Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 14th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 14th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Sethia family’s sent mehandi designer applies mehandi to Saachi and walks out. She goes to Sethia house and complains Sarita that her samdhis are very cunning and did not pay her tips at all. Sarita takes money from Diwakar and gives it to her. Designer praises her and tires to leave. Neelima asks her to have food and takes her to dining area.

At Mittal house, Viren’s aunt yells that mehandi designer mixed something in mehandi that her hands are itching. Vaibhav tells that silver kachrota is nowhere at home. Chandra says she is sure mehandi designer must have stolen it. Aunt yells that Saachi’s in-laws sent a thief here and asks Kusum to calls Saachi’s in-law’s home. Kusum calls Sethia house landline. Servant picks it and gives it to

Neelima. Kusum starts blubbering. Aunt snatches phone and tells Neelima that she is Viren’s aunt. Neelima greets her. Aunt yells that her mehandi designer is a thief and stole kachrota. Neelima says she should check at home itself. Aunt starts yelling and badmouthing about her family. Neelima fumes and confronts her. Their argument continues. Families gather. Diwakar stops Neelima. Aunty cries that she was insulted so much by Saachi’s in-laws, they don’t know to respect elders. Neelima also complains that aunt badmouthed about her family, so she could not control herself.

Mehandi designer silently leaves house. Mansoor walks in from outside and clashes with her. Kachrota falls from her bag. He asks from where did she pick it. She runs from there. He enters home and tells Sarita that mehandi designer had stolen her kachrota. Family relaxes. Diwakar calls Mittal house. Kusum picks call. Diwakar says their doubt was right, mehandi designer had stolen kachrota. and Diwakar asks to inform Saachi’s family soon. Sarita calls Mittal house. Kusum picks it. Diwakar says their doubt was right, mehandi designer stole kachrota and he is sending it back via someone. Kusum informs family. Uncle says aunty was right and Sethia family insulted her so much. At sethia house, diwakar tells Neelima she shoould not have overreacted. Neelima tells family how aunt insulted Nishanth, she wanted to confront right away, but Prabhath stopped her. Diwakar says though Prabhath is right, he does not like anyone insulting even his family”s youngters and says he will speak to Viren about it. Nishanth asks him to let it go for Saachi and Aryan’s sake. Diwakar says he is family’s youngest member, but is more mature, he is proud of him. Nishanth touches his feet. Family pampers him.

After sometime, Aryan calls Saachi and tells what happened at home. Saachi asks how is Nishanth now. Aryan says the way Nishanth handle situation, whole family is proud of him. Their conversation continues.

Precap: Saachi requests Viren to send her to DJ’s concert. He says she can go but not alone. Saachi says Aryan is accompanying her. Aryan comes to pick her. Viren acts as slipping and injuring and signals Saachi to leave. Saachi sends him flying kiss and leaves.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Shazia

    Thanks god all the ego issues got solved between both the families eagerly waiting for the precap it’s just amazing can’t wait to see it . ?? nishanth is so sensible .

    1. yes!!!!! finally all the pblms were solved in both families…. the precap is looke like more nd more interesting rather than tis epi because aryan nd sanchi will be together 😛
      we will see archi scenes after a long time gap 😀

  2. Vishakha

    Ya nishant is very matured..I liked the phone convo..and after many days precap is funny..and congrats to the whole team for 50 episodes ?

  3. Why so less comments nowadays???? Anyways m missing ARchi scenes..

    1. Vishakha

      Me too..precap is nice but I don’t think they’ll meet..whenever they try to meet some or the other blunder happens ??

  4. Why are u so negative minded about archi scenes.dont dishearten us afterall after so long time we r getting archi scene.be positive. We should have little faith on archi.if not in our luck or love for the mind blowing heart throbs.am I not right gues

    1. Vishakha

      Yes you are right..I hope it works too..

  5. Shazia

    yeah u r

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