Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 16th August 2016 Written Episode Update


Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 16th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Rishi and Sanchi’s families meet each other and praise each other. Viren praises Rishi that he is handsome and tall. Rishi’s dad says he has gone on his mother. They laugh. Rishi’s mother praises Sanchi that she dances really well and is beautiful. Viren says she has gone on him. Rishi realizes Sanchi is Viren’s daughter.

Aryan’s dad discuss with his brother that his friend did not come for marriage and sent wife, he does not think he wants to help. Brother says they can take other friend’s help. Dad says news will spread in whole community and their family’s reputation will be spoilt, they have to find some other way. Sushanth comes and asks if everything is alright. Dad smiles and says yes and leaves. Sushanth tells Aryan

that something is wrong, else dad cannot stop him scolding. Aryan says dad is fine. Sushanth says he likes dad scolding him.

At night, Rishi smiles standing on terrace. His parents asks reason and mom asks who is the girl, she knows her son well. Rishi says he loves Sanchi and wants to marry her. Mom says she was waiting to hear this since years. Dad says he will speak to Mittal saheb tomorrow.

Next day, all marriage guests go for a picnic at a desert. Aryan’s daadi discusses with her bahus that she likes Sanchi a lot and wants Aryaan to marry her soon. Youngster see Sanchi dancing with other girls wearing Aryan’s cap. They discuss already romance has started. Aryaan smiles watching Sanchi dancing. He goes near her. They both start chatting and thanking each other for yesterday’s dancing competition. They discuss how different they are and how they were mimicking like in 60s on their family’s insistence. She says she will leave as mom must he waiting for her. He says cap. She says he can keep it as a thank and leaves. All youngsters then walk in front of Aryaan and asks what is going on, if he loves Sanchi now or not. He says he has not yet decided.

Sanchi’s brother Vaibhav speaks to his fiance Priya and hopes Sanchi and Aryan’s alliance happens soon. Priya says she enquired about Sethia family and Aryan, they are good. Once Sanchi gets married soon, then they can marry. Vaibhav says yes, after Sanchi’s marriage. Viren asks Vaibhav what did Priya say. He says she wishes for Sanchi’s marriage. Mom asks if she did not speak about their marriage. Vaibhav says she is a sensitive girl. Rishi’s family then meets Viren’s family. Viren asks what would they like to have. Rishi’s dad says Sanchi’s hand for Rishi.

Precap: Aryan and Sanchi camel ride looking at each other and chatting. Aryan gets jealous when he sees Rishi asking Sanchi to charge his mobile.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. ohhoooo! abhi se isko jalan hhone laga!

  2. thank god…. today episode is awesome than these previous episodes… seriously…..
    the precap is also interesting!!!!
    wow….. their interactions are marvellous …….
    yeah… i know their conversations are just normal…. omg
    but i really don’t know why am i so excited today!!!!!

  3. Sooooo cute
    Jealousy n all
    Like their pair n acc to spoilers Aryan will soon fall for Sanchi
    And love started blossoming??

  4. ya,the episode was extremely awesome

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