Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 19th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 19th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Aryan calls Saachi and asks if she is sad after everyone scolded her. She says no, Diwakar gave her good sanskari gyaan and she is not sad. She asks if he angry on her. He says no as they both have same thinking.

Viren’s uncle says him that he was worried the way Diwakar came in, but being from a good family, he handled situaiton so well and did not break marriage. Aunt says that is a sign of god families. Viren says the way Diwakar reacted, he is surprised to see his narrow thinking. Uncle says good families don’t compromise with their dignity, Saachi had really made a mistake. Aunt says she is worried if Saachi can adjust in that house. Chandra says same. Saachi says she is totally convinced with Diwakar’s thoughts and will change herself .


Aryan’s house, uncle/phupaji calls his firend and gossips over phone about Saachi’s character. Diwakar gets very angry and warns him not to badmouth about his family ladies. Phupaji creates scene and says he is not telling wrong and calls his family to leave. Purshotam handles situation and says he has come to attend Aryan’s marriage and not Diwakar’s, so he should enjoy and bless Aryan and Saachi. Phupaji agrees. Diwakar apologizes and warns again not to badmouth about his family ladies.

Neelima sees Sarita calm and enjoying functions and asks if she is not worried about Saachi’s behavior, Saachi may not get adjusted to their house environment and will continue not listening to anyone. Sarita starts thinking and walks in corridor. Aryan sees that and asks if she is fine. She says yes. He says she must be thinking about Saachi’s misbheavior, she shhout not worry at all as Saachi is also fun loving like him, but respects elders and sanskaars, she will mingle with family easily like Priyanka. Sarita relaxes.

Saachi’s family comes to Aryan’s house for postmehandi rituals. Both families greet each other Neelima asks Nishanth to touch uncle and aunt’s feet and show how rich families respect their guests. Uncle and aunt feel bad. Saachi enters. Aryan searches Saachi. Priyanka taunts her and shows Saachi. Saachi messages that he is looking handsome. Aryan says she is getting beautiful with each day. Uncle tells Diwakar and Prabhath that their house is very beautiful. Prabhath says it is their elder’s hard work. They ask to show him his house more. Purshotam introduces himself to Viren and jokes that they are in same boat. Diwakar asks Viren not to think much about Purshotam’s weird jokes. They all 3 laugh.

Precap: Neelima boasts in front of Saachi’s family that Saachi’s dupatta is decorated with gold thread, they must be amused seeing it. Prabhath and Diwakar feel embarrassed. Saachi and Aryan dance and entertain.

Update Credit to: MA

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    I’m waiting for today’s episode..dance, engagement, photo shoot so many things coming up ? but scared for the wedding also..hope they get married peacefully..

  5. waiting for 2day episode…
    their msg convrston is so cute!!!!!

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      true..and I also liked the first dialogue of Aryan today..kamaal ki ladki hai..concert me gayi to gayi par wahan bhashan bhi dekar ayi.. ?? I don’t know why I felt he was really cute when he said that..and I loved the way he convinced his mom regarding sanchi..

      1. It will b worth watching as to how understanding both r when bua n bangar sir amne samne n the drama that will follow it.really looking fwd to it

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        ya even I hope the understanding remains the same in this matter as well..

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