Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 13th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 13th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Chandra consoles Saachi not to spoil mood for uncle and aunt’s misbehavior and enjoy her premarriage rituals. In Sethia house, Neelima fumes that she will not keep quiet and will confront Saachi’s family for insulting her son. Prabhath says Viren’s uncle and aunt misbehaves and to Saachi, so she cannot punish Saachi or Aryan for this and spoil their happiness. Their son is much mature and understood situation well. Aryan comes and asks what happened. Prabhath shouts it their personal matter, why he wants to interfere. He sadly walks out. Prabhath asks Neelima not to spoil everyone’s happiness.

Mehandi rituals start at both Sethia and Mittal houses. All ladies area applied mehandi at both houses. Both families dance. Viren dances with dhol.

Beore Aryan is applied mehandi, Priyanka performs Aryan’s rasam and asks him to give nek. He says he will not give. She insists and whole family insists. Aryan shows her a gift box. Nishanth snatches from Aryan and gives it to Priyanka. Aryan smiles and whole family laughs. Mehandi designer starts applying mehandi on Aryan’s hand. Aryan says he needs only circles. Priyanka and Neelima joke to apply full hand mehandi like girls. Sushanth asks to scribe Saachi’s name in it.

At Saachi’s house, mehandi designer tells she has applied mehandi in much richer family houses and wil apply better designs than they chose. All ladies are applied mehandi. Vaibhav feeds apples to all ladies. Daadi asks to feed the rest of apple pieces to her. Everyone smile. Uncle badmouths about Chandra that her husband left her because of some reason. Chandra sadly leaves. Uncle apologizes her and says he has gone old. Viren comes and says he has really and does not have right to badmouth about jiji. Chandra says whoeever’s misake it is, only woman is blamed for broken marriage. Viren cheers her up and gets back to celebration.

At Aryan’s house, Priyanka tells Neelima and Sarita that her mehandi is not that good. They both say she chose it and it is not good as she said. Priyanka feels sad. They both laugh and says it is very good. They all 3 feel thirsty and call Neeti to bring water. Diwakar comes near water followed by Prabhath and Sushanth. Diwakar asks Prabhath to feed water to his bhabhi. Prabhath asks Sushanth to feed water to his aunt. They both walk. Daadi stops them and orders to feed water to their spouses. Diwakar feeds water to Sarita and she drinks shyingly. Prabhath and Sushanth feed water to their wives.

Saachi’s family search silver kachrota and does not find it. Aunt yells that mehandi designer who came from Aryan’s house must have stolen it and orders to call Aryan’s family and inform them what their mehandi designer did.

Precap: Aunt calls Sethia house landline and Neelima picks it. Aunt yells that their mehandi designer stole silver kachrota. Neelima says she should check properly at home. Their argument starts. Both family stand tensed looking at their fight.

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  1. Shazia

    The precap is quite scary . I hope they dont get into a serious fight

    1. Vishakha

      I think they will..but I’m more scared of buaji and sir’s matter..that can create differences amid archi..

  2. Vishakha

    when nishant came that time to we should be careful there is so much jewellery this that she was saying..Aur uske samne wo designer Chori kar gayi tab careful kyu nai thi..and on top of it she is blaming others..how ridiculous is this..

  3. Really very scary .

  4. Shazia

    Yeah u r right vishakha di

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