Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 14th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 14th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Sarita promises Nikita not to suicide, she will get her married to Aryan. Nikita smirks that she is in and Saachi is out. Prabhath and Sushanth asks Sarita how can she take such a big decision without consulting Aryan. Sarita says she is Aryan’s mother and knows what is good for him. She promises again Nikita. Back home, Diwakar confronts how can she take such a big decision alone, without even consulting him and Aryan. Sarita says she is just worried about her son’s happiness and Aryan will get a chance to correct his mistake. Diwakar leaves. Neelima confronts Sarita and says she will help her in her wrong decision and walks away.

Sarita goes to Aryan’s room and starts her lecture that he should move ahead in life and get remarried to Nikita, it is the only way to

correct his heinous mistake. Aryan says he did not do anything wrong and how can he forget Saachi so easily. Sarita continues her explanation.

In the morning, Priyanka gets Nikita home. Nikita asks if she is doing right. Priyanka says if she is doing it by heart, she is right and she should not worry about anything. Nikita smiles at Neelima, and Neelima leaves fuming. Nikita shows her maniac expression, then acts. Priyanka asks not to worry, with time, everything will be fine. Once Priyanka leaves, Nikita sees Aryan and Saachi’s marriage photo on table and tears Saachi’s pic, grins that soon she will get out Saachi’s memories from this house.

Kusum sits shocked after speaking to Neelima over phone. Chanda asks what happened. Kusum says Neelima had called and told that Sarita is trying to get Aryan married to Nikita. Chandra fumes that they were waiting for Saachi to die, how cheap Sarita is, if something happened to Aryan, they would not have thought of Saachi’s remarriage. She will go and confront them right now. Tanu says Aryan loves only Saachi and will not agree for remarriage. Chandra says even then she will go and confront them and leaves.

Sarita asks Nikita to consider this house as hers. Nikita says she has accepted this house as her, but she does not know if family members will accept her or not. Diwakar comes and Nikita touches his feet, he backs off. Sarita consoles Nikita that with her good behavior everything will be alright and soon they will forget dark memories. Chandra enters and claps on Sarita and says she easily renamed Saachi as dark memories, she is not even repenting of Saachi’s death, Saachi is a fool to sacrifice her life to this ruthless family. Whole family gathers and listens to her confrontation.

Precap: Chandra asks Aryan to tell Sarita that he does not want to marry. Aryan says he is read for this marriage. He does court marriage with Nikita.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. What is the matter with Aryan is he crazy only one day since sanchi passes and he is doing a court marriage and that too with nikita And what is this sarita problem I thought she would be so nice came out that she also has a bad inside

  2. Aryan she is also good u should marry her when sakshi came back

  3. JenniferAndrews

    Does he know saachis plan

  4. sanchi kab come back karegi?? and aryan q ye sab karne k liye man gaya?? chal kya raha he??

  5. Vishakha

    Guys chill..Aryan knows everything..that’s why he is getting married..so that nikita will think her plan is successful and she won’t even think ki something can go wrong..and once she relaxes then malvika will enter..

    1. Yes, you are right, Vishakha…. Just remember the last meeting Saanchi had with Aryan in the Jail, there was a gap of expression between them where Aryan is looking in comfort level where as before both of them were crying. During this lapse, both have made some plan & it worked accordingly. The plan is to make relax Nikita to fulfill her plan and later on the Malvika & ghost episode will begin. Hence, Nikita will be fear & made some mistake in front of all family members and later on she will be exposed.. I think so…. But this cannot be succeed unless some family members would involve in their plan. Let’s see who will join in their club.

      1. Vishakha

        Kakisa has joined..and I wish sushant also joins later..

      2. Kakisa toh lagta hai kyunki aajkal woh saanchi ke favor me hai. So, she might be. But, Sushant ke case me thoda doubt hai kyunki uski wife Priyanka Nikita aur Maasa ke side me hai… Aur, uss khandan me koi bhi Husband wife ke saamne kuch nahi bol paata…

  6. ohh ryt… aryan sabko dikhana sahta he ki sanchi ab kabhi nehi aa sakti. lets see age kya hota he. hope for the best. aaj sanchi ki come back hoga ki nehi yr???

  7. Right pradeep, as per mama’s rule Kaandaani ladka aisa hi hoga
    Aaj please malvika ki entry karaa do in episode r in promo

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