Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 11th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 11th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Neelima scolds Saachi that she should not have misbehaved with Sarita, she is elder to her. Saachi says she did right. Neelima says she did not expect this from her, she is worried result will be very disastrous.

At Sethia bhavan, Sarita tells Diwakar that she spoke to Nikita’s mummy and fixed Aryan’s engagement, he can speak to Nikita’s uncle as she does not have father. Aryan returns home. Sushanth gets Sonu to take him to boarding school. Sonu pleads not to send him away and requests Aryan. Sushanth says he should respect Priyanka’s feeling as she is right. Sonu runs and holds Priyanka’s hand and pleads her to request papa not to send him away, he will not call her choti maa. Sushanth drags Sonu. Priyanka stops Sushanth and tells

Sonu he should not call her maa and will stay with maa and papa. She tells Sarita and Diwakar that Sonu is the one who saved her from fire accident and even burnt his hand. Some relationships are more than blood relationship, now Sunu is her son and she will never let him go anywhere. Sonu then hugs Diwakar. Whole fairly rejoices.

Aryan calls Saachi and informs her about Priyanka accepting Sonu. Saachi says it is really good new. Door bell rings. She opens door and is shocked to see Prabhath with divorce papers. He asks her to sign them and return by tomorrow. Saachi finds even Aryan’a engagement card and returns weeping. Kusum says she was worried about this after Saachi misbehaved with Sarita. Saachi runs towards Sethia house to stop Aryan’s engagement.

Priyanka goes to Aryan’s room and asks him to get ready soon and come down. Aryan gets ready and comes down with Neelima and is shocked to see Nikita and her family. Priyanka says it is a suprise for him, he is getting engaged today. Diwakar asks him if he has moved out of Saachi, he should get engaged to Nikita today. Neeti gets her boyfriend’s call and tells Neelima that her bus is waiting and leaves.

Saachi reaches Sethia bhavan and sees Neeti get into a man’s car and leaving. She sees many other boys in car and thinks whether to stop Aryan’s engagement or save Neeti. She hires an auto and follows car. Car gets into a building and Saachi tries to get in. Watchman stops her. She says she came for a party. Watchman says there is no party here and does not let her in.

Precap: Arjun extends his hand to dorn engagement ring in Nikita’s fingers. Goons capture Saachi and torture her.

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  1. Sb

    awww sonu kitna swt he yr… rula dia usne to… btw friday ko skip nehi karte toh sayad hospital scene friday ko dekhne milti.. ye log eise q karte he yr har friday.

  2. Vishakha

    |Registered Member

    Sonuuuuu 😘😘😘😘😘 star of the episode 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 baki sab bhul gyi usko Dekh k yaar..baki sab Maaf Aaj..

  3. Muskan

    Sacchi mei yaar sonu momenta was so cute. He speaks so sweetly and they way bhabhisa and babasa ne gale lagay na usse aaj mujhe to apna bachpan yaad aa gya kaash mere bhi dadu aise hote and mujhe gale lagaate but yeh sab to ek sapna hi hai lekin apno yeh moment aaj maine sonu and babasa ke roop mei Jee li

  4. Goldie

    What an irony a 4 year old kid knows what problems are bothering his father n so he has decided to send his son to boarding but adults in the house lime dadisa n babasa still fail to understand what s going on between saabchi n sarita.🤔🤔

      • Vishakha

        |Registered Member

        Correct..growing physically and mentally are different..Dedh feet Ka sonu 5-6 feet k Itne saare logon se jyada mature hai..

    • Vishakha

      |Registered Member

      Puri family k saare brains us ek bacche me aa chuke hain..jab bade bacchon ki tarah behave karne lage to bacche bade ban jate hain..Aaj tak Sirf suna tha but is show me Dekh bhi liya..

      • Vishakha

        |Registered Member

        Yaar Pata hai although they have shown ki maasa has changed but still I’m not able to believe her..and aryan k dialogues Bht mast hain hospital me..kisi ko nai chodega wo..Pata nai kab dikhayenge 🙁🙁

  5. Goldie

    Sonu was the shinning star today cld not control my tears.prianka finally listened to her heart n i knew she wud soon as she s a kind soul n cld not stay away from the lil angel who was not @ fault with what sushanth had done to her .finally family s complete .looking forward to some cute moments between prianka sonu n sushanth

  6. Malu

    Wow dears welcome back🙌🙌🙌🙌
    I luv to see ur conversations always,I missed it inbtwn,back in form now.

    Sonu and priyanka rocked the episode and rest of it very boring

    • Vishakha

      |Registered Member

      Hi malu..humne bhi TU ko Bht miss kiya..and more than that aap sab ko 😊😊😊 and don’t worry..Aaj se It won’t be boring

    • Goldie

      Tru sonu was star today.yarr tum log bhi comment karo phir hume bhi motivation ki jaroorat hoti hain.aur phir aajkal itna kuch ho nahi raha discuss karne ke liye. Next week sanchi ghar aane ke baad interesting hoga shayad let c.

      • Vishakha

        |Registered Member

        Aaj to sanchi pe khub atyachar hone wala hai..Aryan ko thappad padne wala hai..full action packed episode hoga..gonna be interesting..

  7. Malu

    Yes true sanchi n Aryan gog to suffer,but it will be interesting jab Aryan apne sach filmi style mein bathayenga,waiting eagerly to see my hero

    • Vishakha

      |Registered Member

      Haan wo to hai..I hope Itna suffer karne k baad Kuch din Khushi se reh le..prb Is that the family members have gone to such an extent ki ab mujhe unke sudharne pe yakeen karna mushkil hai 🙄

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