Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 16th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 16th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Saachi and Aryaan’s romance continues at Saachi’s room. Viren serves snacks to Sethia family. Aunt sees Diwakar tensed and asks if he wants to say something. Diwakar says Rishi and his parents have gone to jewelry shop to buy jewelry for Saachi. Viren asks why. Diwakar says they are told they have fixed Rishi’s alliance with Saachi. Viren shockingly asks what….there must be some misunderstanding. Servant informs that Patni’s have come.

Saachi and Aryan’s romance continues. Aryan says Saachi her room is very nice and he will come and stay here at least 1 week in a month and asks if she will let him stay here. She says, ater marriage, she is all his, so even room is his. She slips and he holds her. Taunu comes calling Saachi

and informs that Rishi’s parents have come with is alliance for her. Saachi and Aryan are shocked and run downstairs.

Viren goes till door to receive them. Patni hugs him and says now they are becoming samdhis. Viren asks what. He says they came with Rishi’s alliance for Saachi. Sethia’s hear this and says Viren they will leave now. Viren stops them and says Pantis that they have mistaken, he has already promises Diwakar to marry Sachi to Aryan. Panti asks why did he send his sister with alliance then. Viren asks sister what is all this. Sister says Sethias rejected Saachi without any reason, so she thought of finding a better alliance for Saachi. Viren scolds her in front of them. Patnis leave yelling. Diwakar says he is proud that his younger bahu’s family values words than money.

Aunt confronts Viren for insulting her in front of everyone and says she will leave his house with Tanu tomorrow morning and even scolds Kusum that his brother changed because of her. Kusum asks Viren to console his sister. Viren prepares vadas for his sister, goes to her and says he has booked a cab for her in the morning. He emotionally remembers their childhood aand how she used to take care of him, says she is his mom and dad and never let him feel he is orphan, how can she leave him alone. Aunt apologizes him for being rude and says he will not go. Family bonding continues.

Precp: Aryan comes to meet Saachi at night. Aunt sees him and shouts thief..thief. Family gathers and Viren shouts to search thief. Aryan hides behind sofa.

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  1. Shazia

    Today’s epi was amazing just loved it 😘!!! Especially archi scenes and finally everything got sorted bet sethias and mittha family . Waiting for next episode yaar just amazing !!! But feeling sad for rishi and his family …..

  2. SaYan


    |Registered Member

    What an episode…Sayan romance was awesome 😀 😀 😀 and viren u nailed today’s episode… And hi everyone

  3. jayati

    Oo karan bhaiya.whats there special in my comments? But today’s episode was really good.by the way I told u bhaiya bcoz I am in tenth n I couldnt comment last as the bet recharge got expired.

  4. Vishakha

    Another awesome episode..can’t believe everything actually got sorted so soon 🙂 but ye bua ki prb kya hai..first of all she thinks rishi is better than aryan just because he is more rich..and sometimes I feel inhe to sanchi k mom dad ki shadi se bhi prb hai..jb dekho unki shadi pe comment krti rehti hai..

  5. Lakshree

    2day episode is awesome!!!!!!
    archi is the best couple in the world!!!!
    understanding is the pillar of the relationship….
    they both understnands well with each other…..
    their families are also like them…..
    but poor rishi with his family whom got a second heart break about rishi alliance with sanchi…..
    i hope rishi’s character will not be a negative one in archi’s lyf…..

  6. jayati

    Everyone please help me.please message in the Facebook fan page that the episode s should be given a repeat telecast 10:30pm every night. Please! !!!!!!!!
    Actually I have continuous classes almost every day. Three days in every week. Please help me In this way.:-)

  7. Muskan

    Sanchi and Aryan are the best couples . lf we compare them with all other serials. They are very understanding especially Aryan.

  8. jayati

    Recently sanchi will be drowning n Aryan will save her.thus there would be another romantic scene so ersk fans be ready to see another cute romantic scene.

      • Vishakha

        On one side aryan’s aunt is saying why did viren give so much money to get his daughter married..possibly there is some fault in sanchi..and on other side viren is saying my daughter is my pride and if someone questions my pride I won’t forgive them..
        So I guess this time Aryan has to make efforts to save his relationship..lets see what he’ll do..

    • Goldie

      Oh interesting twist really excited it will b worth watching what efforts aryan will make to save his relationship.

  9. jayati

    What my hear breaking news episode information did u gave . I cant see it .please can anyone do me a favour by writing in detain the whole episode?

  10. jayati

    Is this reply to my comment? I kno Its just a promo .It is heart breaking bcoz I cant see the Friday episode s as I have to go to my art subject tution n I come home at 10pm.

  11. Muskan

    I saw in internet in ek rishta sajhedari ka upcoming future story that Rishi wants to take revenge as his family feels insulted. On the other hand Sethias and Mittals go for a picnic.

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