Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 20th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 20th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Priyanka tells Sarita that Sarita does not have to worry about Sonu’s food expenses, she will manage somehow and will get whatever Sonu likes. Niktta smirks and as usual brainwashes Sarita against Nikita. She asks Sarita’s permission to go to Mumbai behind Aryan to handle business. Sarita permits. Nikita rushes in her car and calls Malvika’s assistant that she is late by a few minutes. Assistant says madam’s appointments are fully occupied for next week, so she has to come on scheduled appointment, else she cannot meet madam. Assistant informs Malvika. Malika is none other than Saachi who says that she does not have time and asks driver to start car. Nikita reaches and walks towards Malvika’s car. Malvika’s car leaves.

Diwakar tells Aryan that he should not discuss

business at home and should not have argued with Sushanth, though Sushanth is making losses. He does not want his children fight. Nikita comes and seeing Priyanka coming down tells Diwakar that till when Aryan will face losses because of Sushanth, else he feels same. Priyanka hears that and asks if babasa/Diwakar said that, how can he think of Sushanth like that. Aryan is a kid, but he is elder and thinking so low about Sushanth. Sarita as usual comes and fights how can she speak with babasa like this, truth is Sushanth is making losses. Priyanka says she did not expect this from them. Argument starts. Sarita asks Priyanka if she forgave Sushanth easily. Priyanka says it is her and Sushanth’s personal problem and says if they feel so, it is better for them to separate.

Sarita starts weeping. Nikita starts brainwashing her again. Neelima hears their conversation and confronts Sarita if she cannot see how her new bahu is breaking house, Saachi even sacrificed her life to keep family united, but Nikita has vested interests and already broke family. Sarita starts shouting to mind her business and should not interfere. Neelima leaves warning her again to open her eyes. Sarita continues her andha kanoon.

Rajender calls Nikita and informs her that Malvika is coming to Jaipur for a conference and they should not miss this chance. Nikita informs Aryan and says they should not miss the chance. They both reach hotel and try to enter Malvika’s conference hall. Guards stop them. Aryan is shocked to see Saachi is Malvika. Even Nikita is shocked.

Precap: Aryan runs towards Malvika and says he is Aryan. She slaps him. Viren also sees Saachi and is shocked.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Muskan2002

    babasa ki buri tarah se jhand hadd hai … pehle nikita aur maasa kam thi kya yeh priyanka ne bhi haath jod liye

  2. So did this show get extended time? I thought it was supposed to get over soon.. anyone know?

    1. No the show will end on 31 March.
      Kinshuk said in live session that they will wrap up this month only

  3. slaps wala video humne sayad valentine day k ek wk pehle hi dekha tha. lekin aaj jake dekhne milenge. 2 wks k baad.. ab ye kissing scene kab ayeenge pata nnehi. kab nikita jail jayegi.. 16 mint ka epi woh v wk me 4 days. eisa hi hoga

  4. Christie123

    It’s getting interesting yaar. In today’s epi sanchi will slap aryan so eagerly waiting for tonight’s epi.

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