Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 1st December 2016 Written Episode Update


Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 1st December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Sethia family enjoys dinner together. Prabhath tells Sushanth that he is so lucky that Priyanka prepared his favorite dishes after hearing about his big business contract. Daadi says husband’s luck is connected with wife’s luck. Prabhath says this way, both his nephews are lucky. Saachi sees Priyanka and Sushanth together and thinks they are so pretty couple, but she has to speak to Sushanth about Maya. She tells Sushanth that bhabisaa gave her gift and he has to go give gift to bhabhisa, they both will go for a gift in the morning. Diwakar says Sushanth has to go to Delhi in the morning to bring raw material. Aryan says Saachi is helping him in product designs and color pattern. Diwakar says is it. Sushanth says he will go to Delhi tomorrow then. Priyanka

gets sad. Sarita sees her sad face and tells Sarita about it and says they will not reveal surprise to Priyanka though.

Viren tries to cheer up Mala and says she will get Karan soon, it is just a matter of time. Mala says she does not have time itself and says she has ill fate. He says he will take his police commissioner friends help, calls him and tells Mala that he is sending a sketch artist, she can describe Karan’s features. They will find out Karan soon.

In the morning, Sushanth gets ready for Delhi and tires to leave silently. Priyanka holds his hand and asks if he is going without informing her. She gets emotional and says their anniversary is on the way. He says they will celebrate after he returns soon. She asks him to not catch cold and take care of his help.

At factory, Saachi helps workers in coloring clothes. Aryan enters with Prabhath. Prabbath says it is very good design, he thought Aryan is just boasting about Saachi’s business knowledge, but she is really good. Aryan jokes that he asked Saachi to work and not apply colors on her face. Saachi applies color on his face. Prabhath and Saachi laugh. Aryan and Saachi’s nok jhok starts. Prabhath prays that their love continues like this forever.

Neelma goes to a pandit and shows him Aryan and Saachi’s kundali, asks if everything is fine. Greedy pandit says nothing is right in her house or in these 2 people’s lives. She asks to give a solution. He says her new bahu’s graha dasha is very bad. Neelima pleads to give a solution. He says there is a solution, but it is very tough. She says she will do anything and gives money bundle. Pandit asks not to inform about this to anyone, else it will backfire. Neelima agrees and leaves. Pandit’s assistant asks if his solution will work. Pandit says he just grabbed money from fool woman.

Aryan and Saachi get intimate during their nok jhok and are about to kiss when Prabhat calls them for food. They partways and feel shy.

Saachi is in kitchen when Neelima enters and says she needs to talk. Saachi says sure. Neelima says not here and takes her to home temple and says whatever she is telling, she is telling in front of god. Till 2 months ago, everything was fine in their house, but after that, only bad is happening, everything Saachi knows, she is worried that situation may get more worse. Saachi reminisces Mala. Neelima says she consulted Panditji who gave a solution which only Saachi can do as she is new bahu of this house. Saachi asks what solution. Neelima says it is a very tough solution and if she can keep fast. Saachi asks what kind of fast. Neelima says nirjala vrat (no food) for 3 days.

Precap: Aryan sees extra water bottles in room and asks Saachi why more bottles. Sketch artist draws Sushanth’s sketch as per Mala’s description.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Vishakha

    so sweet..? please Kuch din to aise hi rakho..baad ki baad me dekhenge..and kaki itni stupid kaise hai yaar..isse pata chalta hai ki prb me baba kaam nai aate..ulta wo kaam aur bigad skte hain..acha hai rakho vrat..and let Aryan and the whole family know later..bada maza ayega unke reactions dekhne me..

  2. editor ko archi k romance se kya problm he vai?? har bar ye scene q cut kar deta he?? ye log hamari comment parhte he ki nhi?? aur aaj ek bat toh bilkul sahi dikhaya he, ye pandit sab eise hi hote he. bakwas. again, plz aap log archi k roamance scene cut mat kariyega, kiuki sab ArChi k hi fan he.

    1. Vishakha

      Aaj cut kiya tha?? mujhe laga thk hi tha…wo scene aisa hi tha I guess..kya missing tha usme???

  3. aryan sanchi ko pakad ke apne haath se sanchi k hath ka ranga apne gaal par laga leta he. woh scene dikhaya tha?? bt ek video me toh dikhaya tha. par ha.. archi ajj bohot cute lag rahe the. aryan ka reactn dekhme layak hoga jab brat ka baat pata salega toh.

    1. Vishakha

      oh..utna editing to hoga hi yaar..can’t help..haan mujhe bhi uska reaction dekhna hai..I think precap me subah sunrise k pehle pani peene k liye rakha hoga but uth nai payi..to bina khaye piye rehna padega..acha hai chalne do pata..dekhte hain kya karta hai wo..and I think mala is not well shayad isliye wo sushant ko dhund ri hai so that she can handover his son to him..

  4. ya. wow!! aryan sabke samne sanchi ko god me uthayega… thoda toh romance dekhne milenge hume.. too good… ab isme thoda sa v cut mat karna plz..

    1. Vishakha

      hope so..

  5. JenniferAndrews

    I think mala saying she does not have time is something to catch
    Loved Archi scene.
    Arre kakusa 2 minute rukh jaate ,khaana kaha bhaag raha hai,atleast archi ka kiss complete ho jaata.
    Waiting to see Aryans reaction on knowing about vrat,I think vo gussa hoga par it will be cute to see their affection.
    As for that dhongi pandit:Du bist eine hund

  6. JenniferAndrews

    *Already itni problems thi ab bina khaye kaise cope up karegi bechari Saanchi.upar se baad mei,maybe Aryan ka gussa bhi sambhalna padhe

    1. Vishakha

      aisa mat bolo yaar..already problems ka pahad hai bechari k sar pe..ek to ghar walon ka attitude handle karo mala ko handle karo office me kaam bhi karo planning karo..ab to bechari ka daana pani bhi band krwa diya kaki ne.. ??? ab agar aryan bhi gussa ho gya to better hoga ye sab chod chad k sanyas le le ??

      1. JenniferAndrews

        But his anger+affection side would be really cute to watchr
        Besides it will also show his care towards her making her comoensate for the 3 days.
        Hope he feeds her also.

      2. Vishakha

        haan in the vrat matter toh even I want to see his reaction..but mala k case me it’ll be a prb..

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