ki aap badon ko apna point of view explain nai kr skte..I don’t know why jab sanchi aryan ko samjha ri thi mujhe aur jyada gussa aa rha tha uski baat sunke..jis direction me sarita ka character leke ja rhe hain wo kisi bhi angle se sanskari nai lagta..chahe situation kuch bhi ho..actually they should show something which can change the already present mindset of people na ki all this apshaguni and stranger nonsense..agar yahi dikhana hai to I can see all this in real life only why should I watch this show..

      1. Vishakha

        Ok she is hurt agreed but being hurt doesn’t give someone the licence to insult the other person without even giving them a chance to speak..

  4. Vishakha

    I’m taking a break from watching this show for two three days if this drama continues..

    1. Tru hum hi pagal hain shayad jo ab tak yeh show dekh rahe hain ???

      1. Vishakha

        Haan is show k characters se bade pagal hum hain

  5. I just find this ridiculous that babasa ghar ke fans badalwane ke liye monthly meeting lete hain aur bete ne itna bada blunder kiya hain no family meeting no discussions no oppurtunity 4 sushant n archi to put their side of story ????

    1. Vishakha

      Ulta he just left from there..that was even more irritating..ajeeb ghar hai yaar..ladies ka muh band nai hota and Jitne so called gentlemen hain unka muh khulta nai hai..ek aryan hai jo Kuch bolne jata hai to wife aur maa takeover kr leti hai..Ghar hai ya kya hai..

      1. He left from there because he saw sonu standing there and he didn’t felt it right to say anything in front of him as he is a child and it would be not good to speak all these things in front of him

      2. Vishakha

        If that was the case he would have asked someone to take him somewhere na..he didn’t feel it right to speak in front of him and his wife was shouting in front of that kid that was right according to him then??

      3. No i totally agree with you sarita’s behaviour was too much rude and i even expected that babasa would have scolded Sushant for his this deed but i they didn’t show anything like that. And i guess he might have not heard sarita speaking so rudely to saanchi otherwise he would have stopped her for sure. Even we r hoing to watch it soon in this Mondays eoosode that he is the one who stops saanchi from leaving the house and he will also go to mittal house to meet viren

      4. Vishakha

        If the spoilers are to be believed nobody will stop her tonight.he will take her but she will come back without informing and that’s why he will break his relation with her..although its hard to digest..lets see what happens..

  6. Sanchi aa bail mujhe maar isse apne jeevan ka funda bana liya hain

  7. Sanchi tells aryan dont speak between her n sarita n what was she doing when sarita was asking sushanth ?? Mahan banne ka itna shauk kyon ??

    1. Vishakha

      Are puri duniya Ka theka is abla naari ne le rakha hai na..agar sasuma be matlab Ka suna ri hai to sunane do pati beech me nai bolega..aur agar sasuma kisi aur ko bhi suna ri hai to ye khud beech me aa jati hai ki mummyji unhe chodiye aap bas mujh par hi concentrate kijiye..and agar chota bhai bade bhai k liye Kuch bol rha hai to bhi madam ko tokna hai ki nai Ji hum to muh pe lock laga k rakhenge aap hum pe accusations lagate raho..ridiculous..

      1. Vishakha

        Aryan at least koshish to kar rha hai bolne ki..bhale hi use koi bolne nai de rha wo baat alag hai..but what are others doing??

      2. Vishakha

        And on top of it sant aatma ban k gyan bhi de ri hai ki unhe sab Pata Chal jayega..haan unhe sapne me dikhne wala hai sab Kuch..

  8. Its gud tanu ne bata diya ab nilima ke sab kartoot bahar aane chahiye.aur ye mahan bahu phir bhi apne papa ke saath jayegi nahi aur viren useese relation toad dega …

    1. Vishakha

      Now I’ll second viren’s decision of taking sanchi home..but Ye madam jayegi thodi..

  9. Sarita has crossed all lines she ws so wrong in accusing viren abt chandra she has no rite to raise questions n her relation.thank god viren toom the decision to take sanchi but in vain as hamari mahan bahu phir se inkaar kar degi …

    1. Vishakha

      Precap k baare me to chod hi do..I won’t blame viren if he breaks relation with sanchi..

      1. Vishakha

        Bua ne jo bhi blunders kiye ho Jitna bhi ego kyun na ho but sarita has no rights to comment on her personal life..that’s sick..

  10. Actually sometimes i feel aise ghar mein rehne se accha toh relation todh hi de

    1. Sirf ghar mein sabko sa lagake bulane ke liye aur ramayan padhne ke hi sanskaar hain baki sab sanskaar ghaar ke bahar dry karne daal diye hain.

      1. Vishakha

        Mere mann ki baat bol di yaar..

      2. Vishakha

        You saw sbs segment?if you want I’ll send the link..Itna ro ri hai madam ki India ki pani ki prb solve ho jaye..

      3. Aa bail mujhe mar aur marne ke baad ???

  11. Sushanth ki rawangi guest house mein bus itni si punishment aur aanchi w/o any fault day in day out pehle sasuma ke ab kakisa ke taane sune yeh kaha ka nyaay hain.??

    I m just gog to watch online fwd karke only archi scenes .now onwards

    1. Typo saanchi

      1. Vishakha

        I guess Ye show kinshuk and shivya ko sath lane k liye hi bana tha..and its job is done ?? I’m happy..

      2. Dont know abt that but on screen saath na laane ke liye zaroor.

      3. Vishakha

        Kal k live chat k baad to almost confirm ho hi gya tha..and Aaj Ye..watch this..

      4. Vishakha

        Nah..I’m talking about offscreen..kal during the live chat they actually accepted they are together

      5. If thy r gud for them but trust me yeh showbiz ke logon pe mujhe zara bhi bharosa nahi hain .in showbiz couples mak their affection public for:
        1. Thy r madly in lov n dont care what others think abt it.
        2.its to promote show till its n air
        3.its just temporary thing till show lasts as thh spen 12 to 15 hrs together n it ends after show ends.

      6. Vishakha

        Chal chod..hume kya..karne do jo kar rhe hain..hume to show se Matlab hai till its on air..

  12. Vishakha

    Lagta hai aaj baki sab hamara gussa dekh k dar gye.. ?????

    1. Tru yah sab darr gaye ???

      1. Vishakha

        But main kya karun yaar..isiliye main kal Kuch bol ni ri thi..I thought sone k baad BP thoda thanda hoga tab bolungi ??

  13. Vishakha

    Actually to kal bhi I watched only half of it on tv..jaise hi sanchi Ka gyan shuru hua I couldn’t bear it anymore..the rest I saw online only..

  14. First of All,

    Sanchi seriusly need checkup. She is absolutely ruuining the decoram of Sethia Bhavan. Sanchi ko ab chup laga jana chahiye.. apne aap ko kmare me band kar lena chahiye,,, aur tab tak munh nahi kholna chahiye jab tak koi kuchh kahe nahi… Sanchi ne kal bahut hi wahiyat kaam kiya… bahut hi wahiyat… i feel much anger for her.. mujhe neelima, sarita sab bachche lage uske samne,…

    Jyada ho gaya?


    1- sarita jab sushant se baat kar rahi thi use nahi bolna chahiye tha beech me,,, but she tried to speak? Who the hell are you… har jagah munh kholna achha nahi lagta..

    2- She stopped aryan to speak… why so? again who the hell are you to stop someone to speak or not.. Sanchi to aise acting kar rahi thi jaise wo khud mar gayi ho maala ki jagah…

    3- ghar me matam hoke hata ha aur aap bachche ko tej aawaj me khila rahe ho? koi bhi sensible insaan aisa nahi karega… but Sachi? phone on hai but apko khabar nahi? just brillaint..

    4- Jab aapne bola ki hume ghar walo ke gusse ko samjhna hoga aur dhairyapurvak sun na hoga… to sarita ke ek baar mana karne se maan jaana chahiye tha… but nahi… wah re bahu…

    i am staring to feel like sachi need some rest…

    achha hai..apne ghar jaake rahegi to thoda time milega…

    Archi fans, maafi chahunga… but she need rest for god sake…

    1. Agree with u apne ghar jakar mahan banane ka bhoot utar jayega sanchi ke sar se.

    2. Vishakha

      Totally agree with you..she seriously need it..and baki sab ko bhi equally zarurat hai..

      1. Vishakha

        And ek baat aur notice ki kya??sanchi ka phone hamesha galat time pe hi on rehta hai and madam ko kbhi bhi khabar nai hoti uski..

    3. i dont know mera gussa kab thanda hoga…gussa isliye bhi hai ki aap se hi umeed hai aur aap hi aisa kar rahe ho….
      sanchi ne saajhedari ka matlab hi badal diya… bus apne aur aryan ke beech ki cheej bana lee hai ye… pariwar bhaad me jaaye… aur har kaam akele handle karne ka kaun sa chaska lag gaya aapko? aap superwoman ho catwoman?

      yes, we need some rest too though.:D 😀

      1. Vishakha

        Aji superwoman bhi fail hai sanchi k samne..

  15. JenniferAndrews

    Ab to yeh serial bhagwan bharose hi hai,kaash is script writer jo rati bhar akal mil jaaye aur ye hamaare comments padh le,agar aisa ho jaaye na to ye serial kaafi better ho jaayega

    1. Vishakha

      Kuch din ki hi to baat hai..chalne do jaisa Chal rha hai.. ?

  16. JenniferAndrews

    I wish they would stop dragging the track

  17. Vishakha

    Uh oh…Peshwa bajirao NOT replacing ersk??then which show is replacing??aur kitne shows laoge sony???? ????

    1. Vishakha

      Hmm..I think its the other show whose promo was launched on 19th..but not fair ya..use 10 baje bhi to daal skte the..

    2. JenniferAndrews

      Maybe that hanuman one or perhabs it will take the place of ek duje ke vaaste at 10

  18. kya ‘moh moh k dhage’ ersk ko replace kar rahe he?? is show agar dusre channals me hote toh itni jaldi khatam nehi hoti. Q ki kinshuk shivya ki fans bohot he aur story utni v buri nehi he. so bohot atche atche moments se der tak salti I think. itna fast fast jake ab khatam hone ja rahi he. agar khatam hi karna tha itni jald toh dikhaya Q. sony channal k badle log dusre channals k shows jyada dekhte he I think isliye trp nehi mil rahi. Q ki sony par toh crime patrol kabhi khatam hi nhi hoti toh esi shows jyda nehi salti. ye aap logo ki galti he jo is channl me lake abhi khatam karni pari. I m sry agar kuch jyada bola mene

    1. Vishakha

      Haan sb lagta to yahi hai..because I saw promo of bajirao it starts 23rd Jan 7.30 pm not 8.30..and wo dusre show ko abhi time slot diya nai hai to may be that’ll only fit in at this time..its really not fair..

    2. Vishakha

      And tune bilkul correct Bola..main bhi kuch waisa hi soch ri thi..

  19. Vishakha

    Sony tv chahe 10 new shows bhi le aao tab bhi koi fayda nai hai..reasons are ki you have your own set of fav shows jinke alawa aapko kuch aur dikhayi hi nai deta..and lagta hai promotions team ki salary sirf show start hone k pehle tak hi dete ho..kyuki start hone k pehle itne promos dikhate ho ki acha bhala insan pagla jaye..and show shuru hone k baad wo exist bhi karta hai ya nai ye kisi ko pata hi nai chalta..and phr use promote karne ka kaam jo aapka hai wo hume karna padta hai..in short aapka kuch nai ho skta to ye naye shows pe experiment karna band karo and aapke jo personal set of favorites hain sirf un par focus karo..at least jo baki producers hain unka paisa to bach jayega..

    1. Vishakha

      Sorry guys..shayad kuch jyada bol diya maine..was just irritated..really sorry ???

  20. Vishakha

    Merry Christmas everyone ???⛄????

  21. merry christmas guys.. ye log 100th episode me v hume jhadga dikhayenge. I think.

    1. Vishakha

      Do choices hain..ya to jhagda ya rona dhona..

      1. Ya phir sarita saanchi par poore episode mein baras rahin hain.

      2. Vishakha

        ???? ya that’s also possible

  22. Merry Christmas to everyone.u guys r expressing everyone’s feelings yaar,zyada kuch be nahi.sab itne gusse me he na.since childhood I am seeing Sony TV n loved it but now don’t want to say anything baad me muje be sorry bolna pade.let’s hope for the best kal nahi tho dho din baad kuch achaa dekne ko mile

    1. Vishakha

      Actually what sony should do is before going to any producer or director for any show they should mention it to them before itself ki dekhiye bhaiya hamari jo trp aunty hai wo Bht lazy hai..wo 0.5 se upar nai chadh skti..to pehle hi soch lo aapko show karna hai ya nai karna hai..taki baad me 3-4 months me khatam na karna pade..

      1. Aree trp aunty chati nahi nai chadhi toh bhi hum use niche kaise lana hai jaante hai .

      2. We sony tv s expertise in bringing down trps toh trp chadega kaise ???

      3. Vishakha

        Exactly..unhe kam karna aata hai.. But badhana nai..

      4. Vishakha

        Isn’t this stupid ki pehle to aap ek producer k paas jate ho Ye bol k ki aapko show launch karna hai..unka paisa unki mehnat everything of theirs is at stake and instead of trying to improve the performance all you know it to end everything..

      5. Vishakha

        And ultimately we fans have to do their job and beg everyone on the social media to watch the show while the channel doesn’t even care about it..that’s insane..

  23. ???????Merry Christmas to Everyone and A Prosperous Happy New Year .????????

    1. Vishakha

      Hmm..I follow India forum page of ersk..members over there are trying to save the show..and comments me jo bhi bola hai ek tarah se sab sahi hai..the cast of this show is awesome..but as we were also saying ki itne sare prb ek sath le aana without solving even a single was a prb..story achi thi but use thk se carry forward karna chaiye tha..people can’t watch prb all the time..and as far as promotions are concerned to usme bhi they were right..beyhadh is a new show..that’s why sony is promoting it..and if their are any beyhadh fans here main sincerely sorry bolti hun but I felt its a ridiculous story..psycho love stories are hard to watch for a long time..Ye show Jitna bhi Chal rha hai its solely because of the huge fan following of Jennifer winget..even I had started watching it only for her but I didn’t like the story..and dekhna jaise hi Ye new show launch hoga sony will stop promoting beyhadh also..its not even promoting krpkab..agar wo show Chal rha hai to Sirf sharica ki wajah se..otherwise they have ruined that story also..prb Wahi hai ki agar aap ek show late ho to dusre shows ko degrade nai karna chaiye..and then the worst part is you blame the viewers ki they don’t watch the show and the trp is decreasing..that is even more ridiculous..

      1. Vishakha

        And one more thing is they don’t have time slots for shows phr bhi inhe new shows launch karne Ka shauk hai..for example take star plus..they start their prime time at 5 and it goes on till 11..and they promote every show equally..Sony me wo apna time slot badhana bhi nai chahte hain and naye naye shows lana bhi chahte hain and repeat telecast bhi nai dikhana chahte hain..they are very rigid in their policies which doesn’t work with the present set of viewers..we all are working people jo din me 12 ghante tak kaam karte hain..and if you want us to watch the show to aapko hume flexibility dena hoga..otherwise yahi hoga Har show k sath..

  24. Vishakha

    Please correct me if I’m wrong somewhere. Jab tak sony apni stringent policies change nai karega and Apne viewers ko samajhne ki koshish nai karega tab tak kuch nai ho skta..because as you said Goldie ultimately viewers are the boss..hum hain to aapka channel hai hum nai to aap bhi nai..its high time sony understands that..

    1. Are sony is just basking in glory of krpab aur beyhadh n ks show unko lagta hain that people will com tto see their shows no matter what.
      I will say to sony gud bye n gud luck.
      I m not watching any sony shows hopefully thy understand it now than after ekdv bbkdh n now ersk thy hav already lost viewers

      1. Vishakha

        edkv fans are still thrashing sony..but i guess that show went off air because of the cast and not trp..i m nt sure though..and its a gudbye frm my side too..but i wont wish them gud luck..i wish them to get some brains before its too late..

    1. ? thy dont want us to watch last few episodes as well i think
      .seriously dekhne ka koi fayda hi nahi archi scenes hi nahin hainn.

      1. Vishakha

        Actually..I’m waiting for this track..agar ye dono seriously fight kar rhe hain to kyun..and agar drama hai to how will this help out..maine insta pe bht sare pics dekhe..on one side to wo dono ro rhe hain akele me..and sbke samne they are fighting like cats and dogs..looks interesting to me..

      2. Vishakha

        If not anything else at least sarita k chillane se to better hi hai..

      3. Hope so

  25. I think thy way n video babasa asking aryan tum dono mein itne prob the toh hame bataya kyun nahin n aryan s mum i think 4 eldrrs to understand how wud thy tell when elders were busy fightng

    1. Vishakha

      Ya aisa hi kuch kinshuk said in the interview ki abhi tak to they were busy in their own fights lekin ab unhe aryan and sanchi ki fikr ho ri hai..and I think that’s the reason they are fighting..and I was thinking why is sarita so tensed..she should be happy na that she got her son back..

    2. Vishakha

      And I was also thinking ki aryan jab bhi muh kholne jata tha to ya to uski maa rok leti thi ya phr wife..to bechara batayega kaise..

    3. Aree beta toh mil gaya lekin woh devdas bana hua ab toh aur dukhi hogi maa ??

      1. Vishakha

        Ab dono hath me to laddoo nai ho skte na..Jab beta wife k sath khush tha use khush rehne nai diya..zabardasti assumptions kiye ki he is not happy with his wife this girl is snatching my son away and all that crap..ab beta wapas mil gya to uska dukh bhi dekho..serves her right..feeling bad for archi though ?

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