Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 10th November 2016 Written Episode Update


Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 10th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Sethia family discuss how Saachi confronted badmouthing neighbor and says they got perfet beendni for their house. Priyanka informs that Saachi is preparing babasa’s favorite lauki ka halwa. In room, Saachi tells Aryan that she does not know to prepare halwa. He asks why did she life, she should go and inform family or else inform Bhabi at least who will inform family. She says how can it be, she will take papa’s help. She calls Viren and asks for lauki ka hawal receipe. He asks if he can come there. She says no and asks for receipe. She notes it down.

Diwakar tells family that she they must be jealous that Saachi is prepareing his favorite sweet. Neelima says even she prepared his favorite kheer during her time. He says yes and hopes Saaachi also prepares

tasty halwa. Mansoor she will as her papa is a wonderful cook. Family fumes and Prabhath scolds why did he take a fraudster’s name. Neelima hopes Saachi should not have Viren’s qualities.

Saachi prints halwa receipe and even chats with Viren and does as he says. He asks to add ghee in lauki and wait until it leaves ghee. She says it is not yet and sees she has not light on gas stove itself. Chandra asks if he informed her to switch on gas or not. He says he did. Saachi asks to take servant’s help if he does not know receipe. Viren says he knows and guides her. She prepares halwa.

Whole family waits in living room for Saachi’s halwa. Sushanth says he will eat whole halwa. Priyanka goes and brings halwa with Saachi. Saachi serves halwa bowls to everyone. Sushanth says it is looking very tasty. Saachi says it is as it is per papa’s receipe. Whole family fumes hearing this. Diwakar leaves saying he has some work, Prashanth leaves he got acidity, Neelima leaves saying she will give medicine to Prabhath, Sarita also leaves. Aryan asks Saachi if she does not know anything else to cook without her papa’s help. Daadi cheers up Saachi and says Saachi prepared halwa whether taking help from receipe book or her papa, they should try it. Priyanka tastes it and says it is very tasty.

Viren tells Kusum that everyone at Saachi’s house must have finished food and must have praised Saachi’s halwa. He calls Saachi and asks ate halwa. Saachi says yes. He asks what about her sasurji. She says he took twice and says she is in kitchen and will call him later. Viren tells Kusum happily that everyone like Saachi’s prepared halwa. Saachi turns and is shocked to see Diwakar there. Diwakar says he ate halwa and says it was really tasty, he ate 2 bowls. Saachi gets very happy and touches his feet. He gives nek and leaves. Saachi happily shows her nek to Priyankya.

Precap: Saachi tells Aryan that bhabhi told he called. He asks if she will watch film. She says if he insists. Nishanth and Neeti tell Daadi and Neelima that they are going for a movie with bhabhi and Aryan bhai. Daadi says they will all go fo a movie. Saachi hears and gets sad.

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  1. Vishakha

    aisa kab tak chalega yaar..???

    1. Haan at least ab to inhe sab theek kar Dena chahiye

      1. Sab itne jaldi theek ho gaya toh seriL 2 months may finish ?

      2. Vishakha

        that’s also there ?

    2. Now there s new girl with a lil boy entering in sethia family i think sushant ka kuch puraana chakkar hain so focus saanchi ke papa se hatkar us paar hoga toh some change in atmosphete at sethias..hope so

      1. Vishakha

        but not a good change dear..agar uska purana chakkar tha and if sanchi gets involved in all this to jo family members usse Thk se baat kr rhe hain wo bhi naraz ho jayenge..I hope nothing like that happens..

      2. Too early too say anythg lets wait n watch.

  2. Vishakha

    phr se new entry..ab Pata nai Ye kaun sa naya drama create karegi..I just hope she don’t increase sanchi’s problems..

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