Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 19th August 2016 Written Episode Update


Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 19th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Saachi’s mom Kusum consoles aunt and says she should let Tanu free as she will not go anywhere leaving her, should trust her upbringing. Aunt weeps.

Sheetal’s premarriage rituals start. She does ritual with left hand. An old lady starts yelling that she will bring inauspiciousness to groom’s family. Aryan takes Sakshi’s side and tells lady that no where in holy scriptures it is written that left handed people are inauspicious and asks Panditji if he is right. Panditji says yes. Aryan says even Amitabh bachan, barak obama, gandhiji, etc., are left handed and are famous, so Sakshi is lucky instead. Lady apologizes Aryan for her wrong thinking. Saachi’s family get impressed.

Varun speaks to Priya and she says she need time until Saachi’s marriage happens at least. Kusum asks Varun what that Priya say, even she must be eagar to marry. Varun says she is modern girl and understandss their family situation. Kusum says Saachi is spending time with Aryan, even then she is talking time to express her wish.

Aryan’s cousin Neeti insists her dad Prabhat to buy her new dress. He scolds her no. Sushanth says he will buy her dress. Prabhat says no. Diwakar scolds Prabhat and asks Sushanth go buy Neeeti whatever she likes.

Tanu tells Saachi that her and Aryan’s jodi looks good and they looked really superb dancing together, she should meet Aryan and express that she is okay with this alliance. Saachi agrees. Tanu calls Aryan and tells that Saachi wants to meet him. Aryan informs Sushanth and Priyanka who ask him to meet Saachi then. Aryan and Saachi meet on terrace and discussion changes to whom they like. Aryan says he likes Deepika Padukone. Saachi asks why Deepika. He says she is not yet his wife to object.

Precap: Diwakar tells Aryan that he will tell Viren that Aryan does not like Saachi. Diwakar and Viren meet. Aryan and Saachi come running and say they are okay with this alliance.

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  1. Vry nyc……monday ka episode jldi aaye……vry simple nd heart touching concept…i relly loved it nd i like aryan…aryan soo sweet cute smile bhi bahut achhi hai

  2. Ab to aise shows chlte hi nhi jisme family values btai jaye…..bs sajish chaal negetavity hoti hai bt yeh show sabse alag hai bahut sweet c luv story hai barjatyas k shows nd movies kamaal ki hoti hain………yeh show no.1 hona chahiye na ki wo chalbazi wale kumkum bhagya yeh hain mohobattein type or bhi …bt is serial ki baat hi alag hai

  3. Interesting episode let’s c how it will take to marriage??? barjatiya core concept is family loving it

  4. such a nice episode.
    I think both of them are falling for each other.What do you guys think??

  5. hi guys!!!
    actually am new to this page .I was a silent reader before
    you guys are awesome,your fan fictions are also very nice
    salute you guys!!!

  6. Mahi

    Hi guys i also want to bi ur friend may i
    Now about this serial its sooo sweeet i hope it will be like this always only happy happy
    Nut don’t u thing that triangle is also going to happen
    Sooo so much bak bak na
    So allthe dear sisters (because boys don’t see or read it max ) pls take me in ur gang

  7. I just love this show.. it has such a cute concept. Aryan is soo cute ? saanchi is soo sweet. Cant wait for mondays episode when they finally give their consent!!

  8. Aryan saanchi conversations superb….
    their shyness was cute too…..
    they were already thinking about each other!!!!

  9. Madhuri

    Today epi is so nice. But in recap they didn’t say yes. There just stopped them to talk

  10. Best show of the year is ersk

  11. sorry guys…..
    that is the another serial promo……
    i am really for this mistake……
    please don’t mind…..

  12. sorry guys

  13. most awesome show………just amazing it is seriously

  14. Oh frineds

    Please reserve all your wah wah for some time. Who knows what the twists these CVs will bring. See the CVs made to the 2 most beautiful love stories telecasted so far. Ek Duje Ke Vaaste and Kuch Rung Pyar Ke Aise be. Love triangle ek me papa dureme ma jodi ko dodthe hi. Now in this already Mr. Rishi has an Eye over Sanchi. Dode hi dinme CVs aap lok ka dill be dod the ka kaise EDKV our KRPAB ka fans doda vaisehi.

    Cheer up

  15. guys anyone keep todays episode plzzzzzzzzz

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