Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 16th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 16th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Nikita gives money to Neelima. Neelima asks what is it. Nikita says Sarita asks her to pay cylinder money and told she does not want any argument. Neelima fumes. Nikita sees Sarita coming and forcefully gives money to Neelima and walks towards Sarita. Sarita asks what did Neelima say. Nikita says she asked cylinder money, so she gave it. Sarita starts fighting with Neelima. Neelima says she did not ask money. Sarita as dumb as usual continues fighting with Neelima. Aryan notices their fight and walks out. Nikita gives him tiffin box and brainwashes him against Sushanth that he gets contracts and Sushanth cancels them without any consent and has taken full control over business. Aryan leaves for office. Nikita smirks that soon after breaking Sethia family, she will take away

Aryan and living a happy life with him separately, she does not like saajhedari drama.

Sushanth gets client’s call that Aryan canceled ordered. He calls Aryan and asks why did he cancel order. Aryan argues that he is elder, that does not mean he will get loss contracts, that client had pending payment since a long time. Sushanth says it was very old colleague and had promised to repay in the evening. Aryan says it is already evening and company cannot bear more losses because of Sushanth. Sushanth walks to his room in a shock followed by Priyanka. Nikita smirks.

Nikita gets food for Aryan and he says he is not hungry. She says he does hard work and Sushanth controls over every decision and makes losses, why don’t he start his own business. Aryan says he needs investment for that.

Nikita calls Rajender and informs him about Aryan’s desire to open a new business and asks him to do something. He tells her about fashion tycoon Malvika Sehgal who deals in ethnic designs. Nikita says she is perfect. Rajender says she is in Mumbai and will speak to her. A Malvika/Saachi is seen getting out of her car.

Daadi prays god to protect her family and send someone. Even Mansoor prays god same. Malvika/Saachi is shown again.

Priyanka returns from grocery shopping. Sarita checks and asks why did she buy everything organic. Priyanka she is buying organic grocery since years. Sarita says now looking at Sushanth’s condition, she should stop overspending. Nikita sees them and smirks that if she tries to break family by heart she will succeed.

Precap: Nikita and Aryan go to meet Malvika and guards stop them that conference has already started. Aryan is shocked to see Malvika is Saachi’s replica.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. hello guys, I’m new here,

    did anyone have seen tanhaiyan web series

    1. Hi bhawana!! And welcome to TU family!!????

  2. Now it will be fun. Waiting eagerly for the next episode… Finally malvika’s entry!!! I am so happy. Now the show will get back to the track. Guys pls watch ersk at 8:30 pm only on regular Sony no HD or HD+. The trp is going low again. It’s only0.4 trp. So pls watch ersk or else we will lose the show.

  3. hii bhavna. no mene nehi dekhi tanhayian abhi tak. but I luv barun sobti.. next episode me aryan ko sanchi thappar maregi I think… but hume archi scenes next epi me dekhne milenge. wait karna bohot difficult he yr..

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