Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 10th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 10th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Sushanth returns home and Priyanka introduces him to her aunt and cousin. Neeti is busy chatting phone. Nishanth asks what is she doing, she is always over phone. Viren and Pooja check matrimonial site for Saachi’s second marriage. Saachi asks why is he so eager to get her out of this house. Viren says Aryan is remarrying, so he thought of getting her married too. She says she does not want to think of all this right now.

Aryan calls Saachi at night and she tells about Viren searching a boy for her. Their emotional discussion continues and she says she will not marry anyone else and loves him a lot. He aasys even he loves her. He sees someone passes and goes out to check. Neeti runs out and meets her boyfriend in his car. She hugs him and he asks her to convince

her parents for a trip. She says okay and then sees Aryan walking near car and searching. Boyfriend switches off lights and hides. Aryan returns back home. Neeti runs back to her room via backdoor and then window and sleeps on bed. Aryan enters and thinks he is becoming too suspicious and walks out.

In the morning, Sushanth speaks to boarding school and gets Sonu admitted. He informs Priyanka that Sonu is going to boarding school in 2 days, then she does not have to see him again. He walks back with Sonu and Priyanka looks at them. Neeti insists Neelima to send her on a trip and Neelima does not agree. Neeti request Aryan to convince maa. Aryan says Neelima that he trusts his sister and knows even she trusts her, so she should permit her. Neelima says even if she agrees, Prabhath will not agree. He says he will convince Prabath, she should permit first. Neelima agrees. Neeeti thanks them.

Viren prepares gajar halwa and feeds family. Sarita enters with lawyer and Prabhath and says she needs to talk to Saachi. Viren asks why. She insists and says last time Saachi wanted to change clause in divorce papers, this time she can make whatever changes she wants. Saachi gets tensed what to do now and tells that she needs SUV, profit Sethia Industries made from her idea, etc. Sarita says okay. Saachi says she did not enter alimony money. Sarita says she will do anything for her son’s happiness and asks to sign papers. Saachi messages Tanu to do something. Tanu acts as slipping from stairs and falling down. Saachi runs towards Tanu and says she will sign papers later. Prabhath asks she cannot do this. Saachi says she will not sign now. Sarita returns fuming.

Saachi with Chandra takes Tanu to hospital. Aryan comes to meet her and she tells maasa hates her so much that she wants to get rid of her. Aryan says Maasa is angry on her now, but problem will solve soon. Saachi sees Chandra walking towards them and informs Aryan. Aryan leaves. Chandra comes and Saachi asks how is Tanu. Chandra says Tanu did drama as her exams are nearing, she is fine and says let us go home now.

Sarita returns home and fumes that Saachi insulted her. Prabhath says what will they do now. Sarita calls Priyank’s aunt and speaks to her about Aryan’s engagement. Diwakar asks why did she took a decision hastily. Sarita says she has to do this for Aryan’s happiness.

Precap: Aryan returns home and Sarita introduces Priyanka’s aunt as his would be mother-in-law and asks to greet her, says he is getting engaged today. Saachi rushes towards Sethia house in an auto.

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  1. Vishakha

    Couldn’t watch today..update se to Kuch khaas nai lag rha..guys did I miss anything good??aap hi log batao ab..

  2. sanchi aryan ko fn par sab kuch batane k baad aryan use swt sapne dekhne ki baat karte he. and thn sanchi use thnx bolti he sab hassen lamho k liye. and I lv u bolti he. archi moment jst itna sa phir wohi divorce drama..

  3. Vishakha

    Maine abhi dekha..bina divorce k sagai.. ?? agar real life hoti to jail ja skte the..but serial hai kuch bhi ho skta hai..and ladki ki maa maan bhi gayi..very good..ab to bas intezar hai hospital wale scene ka jab Aryan in sab ko realize karayega..can’t wait..Sirf Aaj Aur kal Dekhne milega phr 3 din Ka wait.. ???

    1. Han diii us din ka to mai bhi wait kar rahi hoon bahut badiya hoga vo scene jab aryan sab parivaar walo par ilzaam lagayega

  4. https://www.instagram.com/p/BPHRAZgjEhZ/ see this one…???. My personal fav

  5. yup.. too gud… muskan. realy yr wo din kab ayenge. nxt wk sayad…. har friday ye log skip karte he. aur trp barhane sale..

    1. Vishakha

      Next week tak wait karte karte to suspense me hi mar jaungi main.. ??

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    Yaar Itna Thanda weather kyun hai yahan Ka..kahan hain baki sab??

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