Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 1st February 2017 Written Episode Update

Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 1st February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Sarita returns home. Saachi asks if she is fine, why did she sent a message. Sarita asks which message, why did she go out without informing and tricking constables. Saachi says she got a message from her. Sarita says which message, she did not send any and if she has, then there should be one in sent log. Neelima says if Saachi is telling, then someone must have sent it from her mobile. Priyanka says maasa was with her whole day and her mobile was with her. Aryan checks mobile and says there is no message in maasa’s mobile. Sarita yells at Saachi that earlier also she forced Aryan to take her out for ice cream and today she went out by tricking constables and is lying. She walks angrily. Saachi walks to her room and cries vigorously. Nikita watches her crying on TV screen

and gets happy, says she should cry more for coming between her and Aryan, Aryan is only her and Saachi cannot snatch Aryan from her.

Sarita yells that Saachi lied again to go out. Neelima says here must be some mistake, else Saachi does not lie. Sarita says if she cannot see Saachi’s lie, it is better she gets alert and stay away from Saachi.

Saachi in her room thinks even she is right and maasa is also right. Aryan sits in office thinking about Sarit and Saachi’s words. Nikita calls Saachi and says Aryan looks very tensed and if he continues like this, they cannot complete project on time, hinting Saachi to get out of house to meet Aryan. She thinks she threw food in front of prey and should wait for it to come.

Neelima takes turmeric milk to Saachi’s room and asks to have it. She asks Saachi if she is tensed. Saachi says yes, she needs her help. Nikita watches it on her mobile screen and smirks. She then closes Aryan’s laptop and says he is looking at it since 2 hours, if there is an issue with Saachi, he can tell her as a friend, he should go and meet Saachi now. Aryan thanks her for understanding him without telling. He walks out to call Saachi. Nikita sings Ja kabootar jaa.

Saachi reaches Aryan’s office with Neelima and constables and asks Neelima to send guards away. Neelima asks guards to wait outside as she is with Saachi. She and Saachi then get into lift. Aryan reaches home with flower bouquet and searches Saachi. Saachi and Neelima get out of lift. Nikita asks how come they are here, Aryan left for home already. They all 3 get into lift. Nikita with her mobile disrupts lift. Lifts starts shaking. Nikita and Neelima hit their head to lift wall and get injured. Servant informs Aryan that his office lift broke down and Saachi is in that lift.

Precap: Aryan scolds Saachi that she went out without informing again and because of her Nikita and Neelima got injured.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Roumya

    Stupidity at its peak for sachi ???also sachi lost her brain after getting shot…. Isss sarita ko mein Jaan se maar dungi… Had ho gayi… Ky sarita aur nikita kam the ki Priyanka ko bhi negative bana rage ho????

    1. Roumya

      Last mein galat emoticons agaye actually its this ???

  2. Roumya

    Waise vishakha di himmat mat hariye…. Pls don’t stop watching the show or commenting as Christie said trp would fall if we fans leave the show???

    1. Vishakha

      If they keep on showing this nonsense trp to waise bhi girni hi hai.. Until sanchi starts using her brain I can’t watch this..

  3. I love this show

  4. All serials are like this opening good but in middle they are sold for trp rating and finishied good

  5. ab aryan v sanchi ko galat samjhega. too gud. kya socha tha aur kya dikha rahe he ye log. boring ki had par karenge sayad.

    1. Ha yaar pehle atleast Aryan to Sanchi ke sath tha. Ab you Aryan bhi Sanchi ki khilaf ho Gaya.

  6. We will have to watch this archi.

    1. For archi.

  7. Yes of course we are watching for archi.
    I wont say k Aryan galat hain,the mistake is with sanchi she is not using her brain n not llistening Aryan.koi b ladki itne stupid nahi ho sakti. this 12 min episode muje bahut gussa dilata hain

    1. I hope phirse hame 23 mins ka episode dekhne KO mile. That too soon.??

      1. Vishakha

        From next week its back to normal time

  8. haan yr.. stupidity overload in case of sanchi. woh v hone wali sautan ko itna sar pe kaun sarhate he yr… koi v ladki eisi nehi hoti. 12 mint ka show dekhne ya na dekhne se kya fark parega yr.. dekh kar gussa hi ata he.

  9. Vishakha

    Sanchi to die..look alike malvika enters..

  10. this show is going in circles and Sarita and Nikita very irritating, and as for Saachi why couldn’t she show them her phone message that Sarita called her out, can’t she think.
    not watching this program until Nikita is gone out of the picture.

    1. Vishakha

      Nikita broke her phone and deleted call log in maasa’s phone

    2. An interesting track is coming. Sanchi will get to know about Nikita and Aryan is going to propose sanchi. So we shouldn’t miss this.

  11. Guys don’t say like this,sanchi k dusre janm (malvika) k baad b Nikita yahi rehne waali hain.Nikita laya gaya WO bi teek hain,itne importance and her har chaal success ho jata hai,I just can’t digest it.Aryan and babasa k saath sanchi ko b sensible dikate toh àchaa hota

    1. Aryan and Sanchi are making an master plan to expose Nikita. Sanchi is not going to die it’s only their plan to expose Nikita..???

  12. Guys can anyone please share kinshuk fb live YouTube link,I don’t have fb r instagram account

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