Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 10th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 10th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

At Saachi’s house, Viren’s aunt munches snacks while looking after arrangements. She asks Kusum to call Aryan’s house and ask if they established ganesh’s idol at their home. Kusum asks Chandra. Chandra calls Aryan’s home. Neelima picks call and asks if she should call Sarita. Chandra says she called to talk to her and asks if they established ganesh idol. Neelima says yes. Chandra feels awkward.

Saachi gets ready in a beautiful yellow dress for haldi ceremony. Tanu enters and pulls her legs that after her marriage, she will take over her room, she likes her cupboard, bed, items, etc…Then gets emotional that she will not have a sister who makes her sleep with stories and loves her so much Saachi also emotionally hugs her and they both

cry. Aryan calls Saachi and asks why she is crying. Saachi tells reason. He asks her to give phone to Tanu and tells whenever she wants to meet Saachi, he will bring he there and asks her to make a list where they can go. Tanu says movies…then..she will prepare list. She says he is best and gives phone to Saachi. Aryan jokes swollen eyes will not look good on pics. Their chat continues.

Neelima fumes in front of Prabhath that Chandra spoke rudely to her. He says she must have not mean to hurt her and to let it go. Chandra on the other side tells Kusum same. Kusum also asks her to let it go. Chandra thinks she will confront Neelima if she speaks rudely again. Neelima also thinks same.

Prashanth asks Aryan to show Saachi’s pic. Aryan shows pic in his mobile. Prashanth says girl is very beautiful and looks sanskari. He starts giving him some moral gyaan, how to handle his wife. Diwakar passes by scolds Aryan not to listen to Prashanth and tells how he used to get afraid of his wife. They both start reveal each other secret. Diwakar asks Aryan to get up and go and Prashanth to sit. Aryan starts doing situps. Priyanka who watches everything with Sushanth from a distance runs to Aryan’s rescue and stops both elders.

Tanu, Saachi and Pooja start chatting. Tanu asks Saachi what will she wear for her haldi cceremony. Saachi says it is Pooja bhabhi’s department. Pooja says she has ordered special flowers for Saachi’s haldi. Event manager brings haldi. Chandra asks who ordered them insrread of haldi and chandan. Manager says Pooja. Chandra says she cannot change age old rituals and orders to bring haldi and chandan. Pooja agrees. Viren’s aunt starts yelling at Pooja that she is trying to dominate even before marriage. Kusum says Pooja took her permission and is not at fault. Aunt continues yelling that she is spoiling her would be bahu. Vaibhav confronts aunt and says she cannnot insult Pooja. Viren comes and uncle complains him that Vaibhav is misbehaving with aunt. Viren scolds Vaibhav not to misbehave with elders and says aunt even she should not have misbehaved with Pooja as Pooja has equal rights like Tanu and Saachi. Uncle and aunt bend their head in anger.

At Aryan’s house, youngsters discuss they will play haldi holi and orders to bring bags of haldi. Diwakar hears that and scolds that they will not spoil house and will do simple haldi ceremony. Youngsters get dissappointed and think of taking Prashanth’s help. They go and silently speak infront of Prashanth that Diwakar is not allwoing them to celebrate haldi holi and nobody can stop him. Prashanth says he will and asks them not to worry.

At Saachi’s house, haldi starts. Each family member applies holi to Saachi. Saachi gets emotional. Pooja cheers her up followed by Viren and they all click family selfie.

At Aryan’s house, guests start flowing in. Diwakar greets them. Guests say his family haldi is very entertaining. Diwakar says this time it will be simple. Haldi starts. Family and guests apply haldi to Aryan silently. Prashanth applies it silently telling Aryan now the party will start. He asks everyone if all applied haldi to Aryan. They all say yes. He says his special ritual is starting now and he throws haldi in air. Whole family joins him. Even Prabhath who stands next to Diwakar runs and joins family. Diwakar fumes in anger and walks towards family. Family stands dumbstruck seeing him fuming in anger.

Precap: Viren’s manager says there is difference of 25 crores in accounts. Uncle hears that and asks Viren to whom did he give 25 crores check. Family stands tensed.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Shazia

    Eagerly waiting for tomorrow’s episode it is just so amazing. I just love the way aryan Understands her . I am wondering what would happen when aunt and uncle would come to know sethias financial problem

  2. Shazia

    Eagerly waiting for tomorrow’s episode it is just so amazing. I just love the way aryan Understands her . I am wondering what would happen when aunt and uncle would come to know sethias financial problem .

    1. Vishakha

      They’ll reject Aryan for sanchi after knowing the truth..

      1. SaYan

        Who r they to reject Sayan…. Sorry but that’s the fact….if it was viren or kusum or virens parents its okay but virens aunt and uncle… seriously

      2. Vishakha

        Hahaha..you are right but what to do..that’s how their character is..And moreover they are elder to viren also..so even he can’t do much..but I think Aryan will convince them..lets hope for the best..

      3. Vishakha

        But nowadays to I’m liking the character of priyanka’s dad..he is funny..

  3. Shazia

    Hey guys can anyone of u tell ersk spoilers if u know . Plz ?

  4. Vishakha

    Wishing a very happy dussehra to all of you..May all of yours hopes and dreams come true..?

    1. SaYan

      Happy dussehra vishaka

  5. Wishing everyone Happy Dussehra !!


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