Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 14th September 2016 Written Episode Update


Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 14th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Diwakar scolds Sushanth unnecessarily. Prabhath and Mansoor asks why he scolds Sushanth unnecessarily when Sushanth is so obedient and efficient. Diwakar says he likes that way as his grandfather also used to scold him but love him a lot.

Sakshi while walking with Aryan in a mall tells him that Rishi was so sporty during Sheetal’s marriage, but now acting as stranger. Aryan says it is strange and says even he feels bad if his best friend ignores him and feels sad about his close friend. Saachi says she can understand him as they both are sajhedars/partners now. They hold each other’s fingers, this usual style.

Vaibhav’s fiance serves tea to Viren, Kusum and Vaibhav and asks Viren how did Sethia’s agree for engagement again, she feels

something is wrong. Viren says they are good people and he trusts them. Vaibhav also says same.

At Sethia’s house, Sharada sings bhajan and prays and whole family joins her. Diwakar says they should get Saachi and Aryan’s engagment soon. Daadi says it is obvious for girl’s parents to get worried, so Mittals must be worried. Sharada says they should do engagement in a simple style and then marriage grandly. Daadi says same. Diwakar agrees and says he will speak to Viren and fix engagment date. He asks family to go and buy engagement right for Saachi.

Aryan video calls Saachi and tells their parents have decided for engagement and asks her to give her ring size. She shows her finger. He says they are so beautiful, why did not he notice them before. Saachi ges shy and asks him to stop flirting in front of a kid/Tanu. Tanu asks who is a child here. Aryan says they are firends. Aryann asks her to measure finger. She measures by tape. He asks her to get bottle cork and make a hole in it, says boy’s small finger is equal to girl’s ring finger usually. They both make hole and check their fingers in them. Tanu says they are stupid to do all this drama instead of getting Saachi’s ring sample.

Rishi’s parents tell him that they will buy jewelry for Saachi today. At Sethia’s house, Prabahth and Neelima get ready to go to jewelry shop to buy a ring for Saachi. A bit drama happens. Prabath asks how do they know Saachi’s ring size. Aryan says he has Sachi’s ring size and gives cork. Prabhath asks what is this and laughs. He and Neelima then go to jewelry shop where Patni’s have also come to buy jewelry. Jeweler asks whom they have slected for Rishi. They say Virendra Mittal’s daughter Saachi. Prabhath and Neelima are shocked to hear that.

Precap: Prabhath and Neelima inform family that Patni’s were discussing about Saachi’s alliance with Rishi and specifically took Virendra Mittal’s name.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Today episode was to gud sepicaly bottle ring one n when Aryan told about sanchi finger that so beautifull I love that sence yr pata nai yr ise searial ko jitne baar dekho maan ko shanti nai mil plz ise serial ko one hrs ka kar do n me toh pure din sirf kab 8:30 ho ge uska wait karti hu yr I just love this show.

    1. Yah try that dhakan ki ring was so cute.?

      1. N sushant askg aryan to use it as engagement ring to make a style statement icing n cake ?

    2. Same here i am just mad abut this show

  2. Awesome episode as always..but what’s wrong with buaji..wo bata kyun nahi rahi apni family ko rishi k baare me..although she loves sanchi a lot but her character is quite irritating..its as though she herself doesn’t know what she wants..

    1. I think she s still a bit hesitant to speak to her brother as now she knows that it was a hasty decision n may b s n guilt n sometimes in guilt people forget to take the rite action but it s gog to create a lot of misunderstandings.

    2. But rishis family is gog a bit aboard gog n buying jewellery n openly speaking abt alliance in public whn there s no official confirmation for the alliance .Although rishi has sensed that saanchi s not aware of the alliance .?

      1. I hope everything gets sorted out soon and we get to see cute moments of archi again..

      2. Ya the new videos r out where archi spending time together so lets hope for gud?

  3. Today’s episode was just amazing .!!! loved it ? Archi scenes were just amazing especially the ring one and yeah anjali I too agree with u that they should make it to 1 hr

  4. Ek ghanteka episode har Monday aur Thursday ko do.jise jo bhi chaiye mujhe pata nahi ar mujhe iska repeat telecast chaiye har raat ko10:30pm.Please yaar ersk cast kuchto sochiye mere proposalke bareme.and to this e

  5. Luv archi but dat buaji is annoying

  6. Buaji caused such a mess and has disappeared. I wonder how Aryan’s family will react.

  7. Bua JI ki vajah se Sab garbar ho rhi h yaar.bus JI please tell the truth to everyone.????

  8. Well the episode was awesome 🙂

  9. Hii everyone, this is a perfect serial, love it. Specially Aryan and sanchi. the conversation between the two was awesome. Well, till now I was a silent reader but now I could not control myself in expressing my feelings about this serial.

  10. Buaji is a little distracting. She always want to interfere in Sanchi’s family. But she was thinking of Sanchi’s good only.

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