Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 15th August 2016 Written Episode Update


Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 15th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Aryan and Sanchi walk on terrace from library. Aryan’s uncle and aunt see them together and inform Sanchi’s mom. Both families watch them and get happy thinking they both are bonding well. They both talk in usual monotous 60s style and part ways. Rishi sees Sanchi and smiles. Sanchi’s family asks what did Aryan say. She mimicks him and says he talks like a middle aged man, she does not like him and does not want to marry him. Aryaan tells his family same. Both families as them both to practice well for sangeet. Sanchi’s aunt asks her to dance on family number to impress Aryan’s family. Sanchi agrees hesitantly.

Aryan walks towards Sanchi’s room to confront her and sees her dancing on Maiya Yashoda song… and thinks if she dances on this song, groom’s family will win for sure. Sheetal stops him and asks what did she do to Sanchi that she is hating him. He says she is as middle aged woman with old sanskari attitude. Sheetal takes him to Sanchi. He in old style says they will lose if she dances on slow number and should dance on fast number. She asks what is that. Her sister says songs which come on FM radio. He thinks her sister knows more than her. Sheetal thinks why they are talking like this.

Sakshi massages her brother’s head and says Aryan is too primitive and why did he chose him for her. He says he wanted boy like Aryan for her and if he troubles her, he will beat Aryan, then says he wants her to marry the boy she likes.

Sangeet function starts. Bride’s people finishes their dance. Host says it is bride’s people’s turn next and calls Saanchi on stage. Sanchi takes position to dance on Maiya yashoda song. Aryan changes CD. His mom tells dad it looks like Sanchi will dance well. He asks where is Aryan. Sanchi gets tensed hearing different song but manges. Aryaan joins her and they both dance well on Tumhi ho bandhu sakha tumhi ho… They both then start liking each other and complement each other.

Precap: Rishi’s mom says it looks like he likes someone and wants to marry her, who is she. He says Sanchi.

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  1. Shatakshi

    Now this is what I was waiting for
    Seriously it was too good
    N the end was superb❤❤❤

  2. its really too guD……so much better than those saas bahu drama….very nice

  3. This was awesome episode. I hope they don’t make that Rishi a villain. I hope both Aryan and Saanchi are able to tell their parents before Rishi’s parents do.

  4. when will this hide and seek game end between aryan and saanchi’s life?????

  5. Natasha malhotra

    amazing episode. expression of sanchi and aryan was superb. Both the lead rocks and entire cast acting was also amazing.

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