Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 1st September 2016 Written Episode Update


Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 1st September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Prabhath’s son Nishanth insists to join an european football team. Prabhath scolds him that they cannot speand unnecessarily. Neelima says if her son wins trophies, Prabhath himself will call his son as Jaipur’s Ronaldino. Diwakar permits Nishanth. Prabhaths says but..bhaisa.. Diwakar says his words are final. Sushanth realizes something is wrong. Diwakar goes to his room. Seeta comes behind and asks why Prabhath is behaving weird now a days. Diwakar says it is his mistake, he is putting much work pressure on Prabhath now a days. Once Diwakar leaves, Sushanth comes and convinces Seeta. Once Seeta leaves, Sushanth asks Priyanka if everything is fine at home. She says yes. He says then there must be problem at office, he willl check financial records tomorrow.

She says she is proud of him.

Saachi’s aunt goes to temple and scolds laddoo vendor to make quality laddoos for prasad. Rishi’s dad Patni sees him and greets. She praises him that he did not feel bad even after they rejected Rishi’s alliance for Sachi. Patni says he did actually, but it is god’s wish and they don’t have any control. She says they would have accepted Rishi if he had got allliance first. He says even Sethia family is good, thinks Mittals must not be knowing about Sethia family’s bankruptcy.

Nishanth in Aryan’s room praises Diwakar for permitting him to join football club and scolds Prabhath. Aryan scolds him not to badmouth about his father. Nishanth insists him to video chat with saachi. Aryan says she must be busy and tries. Saachi picks call on laptop and says now he got time, gets nervous seeing Nishanth. They converse. Nishanth gets a call and leaves. Aryan also leaves to get his power cord. Diwakar enters seeing Saachi on screen and asks if he should call Aryan. She nervously says no and asks how is he, etc.. Aryan joins. Viren enters Saachi’s room asking where is safron and starts chatting with Diwakar seeing him. Slowly, each family member of both families join and start chatting. Aryan and Saachi stand behind and eagerly wait to chat with each other.

Next day, Viren tells Vaibhav and Kusum that it was nice chatting with Sethia family and he has is thinking of setting up factory before Saachi’s engagement. Kusum asks him to wait as Rajasthan govt is launching SEZ zone with tax break. Vaibhav says that is a good news and thanks Kusum. Viren says he did not become a big business alone, Kusum helped him every aspect and reminds how she used to help even before their marriage. Kusum says any employee would help a boss who would share his profit with employees. Viren continues praising Kusum and she gets shy.

Sachi goes to shopping mall and gets excited seeing Rishi. She starts conversing with him. Setha and Neelima come there and look at them in a shock.

Precap: Prabhath informs Diwakar that their Germany client canceled order. Diwakar gets devastated hearing this. Pandit finalizes Sachi and Aryan’s engagment day. Mittal family celebrates while Diwakar sits tensed in his office.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Todays episode was unexpectedly boring.no cute scene of archi.

    1. yess!!!! precap is also look like a little bit of boring!!!!

      1. Ya filler episode but wil b interesting to see how mittals react whn cm to know abt sethias financial problem.relationship testing time ahead for ArChi.abt precap sushanth s quite sensible n i guess he too knoows rishi from the wedding so shldnot b a issue i think let c

  2. Please please&please give the repeat telecast of thi serial at10:30pm every night.it is my earnest request to the people who broadcast the show.

  3. What The hell.today I got to now that due to Aryan will tell Saanchi that he will not be able to marry her because of the financial crisis. Saanchi is crying but he …what type of ♥is this .Aryan is not capable to maintain their relationship .l know that he took the decision so that saanchi could comfortably lead her life but what about saanchi
    She loves him.it is possible to live in poverty with your beloved one but it is impossible to live with wealth but without your love d one. I feel pity on Saanchi

    1. hi jayati!!! give us that spoiler link

  4. That’s not a link .I came axross the spoilet news from saas bahu and sajis.I m feeling to cry.but I firmly believe that whatever would happen i will steenthen their ♥

  5. Laksree I can feel ur pain

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