Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 1st November 2016 Written Episode Update

Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 1st November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Saachi’s bidayi starts. A rajasthani song plays in the background.. Saachi hugs each family member and cries. She then hugs uncle. Prabath and Aryan fume seeing this. Diwakar leaves. Vaibhav gets Saachi into car. Car moves. Viren, Kusum and all family members cry. Saachi continues crying in car. Aryan sits angrily. Her pallu gets stuck in his veil and he fres it. She says thanks. he turns face.

Sarita at home cries that Viren ruined their family’s self-respect, how will they face society. Neelima says we women can stay at home somehow, but what aout Diwakar, Prabhath and other men, how will they facce society. Guests starts yelling and badmouthing that Aryan’s in-laws did not do right, people say right they should get a sanskari bahu, newly

made rich people won’t understand what sanskar is. Daadi asks Sarita and Neelima to leave everything in god and make arrangements for new bride’s welcome. Neelima says she does not have that big heart to forget insult.

Saachi comes with baraat. Sarita does her aarti and asks to enter in. Daaadi asks to kick rice bowl from right leg and enter in. She does. Daadi asks girls to get thalis. Thalis are kept in a line. Sarita asks to move each thali left and right with his sword and asks Saachi to lift thalis silently without making noise. Guests comment is thalis make nonse, then bride is arrogant. Neelima says she can tolerate arrogant bride, but what about this bride because of whom they lost their dignity. Saachi feels sad and does ritual. Sarita says brie did this ritual well. Aryan asks if he can meet babasa. Sarita says no, he should be with bride for sometime. Aryan and Saachi walk towards room. Aryan and Saachi go and pray at home temple. Saachi looks at Aryan, but he turns his face.

Diwkar then comes in front of temple and standing alone reminisces Viren’s uncle insulting him. Mansoor and Prabhath see him tensed. Prabhath asks him to stop thinking so much and trouble himself. Sushanth and Prabhath also fume in their room. Mansoor says Viren’s unce had planned befehand and was waiting to show slip. Prabhath says Diwakar that everyone knows how good he is and forgave so many people’s loan. Diwakar says he knows what he and his ancestors did, he can earn back money, but cannot his self-respect.

Viren scolds Chandra how could she inform uncle their secret and not inform him, he would have handled it in his way. She says she wanted to tell him but did not find time. He says Diwakar is great that he did not take back baraat. Vaibhav says he is right. Chandra says they did not take baraat back, but may scold Saachi. Chandra says what if they harass and take revenge from Saachi.

Saachi waits for Aryan on bed. Aryan reminisces Viren’s uncle insulting Diwakar. Saachi reminisces Aryan tying mangalsutra in her neck angrily. She thinks Aryan did not speak a word, he just followed marriage rituals silently. He is deeply hurt.

Precap: Saachi asks Aryan if he will not tell anything. He says whatevver she had to she told already. She says she did not tell anyone about loan. Aryan says her papa is not like he looks. She argues not to badmouth about her papa.

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  1. Chandra bua s still judging sethias .Come on still she cant figure out that thy r gud people.she s filled with so much negativity.sge needs a positivity injection.

    1. Vishakha

      no wonder she ruined her own marriage..she can’t see her mistakes..the only thing she can do is point finger at others and find fault in them..aise log to injection se bhi change nai hote ?

  2. repeat at 1:30 ! repeat at 1:30 pm !repeat at 1:30 pm

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