Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 18th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 18th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Saachi on stage holding mic says she left her mehandi ritual and came to attend DJ Keshav’s concert, but DJ did not turn up and did wrong. Sheis shocked to see Prabhath and Sushanth there. Reporters throng her and she somehow walks out. Prabhath says she did wrong by coming out of house after ganesh ji’s idol establishment, what if Diwakar wil know about it. Sushath says they will not tell about this and she should also not tell about this to Aryan or anyone else. They drop Saachi home and return home.

At Aryan’s house, family looks at fashion designer’s creations and praise his designed Saachi’s lehanga. Fashion designer says Diwakar if he increases budget a bit, he will get gold work on dupatta. Prabhath says it is a bad idea, gold thread

word is old fashion. Aryan says same. Diwakar says it is a question of prestige and permits fashion designer to go ahead.

Next morning, Saachi’s stage photo comes in news paper’s front page. Mansoor picks paper and without reading gets into home. Priyanka gets tea and serves everyone and even Mansour. Mansoor keeps paper on sofa and leaves. Nishanth picks newspaper and sees Saachi’s photo in front page and informs whole family. Guests start badmouthing about Saachi. One of them says Diwakar that he did not select sanskari girl for Aryan, when she does not follow rituals before marriage, what will she do after marriage.

At saachi’s house, servant shows Saachi’s pic in newspaper to family. Aunt, Kusum and whole family scold Saachi. Viren tries to take her side. Kusum asks what if her in-laws will know about this, they will break alliance. Diwakar and Sarita come and Saachi’s family is shocked. Diwakar says he wil not break alliance, but Saachi did wrong. He tells Saachi that they cannot break rituals and tells as businessman, he prays laxmi, but as a family, he prays ganeshji and tells laxman ji drew line around Seeta ji with a reason and they know what happened after that. They cannot play with their rituals. He tells family that whatever he had to explain Saachi, he explained her and nobody will scold her after he leaves. He greets everyone and leaves.

Precap: Neelima tells Piyanka and Sarita that Saachi has grown up in different environment and may not get adjusted to their house. Viren tells family that today Diwakar gave some good gyan. Chandra tells Saachi that she may not adjust in her sasural.

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