Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 13th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 13th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Viren finds Saachi’s burnt letter and reads that she tried to walk on his shown path, but seeing the recent situations in her life, she could not decide what to do and felt better to lose her life. He shatters. Sethia watch silently. Neelima with Sarita goes to police station and scolds Nikita if she is happy seeing Saachi dead, she wanted Saachi and Aryan to separate and her plan is successful. Nikita she did not want this and in fact has taken back her case against Aryan.

Viren goes to Saachi’s room and imagines Saachi there holding a candle and talks to her, asks to talk slowly, else her mother will scold them. Kusum comes and cries hugging him.

Rajender slaps Nikita and shouts how dare she is to take back case, even Judges don’t quash case without his permission. She says she cannot see Aryan’s family suffering. He says she is worried about strangers and not her family, from today she is dead for him and her mother. She acts not to say that, signals him thumbs up silently. He leaves and she smirks.

Mittal house perform Saachi’s shanty pooja. Aryan cries sitting near Saachi’s photo. Diwakar asks where is Viren. Vaibhav says he has locked himself in Saachi’s room and speaking to himself. Kusum hugs Aryan and cries. Aryan cries loudly. Sarita walks away and thinks she cannot see Aryan crying and wants his happiness back. Priyanka continues her.

Sethias take Nikita to their house. Nikita climbs terrace water tank and acts as trying to suicide. Sethia family gets worried and asks her to get down. She says she is a problem to them and her family, so it is better she dies. Sarita asks her to come down, she was talking about her with Priyanka. Nikita says they don’t have a place for her in their hearts, so it is better she dies. Sarita promises her that she will get her married to Aryan. Nikita acts as backing off.

Precap: Nikita tears Aryan and Saachi’s photo and thinks slowly she will get Saachi’s memories out of this house. Sarita tells Aryan that she has decided to get him married to Nikita.

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  1. Nice episode get some happiness moments

  2. chureli Nikita. oh poor Aryan…..it’s time to come back…sachi…

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