Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 21st October 2016 Written Episode Update

Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 21st October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

After Saachi and Aryan’s engagement, Viren and Purshotam sit for a casual chat. Purshotam tells how he was attacked by goons and he told to take his car, money, everthing and spare his ring. Viren tells he saved his wife’s last gift. Purshotam says it is not his wife’s gift. Diwakar comes and asks Viren if Purshotam is boring him. Viren says no, he is very lively. Purshotam says normal people like him, taunting Diwaakar.

Sushanth and Prabhath go to fashion designer’s venue and ask him to finish bridal dress soon and keep already finished clothes in their car. Fashion designer says okay and walks with them. Craftsman while crafting gold thread on dupatta gets a coughing spell and goes to drink water. He comes back and sees dupatta catching fire.

He sets off fire but sees half dupatta burnt and gets worried what will he do now. He fixes fake gold thread on half dupatta.

Next morning, Viren looks at Diwakar’s house papers. Vaibhav asks if these are same papers. Viren says yes and says he feels proud seeing Diwakar’s truthfulness. Uncle enters and Viren drops file. Uncle asks which file is this. Vaibhav says debit file. Uncle asks whose debit. Viren says his debit, he took business loan. Uncle asks if his business is not going well. Viren says it is, everyone takes loan to expand business. Ucle leaves. Saachi says soon her family will repay loan and take back papers. Viren says even before marriage, she is taking her in-laws side. Kusum says that is how girls should be.

Aryan’s family gets ready for pooja at Saachi’s house. Neelima asks Mansoor to keep Saachi’s dresses carefully. They all wait for golden thread bridal dress. Cratsman brings bridal dress. Everyone look at it excitedly. Craftsman prays god that he should not be caught and to protect him. Sushanth sends him to have snacks.

At Saachi’s house, guests flow in for pooja. Aunt boasts that Saachi’s inlaws have prepared golden dupatta for Saachi. Guests say they are very eager. One of them says she is not. Other says she is from goldsmith family, so she is not excited. Someone informs that Saachi’s in-laws came. Saachi’s family greet them in. Nikki tells Neelima that she will go and meet bhabhi/saachi. Neelima stops her. Viren says this house belongs to even her and she can go wherever she can, she can go to bhabhi’s room and he will send pakodas. Family serves snacks. Chandra serves snacks to Neelima and she rejects each snack. Pooja starts. Chandra says Neelima that she is special guest and says last time she got angry without reason. Neelima says it was with a reason. Priyanka hears their conversation sitting behind and gets tensed.

After Sethia’s leave, everyone check Saachi’s gifts. They get mesmerized seeing golden work on lehanga and dupatta. Goldsmith lady checks it and says it is fake gold and tells Kusum she selected wrong samdhis. Aunt yells if she is jealous. Lady shows them the half gold and half fake gold difference and repeats same.

Precap: Chandra calls Sethia house and tells Sarita if they did not want to gift golden thread dress for Saachi, they shoud not have boasted in front of relatives. She informs uncle that Sethia family is suffering financial crisis and are in deep debt.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. One more drama!!

  2. SaYan

    To hell with Chandra and aunt…. 🙁 🙁 🙁
    Disastrous episode

  3. Vishakha

    ego issues everywhere..

  4. Maussis nature; no wonder her kids don’t want her; chandra neelima are both troublemakers

  5. I think priyanka sushanth n aryan wil try to find out abt the zari issue n i m sure diwakar will forgive that zari worker n wil also apologise to mittals.n i think viren shd give some piece of mind to his uncle n aunt n bua as well.kakosa shd control nilima i think.

  6. Vishakha

    I really don’t understand how can you directly think and blame the family without even knowing ki whether they have actually done it or not..and they call themselves sanskaari..seriously??and just because this Mausi is so called old which she doesn’t even look..that doesn’t mean she has got licence to insult someone every now and then..and what is this bua’s prb..no wonder they have shown that her husband doesn’t stay with her..aise dominating character k sath reh bhi kaun skta hai..

  7. again nd again they create the more pblms!!!!
    i don’t know how much troubles are waiting for us untill archi marg happens….
    makers plz don’t test our patience!!!!

  8. Just hate these egoistic monkey neelima and Chandra..

  9. Loveleen

    duniya ki Sari problems isi ek shaadi mein hi hai kya….

  10. Vishakha

    the most hilarious part is this is uncle and aunt’s condition when they themselves don’t have any money..they are living on someone else’s hard earned money..and where were they till now..suddenly for attending the wedding they appear and start interfering in business matters as well..and the family is even answering to them..why are they answerable to anyone..they have earned the money let them use wherever they want ??

    1. Viren n chandra respect them a lot as thy 2 hav been for them in their younger age after their parents died.this s what thy showed .but these two oldies r taking undue advantage of the love n respect showered n them by mittals.so viren needs to interfere now n rake the control of the situation be4 the damage s done.

      1. Vishakha

        that’s what..I agree ki we should respect elders fine..but I really hope viren makes them understand that they were not the ones who asked the money..they even broke the alliance for his daughter’s future..he was the one who went and helped..so its his part to make sure that uncle doesn’t insult them in front of everyone..that will be wrong..

  11. Vishakha

    although wedding promo is very scary but I hope they get married at least and handle everything together..

    1. Dont wory peeps thy wil get married itna kharcha kiya hai production house ne wapas nahi kar sakte ?
      And n a serious note yday kinshuk was live on fb n that time thy were shooting the jayymala part.

  12. Yeah lovelene I think it too that al prb of world is In this marriage.

  13. guys!!!!
    must watch 2day sbs segment of ersk serial….
    aryan nd sanchi marg scene!!!!!
    awesome yaar!!!!
    in the bts kinshuk praises the beauty of shivya nd also he sung a song for her!!!!
    thats so so so sweet!!!!!
    their offscreen bonding is really great nd perfect !!!!!!!

  14. I think ERSK wil turn out to b like Yeh rishta kya kehlata hai n SP as there too the leads was arrange marriage n had lot of issues br , after n still gog on ?
    AS these type of serials have lot of scope 4 future tracks.
    Only thg ERSK started with a twist where sethias r n loss.

    1. Vishakha

      that is fine dear but I can’t imagine archi having kids..they themselves look like 20-21.. ???

      1. Dont vory kv ko glasses chadha denge aur shivya vaise hi older lagti hain ?.n rest camera can do the magic.

      2. Vishakha

        are yaar I’m actually imagining him in those old age glasses but wo phr bhi cute hi lagega..?? and moreover if they show them having kids to those kids will have to grow up as well..us time to camera bhi use utna old nai dikha payega ?

      3. Vishakha

        but on a serious note..in my opinion I want them to show a good story rather than dragging it unnecessarily..if they can show it for so many years then well and good..

  15. Ya I too cant see kv n sp having kids as I lik thei romantic scene. Tbut in such situations their love style would undergo a maturity wala change. I myself watch the show bcoz of them but i don’t think that it would be like yeh rishta kya kehlata hai.as their genres r romance and drama where as yeh……hai is family.

    1. Both yrkkh n ersk belong to same genre big families n struggles involved n keeping their families happy.thats my opinion .

      1. For families to b happy eacch relation n family shd b happy be it mom dad uncle aunty inlaws etc…n for each relatn to b healthy n happy there shd b partnership which s bound by love n respect 4 each other i.e s all abt ersk.

  16. Shazia

    yeah i agree with u jayati

  17. So i was rite archi mein some misunderstanding n tashan after marriage
    I havent watched early episodes of yrkkh but thy too started with misunderstanding.

    1. Vishakha

      yes dear you were right..as expected the so called old people ruined everything..??

      1. Vishakha

        and you were right in that matter also ki it can be a bit similar to yrkkh..I have seen initial episodes of it and the difference between these two is ki usme only naitik was angry with akshara but the family members were happy..but here not even a single person is happy..its as though they are marrying forcibly..

      2. My friend on this website everyone s free to express their views so dont take it personally.

      3. Yes i thinks so bcoz of the old folks the cat s out of the bag may b oldies hav made it public abt the money lending thng n so sethias r upset n i m sure thy mi8 hav asked mittals if thy still want to continue with alliance n saanchi must hAv been stubborn as she loves Aryan.
        Lot of scope for sanchi to b Ideal bahu ?

      4. Sorry vishaka msg got posted twice ignore the other msg not for u.

      5. Vishakha

        sanchi may love Aryan but Aryan ki shakal Dekh kar aisa lag rha tha jaise wo use maar hi dega.. ?kinshuk has given awesome expressions I must say..??

      6. Actually want see his angry young man look .really excited to watch this track.looking fwd ti it.?

      7. Vishakha

        me too..first time in so many episodes they are showing him angry..and by the promos I think he has done a great job..want to see how sanchi will tackle all this..

  18. I was talking about the gernes not the story. So goldie u dont have to show ur view

    1. My friend everyone can express their views opinions n this website so dont take anything personally.

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