Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 22nd December 2016 Written Episode Update

Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 22nd December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Priyanka runs in a shock after sees Sushanth applying sindoor on Mala’s forehead. She slips and falls from stairs. Aryan and Saachi see that and are shocked. Priyanka is rushed to ICU. Sushanth shatters seeing Mala’s death and Priyanka’s accident. Sarita with Prabhath and Diwakwar enters and asks Neelima what happened suddenly, Priyanka was well some time ago. Neelima starts blaming Saachi that she and her team knows everything, who was that girl and why Sushanth applied sindhoor on her forehead, but does not want to tell anything. Saachi stands in a shock without uttering a word. Neelima then sees Viren and family and says they are all hands in gloves with Saachi and hid Mala’s truth from everyone.

Viren tells family that Saachi knews

everything from before, but hid the fact. Doc informs family that Priyanka is fine, but she lost her child. Sarita starts yelling at Saachi why did she do this to Priyanka, because of her Priyanka lost her child. Saachi tries to speak, but Sarita asks her to shut up. Chandra asks how can she blame Saachi like this. Sarita yells they all should be blamed, they knew everything beforehand, so they kept Mala in her house. She continues and Neelima adds oil in fire. Sarita warns Saachi not to enter Priyanka’s room and walks into Priyanka’s hospital room. Sushanth walks in. Priyanka asks Neelima to send him out. Sarita shouts at Sushanth to get out.

Sushanth stands in a shock. Doc tells him he can take Mala’s body. Saachi tells Aryan they should be with Sushanth and help him in performing Mala’s last rights as he is very alone. Aryan says but… Viren says he will take Mala’s body home and perform last rights, they need not worry.

After Maya’s funeral, Viren keeps Mala’s big garlanded pic as per rituals. Sonu says Sushanth look at mama’s pic. Saachi cries shattered. Sushanth takes Sonu’s bag and thanks Viren for taking care of Mala and Sonu till now. He says he will take Sonu home now. Viren says he should not take Sonu home in this situaiton. Saachi says Sonu needs Sushanth at this time. Sonu tells Viren that he will stay with papa. Sushanth greets Viren and walks with Aryan, Saachi, and Sonu.

Sarita looks at baby’s pic and cries. Diwakar also gets sad. He confronts Mansoor that people tell right that during tough times, even dear ones become strangers, Mansoor is his childhood friend, why did he hide such a big issue. Door opens and they are all shocked to see Saachi, Aryan, Sushanth and Sonu.

Precap: Neelima yells at Saachi that she is shameless to bring Sonu home. Chandra and Tanu hear her yelling over phone. Saachi slips and drops pooja thali. Sarita yells only bad can happen when bahus like Saachi comes home, they even snatch sons away.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Saurav

    I think its high time nw.. Saachi should tell everything to everyone.. N if nt Saachi then anyone frm Mittal family.. Expecting Chandra support Saachi n takes her side.. Nt expecting anything frm Aryan also.. He will also nt say anything to support Saachi..m sure

  2. Highlight of the episode today was wht viren said to archi u waited for the right time to come n a beautiful life was lost ??

    N kusum was rite it s all archi sushant fault to hide truth.

    Sarita was overboard n blaming mittals but i think if any parents will all of a sudden cm to know abt their sons affair n lose their 1st grandchild will react same way.but atleast she shd hav asked viren when did he come to know @ mala n sushanth affair.

    1. Another benefit of doubt for sarita from me today s as to why she blamed sanchi s being a women n knowing prianka was pregnant n had a complicated pregnancy should hav come n told the elders abt mala.
      Viren n kusum too were rite as why thy hid the truth from elders.

  3. Diwakar was so calm n composed n didnot blame anyone but sushanth ??.nilima n prabhat didnot do anything different than what thy r best @ doing.

  4. Sushanth ne ek galti kar di thi apna past apne family se chupakar archi waiting for the rite time did another mistake.

    Elders anger s justified @ this stage.but today n hospital thy were not n a state to listen to whole story but at home atleast everyone shd calmly listen n sushanth hightime speak up.

  5. Hate u sony wont watch any shows on sony again .????

    1. Vishakha

      Hmm its a bad bye ( and not a good bye) from my side to Sony..

  6. Ersk ending on 20th jan lets njoy it till then.

    1. Vishakha

      I’m sorry I didn’t know even you have posted it before itself..

      1. Its ok yah lets njoy whatever s left.i was angry last nite cld not sleep but now i m okk

      2. Vishakha

        Angry for?

      3. Vishakha

        Everywhere you can find posts to save the show..I don’t know why I got so pissed when I saw such a post in insta I just thrashed sony for its ridiculous policies..ek to pure din wo stupid crime patrol dikhate hain..zillions of times we asked for repeat telecast but they didn’t agree..on top of it they even skip a day every week..and now they want us to save the show??agar dikhaoge nai to dekhenge kaise..and then the channel sit and cry for trp..bht shauk hai na naye shows launch karne Ka..then let them find new viewers also..

    2. Angry n sony ???

    1. Vishakha

      Kv is coming live on FB at 11.30 whoever has a FB account and have time can ask him directly..

  7. Vishakha

    Anyways apart from this I agree with you Goldie in whatever you said..even I don’t blame sarita today for screaming because anybody in that point of time will be hurt..as of now diwakar is the most sensible and calm character..and I think he will remain the same till the end..I just hope before finishing they fill all the loopholes left and at least complete the story properly..

    1. Tru yah sony is such a hopeless channel i like bbkdh it was a fresh concept but thy had trps like 0.3 n 0.2 so thy ended n 3 months agreed .ersk s having trps 0.5 to 0.6 since day 1 still thy r not satisfied .beyhadh ka aur hanuman ka trp badhane ke liye ersk ke episodes cut kiye still ersk s still sitting @ 0.5.still thy r ending it not acceptable

      1. Vishakha

        Whatever it is ya..I’m doing the job of the channel..if they don’t have creativity and promotion skills and if they only know to launch new shows and end the current shows abruptly and sit and cry for trp then its purely their problem not ours

      2. Vishakha

        Typo error..I’m not doing

  8. Sony ko aise shows chaiye like krpkab / beyhadh whch were yielding 0.7 to 0.6 which s never possible .specially sony has less viewership than SP colors r zee aur their repeat telecast of serials s never guaranteed.plus shows promote bhi nahi karte .ersk after marriage there has been no promo 4 ersk.why this step treatment.

    1. Vishakha

      That is what I commented on insta..they are expecting us to increase trp..we are anyway watching..max we can say others to watch but we can’t compel them..plus they are not giving flexibility to viewers..Its like they are forcing us watch only at 8.30 or else we’ll stop it..then go stop it no prb we are not slaves here to follow the channels command..

      1. Vishakha

        Jab 5 din hi nai dikha rhe week me to promo kya khak dikhayenge..

      2. Vishakha

        And to be frank trp badhane ka kaam channel ka hai viewers Ka nahi..the channel should think of ways so that people see their shows..Agar trp bhi hume hi badhana hai to what are they for??

      3. Tru yaar viewers r king not channel agar viewers show dekhne aa rahe hain toh respect them else ek baar viewers ne muh mod liya toh wapas nahi aayenge..any waz lets forget n njoy present.

  9. Anyways we r no expertise.so lets leave it to people who think they r doing thir job perfectly.

    1. Vishakha

      Ya..let them do whatever they want..

  10. Anywayz vishu any new video n ersk ??

    1. Vishakha

      Nope dear..wo jhagda wala video was the last one..no pics also..

  11. Vishakha

    What happened to others today?? Jaago janta shock se bahar niklo.. ?? Kuch to bolo guys..humne apne comments se itna entertain kiya (and sometimes pakaya bhi) aap sab ko today its your turn..??bol lo jo bolna hai phr mauka nai milega.. ??hopefully 21 episodes hain if they don’t skip..use enjoy karte hain..

    1. Tru yah becharo ko bahit pakaya ???

      1. Pakaya hum dono ?

      2. Vishakha

        Haan haan 114 comments yaar almost sirf hum dono k..ek tarah se to pakaya hi hai sbko ??

  12. Kv n shivta r sayg n live fb chat ki watch it @ 8.30 dont watch n HD / HD plus it doesnot count n trp .n thy also said thy r happy it s ending n a gud note instwad of dragging. That s tru as well.gudluck to kv n

    1. Vishakha

      Yeah..and I’m taking a break from watching tv after this..

      1. Yeah main toh tv se definately sanyaas lene wali hoon.i m gonna watch some gud short films n utube n webseries. No more daily soaps 4 me.

      2. Vishakha

        Me too..bindaas web shows are nice..and I’m going back to my animation movies..I love them..

  13. Come on ersk fans attack with comments laast few weeks left .?

    1. Vishakha

      Ya exactly..phr mat kehna mauka nai diya ?? Chalo yaar lets talk about something other than the off air topic..give us ideas so that hum roz ki tarah apne dimag k ghode dauda sake ??

  14. Its not fair.I won’t watch any serials at all after this.archi fb dekhe I became emotional.they r not giving even six months for a show.I gonna miss u all.

    1. V will miss Archi n all people commenting here too .aree still 3 weeks left abhi emotional mat ho jao.every ending s a new beginning.

      1. Vishakha

        Are yaar..Ye kya ho rha hai..hum ek jaisa kaise soch lete hain ???

    2. Vishakha

      Abhi to on air hai na..Jab tak hai tab tak enjoy..Ye inka first show hai they all will come back soon with something new don’t worry ?

      1. Pichle janam ka rishtaaa …..?

      2. Yeh rishta yeh rishta ……sajhedari ka ???

      3. Sabka morale high rakhna hain vishakha till 20th jan …

      4. Vishakha

        Yes morale bhi high rakhna hai and hum Itna bak bak karenge aur sbse krwayenge ki they all will become happy ki Chalo in dono se to chutkara milega ???

      5. Vishakha

        Seriously..itni sajhedari to archi me bhi nai hogi I think ??

      6. Yess phir actually sab khush ho jayenge accha hua ersk end hua yeh dono toh chup ho gayi ???

      7. Vishakha

        Haaaaan ??

  15. U guys r right.we will enjoy this short period with our comments.I like this show bcoz its diff from luv n hate stories of an angry man n a soft girl.this show looked so real to me n lively with a family touch.

    1. Vishakha

      Haan and I’m happy ki apart from our beloved jungli billi’s accusations it didn’t turn into a major saas bahu drama..or I should say cat fight in this case ??

    2. Yess my dear ersk s different.not like other shows.

      1. Vishakha

        Yes Goldie it is different…mujhe nai lagta kisi show me ek sath Itne sare dimple wale characters honge ?? that’s the first thing I had noticed in the show ????

  16. Vishakha

    Khair..coming to the show..main ye soch ri thi aaj ki why did they fight..kahin seriously to jhagda nai kr liya..kyuki aaj shivya said she’ll start wearing salwar again soon in the show..lagta hai long time k liye alag ho rhe..

    1. May b yeh sochkar ki problems khatam nahi ho rahe hain toh seriously thy decide to seperate but may b viren ka accident uske baad hota hain n thn sethias com to help mittals and thn happy ending.

      1. Vishakha

        Nai..when sanchi gets the news of the accident in the video she is with Aryan in sethia house only..May be jhagda uske baad hota hai ??

  17. Hey vishakha tomorow i will comment late noon yaar mujh ersk attend karna hain ?? shaadi mein jaana hain.

    1. Vishakha

      ??? enjoy..

  18. Kuch videos ya fotos ho toh post karna i wont b able to access net til tomorow noon.

    1. Vishakha

      Ya sure ??

  19. Vishakha

    What irony..hamare aur ersk ki sajhedari k beech sony tv..archi ki sajhedari k beech unke family prb..and hamari bak bak karne ki sajhedari k beech TU k late updates deewar ban kr khade hain ????

    1. Vishakha

      I know I know ye bht jyada filmy ho gya ??????

  20. jan is my birthday month and it gonna be bad b’day for me. I will miss u ArChi. plz aap dono jab v new show karoge toh ek sath karna plz kinshuk shivya. Is show me koi villain nehi he jo fmly ko sain se na rehne de and hero heroin ka 5-6 tyms saadi v nhi hogi. isliye I lv it n itna cute couple he.. (sry kuch jyada bol gayi toh) but Archi ko kabhi alag mat karne show me plz jab tak ho sath me raho na yr..

    1. Vishakha

      Are jyada kam sab allowed hai yaar..at least tune bola to..main soch hi ri thi ki kahan gyi aaj..when is your bday??

      1. Vishakha

        Villain bhale hi na ho..but chain se bhi kahan reh paye ??

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