Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 18th August 2016 Written Episode Update


Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 18th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Aryan and Saachi reach sweet shop on bike and ask deaf shop owner if choorma is ready. He asks haa haa. Aryaan shouts choorma. Owner asks servant to pack choorma. Saachi says they will get late, so if they can help pack choorma. Owner says yes. They both pack choorma fast and come out near bike. Saachi says she will drive and he should hold choorma packs. He says they will hire taxi. She angrily signals him to sit behind and drives bike. He is surprised and while discussing reveals even a girl was riding speedily at night some days ago. She asks if he was the one who stopped bike to save puppy. He realizes she was the girl that night.

Groom’s people repeatedly ask to bring choorma and ask if choorma is finished, they will get up, why did they arrange lunch if

they cannot feed them properly. Aryan and Saachhi bring choorma on time and fill their plate. They apologize. Bride’s dad is informed about groom’s people’s tricks to insult bride’s people. He fumes and says he will confront them and thanks saachi and Aryan for their help. Saachi says Rishi helped them by texting about his team’s plan. Bride’s dad thanks Rishi.

Diwakar comes back and starts singing. Mansoor says he looks very happy. Diwakar says he watched Piku movie today and praises Amitabh Bachan’s acting and says even girl did good acting, what is her name. Sushanth says Deepika Padukone. Uncle says Aryan was talking about Deepika. Diwakar scolds Sushanth why did not he inform before. Everyone laughs.

At night, saachi’s cousin Tanu speaks to her dad and informed how Saachi and Aryan saved bride’s team. Her mom sees her talking and asks who is it. She lies it is her friend. Mom insists and she says dad. Mom starts crying how can she talk to dad when she know what he did with them. Tanu says he is her dad and she will not stop talking to him and walks out. Saachi follows her to terrace and consoles her.

Aryan comes to terrace and hears Tanu and Saachi’s conversation and asks Saachi who is she, she is too good. He says a man’s head bends in front of 3 women, one own mother, two devi maa, three..bends in front of her. She stands in a surprise. He laughs and says he was joking, but he saw new Saachi today. She smiles. He extends hand and introduces himself and asks naam to suna hi hoga. She laughs…Their conversation continues.

Precap: Tanu teels Saachi that Aryan and her jodi looks good. Saachi scolds Aryan for liking Deepika’s name. He asks her to stop behaving like wife as they are not yet married.

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  1. Lila

    Hahaha their first cute nok jhok in precap

  2. 2day episode is nice….
    lets see whats next step taking their friendship ahead…..
    both are really cute :-O

  3. Hahaha.. The Precap..??
    Love Archi..??

  4. Loving the precap ???
    Archi is baee ??
    I wanna know what’s next in tomoz episode …?

  5. Loving the precap ???
    Archi is baee ??
    I wanna know what’s next in tomoz episode …

  6. I like also archi

  7. Nice story

  8. its really amazing……..very very gud show….Aryan and Sancho both are fabulous

  9. sanchi

  10. i love aryan….

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