Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 19th December 2016 Written Episode Update


Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 19th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Sushanth pampers Priyanka and helps her rest on bed. She says she is feeling arrival of their first baby already. Sushanth reminisces Sonu. On the other side, Sonu cries reminiscing Sushanth. Maya consoles him. He insists to talk to papa. Maya calls Sushanth and he gets tensed seeing her number. Priyanka asks him to pick call. Sushanth says forget it and takes her down. She is surprised to see decoration. Whole family dances around her and they all enjoy. Prabhath gets client’s call that he needs order by tomorrow night. He drops musical instrument in a shock. Family asks him what happened. Prabhath says client’s call. Diwakar asks Nishanth and Neeti to take Priyanka in. Prabhath informs that client needs order by tomororw night instead of 1 week.

Diwakar says how can it be. Prabhath says client is telling Sushanth agreed to client. Sushanth reminisces replying okay to client’s request. Diwakar asks to inform client that they cannot fulfill order. Whole family shatters.

Saachi tells Aryan it is possible if they work hard for 3 shifts. Prabhath is about to call client when Aryan snatches phone. Prabhath asks why is he stopping him from callling client, if he has any idea. Saachi says yes and tells him plan. They gather whole family and explain plan. Diwakar says worker cannot work for 36 hours, it is impossible. Saachi says even crossing ocean was impossible for vanar sene, but they built bridge. Sarita yells to not be childish. Priyanka says it is possible if whole family gathers. Sarita praises Priyanka. Diwakar says they will work hard and if it is possible, Prabhath should inform client beforehand. They all agree.

Whole family goes and informs workers about their idea. Workers don’t agree at first, but on Saachi’s explanation and moral gyaan, watchman says he will work for boss as boss got his treatment and gave 2 months salary free when he met with an accident. Another lady says her daughter became doctor because boss, she will work. An old man says boss gave money for his daughter’s wedding, even he will work. All workers agree finally. Whole family gets overwhelmed with response.

Precap: Sethia family and all workers get busy in completing order. Godown catches fire. They all stand in a shock dumbstuck.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Vishakha

    Sony TV’s Ek Rishta Saajhedari Ka gets a new director
    A director is known to be the captain of the ship who sails the show as a guide, as a motivator and as a mentor. Sony TV’s Ek Rishta Saajhedari Ka, which is quite popular among the audience for its fresh tale, recently witnessed a change by welcoming a new mentor.
    The daily has got a new director!
    We have heard that director Pushkar Pundiit, who is known for his works like Dil Ki Baatein (Sony TV), Tu Mera Hero (Star Plus) and many others, has now taken the directorial seat of Ek Rishta Saajhedari Ka.
    The initial episodes of the series were directed by Kaushik Ghatak.
    When we contacted Pushkar, he commented, “I have joined the show a couple of days back. I think the production team and the channel was looking for a change and I was called by Kavita Mam after someone recommended my name seeing my work in Dil Ki Baatein and Tu Mera Hero. The series has a very good team comprising of good and positive people and thus the environment is very positive. I hope the TRPs will also go up soon.”

    1. Vishakha

      If this is the case to main director k samne hath jodti hun please for heaven sake sarita ka drama khatam karo..cv’s are saying her anger is justified..May be..but now they are making it cheap..please don’t make her look cheap ya its a request..??

  2. Lets hope we get something gud to see.

    1. Lagta hain cvs hamare comments padh rahe archi kicked out ?

      1. Vishakha

        Acha hai padhne do..unke padhne k liye hi to bol rhe hain what we like and what we don’t..I’m happy ki fire sequence is before the scarf one..
        Video dekha??

      2. Lekin hopefully archi kuck hone ke baad jo private time milega use karenge yeh na ho jaye ki family se door hone ke gam mein doob jaye .

      3. Vishakha

        Video se to yahi lag rha hai ki gham me hi doobne wale hain..ek to viren ne sanchi se relation bhi tod diya Upar se uska accident bhi ho gya..gham to bht hai archi k paas..

      4. What happened yah kuch sunayi nahi de raha .i m not upto date with videos.

      5. Hey vishakha agar viren ne rishta tod diya sarita bhi unko door dikhayegi to kaha jayenge archi .?

      6. Vishakha

        Do scenes hai..ek to Aryan k room Ka where sanchi is crying badly and telling ki maine kya galti hai jo sbne humse relation tod diya..my own dad left me he broke relation with me..to Aryan says ki calm down I’m with you forever..then sanchi says ki lets go to babasa I know he’ll understand we’ll tell him everything exactly what happened..
        Another scene hai stairs ka where sanchi gets a call saying ki viren Ka accident ho gya hai and she is freezes in shock..

      7. My fone s giving me grief so i m commenting from other device with a nother email .i m an idiot using same name with different id so taking lonv to upload my comments

      8. Vishakha

        Vanvas pe jayenge aur kya.. ??

      9. Accident ?? Ohh ab behosh hone ke baad accident ki bari hain.ek ke baad ek logon ke accidents ab.

      10. Tru yah ram sita haina wohi unke naseeb mein hoga 🙁

      11. Vishakha

        Why haven’t you registered??
        Haan lag to aisa hi rha hai..pehle priyanka Ka accident ab viren Ka..lets see uske baad kiska hota hai..

      12. Are i had registered whn n dehleez page someone used my name to comnent and it actually worked but TU unregistered me so i dont want to register now

      13. Vishakha

        Ab galti to sanchi ki hai..Kisne Bola tha aisa stupid promise karne k liye..anyway her MIL was not satisfied with her promise..ab bechari Apne dad se mil bhi nai payegi..

      14. Vishakha

        Oh ok ok..

  3. What boring episode it was.as tge dieectors ate changing no wonder there s no connwctio between 2 epi.everything seems rushed up

    1. Connection

  4. Vishakha

    Aaj to only you guys can save my day ya..warna main bht bore hone wali hun ????

    1. Tru i m already bored to death.?

      1. Vishakha

        True..Upar se I’m on bed rest ?? how boring ya..kya karun samajh me hi nai aa rha ???

      2. Ohh what happened ??

      3. Vishakha

        Sprained my ankle..real life me jab hum girte hain na to koi hero hume pakadne nai aata hai.. ????

      4. Haaa take care njoy ur bed rest.

  5. Ha sarita ka toh pata nahi kab mann shanth hoga.meditation ki bahut zaroorat hain use…..meditation karte hue bhi sochegi ki sanchi ko kaise neecha dikhau ?

    Bola na aise educated people aise foolish promises kisi ko please karne ke liye rakhenge toh khudko hi dhukh denge.

    1. Vishakha

      Meditation bhi Kuch nai kar skta uske case me..she is hopeless..
      Lagta hai sanchi bad luck k sath sath promises ka bora bhi sath leke ayi hai..jab dekho naye naye promises karti rehti hai..and phr ya to royegi ya maafi mangegi..

      1. Vishakha

        And I don’t understand ek bhi promise pura to hota nai hai..in this case also us din to use apna promise yaad tha jab daant padi thi..Lekin I saw one pic where after mala’s death she Aryan and sushant have gone to mittal house to bring sonu..tab kahan gya uska promise..mauke k hisaab se promises aate jate rehte hain ???

      2. Yess even i saw that pic.pata iss ek week mein aur kya kya hoga.bahot adventeureous week hain …

        Aise paglat ki tarah promises karna aur Rona aur maafi mangna tv ki mahan bahuon ko mila vardan hain ?

      3. Vishakha

        Aaj to fire drama hai..I think kal tak to order pura karne wala sequence hi chalega..and is week k end tak may be miscarriage wale drama tak pahuch jayenge agar phr se skip nai kiya to..and next week finally they’ll complete 100 epi..

  6. Vishakha

    Lagta hai sab hamare comments padhne me hi kho jate hain..and aaj to sb ne bhi Kuch nai Bola..kahan ho dear??Kuch to bolo..

  7. yup me hu na dear… aap dono kamal k ho yr.. ryt, aaj fira drama. ya nxt wk 100th episode honge. in logo ka v banwas hoga ab. sadi k baad in logo ne theka leke rakhe the sayad problm slv karne ki aur romance na karne ki. and mene aaj koyi vdo nhi

    1. Vishakha

      ??? sahi Bola theka to bht chz ka le rakha hai..and prb to Abhi start hui hai..lagta hai dono families ko jani dushman bana k hi manenge..

  8. salo koi baat nhi, is problm k bich archi k hugs toh dekhne milenge (agar editor cut na kare toh). and ye naya directr ko request karti hu plz thoda slowly problm ko leke jaiyega, happy momemt 10% but problms 90% q karte ho aap log 50-50 kariye na.

    1. Vishakha

      Mujhe editor pe pura bharosa hai wo cut karega ?? agar nai kiya to usko meri Taraf se ??

  9. hay Vishu… how’s the ankle now.. can bend your toes without any pain… massage them softly

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