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Sanskar entered the cafe with Laksh who is looking gloomy and not interested. They sat on a corner of a table which is already booked for them . Laksh sat on chair silently where his eyes are fixed on table cloth.

Sanskar ordered two coffee for them and then checked his surrounding where he found near their table Swara has sitted with Ragini where Ragini ‘s back was showing to him and raklak are facing each other back. Swasan’s eyes met where Swara indicated something through her eyes where Sanskar nodded his head positively .


Sanskar was working in his office when he received a msg on his phone. When he saw the msg after unblocking his phone, he couldn’t believe in his eyes. It was a msg from Swara. He is happy……no no happy is a so small word before his happiness. Today he is beyond happy which he can’t express in words. After one month Swara talk with him. It’s not exactly talk but he is happy at least she has taken a step from her side that also exactly after one month.

Immediately he opened the msg where had written


Now he is in cloud nine. What would be the possibility of this emergency meeting. He can’t think about it more. He just wants to meet her right now and here.
He checked the time from his wristwatch which was showing , it’s 4:30 pm. He can’t concentrate on his work more. So he walked out from his office and direct drove to his destination STAR BLUE CAFE Which will take to reach maximum 45 minutes from his office.

He reached there at sharp 5:30 pm after buying a red roses bouquet for her princess. He was just waiting for her sitting a corner of table. Every single minute was a year for him. So he was continuously checking his wristwatch at every passing seconds.

Swara reached there exact pass 5 at 6 . she became surprise seeing Sanskar there before her . She didn’t expect he will reach here before than her. She silently walked towards his table where Sanskar was just admiring her in his eyes . But Swara was feeling uncomfortable by his continuous gaze.

He greeted her ” Good Evening” giving the beautiful bouquet which he had brought for her. Swara accepted it hesitatingly.

They both sat there silently without knowing how to start their conversation. Finally Swara broke the silence.

Swara : I need a HELP from you.

Sanskar: Sorry ( not getting exact meaning of her word )” HELP ” !!!???? ( Swara nodded her head ) which type of help ??? ( questioning voice )

Swara sat quietly there for few minutes when a waiter came near there table to take their order. Sanskar ordered two ice creams for them because he knows how much Swara is crazy for ice creams. After took the order the waiter moved away from there.

Swara: ( said hesitantly ) I need your help ( nervously playing with her fingers which placed above the table , don’t know how to start the conversation) uumm….ac …tually…..i want…to …tell you….no..no…actually I want a favour from you. If you …… ( looking everywhere but Sanskar where Sanskar was watching her every activities keenly )

Sanskar:( in a calm voice) relax Shona. I am here only . You don’t need to nervous in front of me and feel uncomfortable. What you want to say me just say freely without any hesitation or nervous.

Swara:( took a deep breath and said in one go ) I want to help Jiju to PATCH-UP with Di

Sanskar looked shockingly on his widen eyes and perfect o- shaped mouth .

Flashback end

Sanskar: ( started the conversation) Laksh when you are thinking to join again the office ( hearing Laksh name Ragini looked her beside surrounding when she got to hear Laksh voice . Instantly a smile covered on her face where her eyes were twinking with happy tears. After one month she was hearing her love’s voice . It’s enough for her knowing he is fine. )

Laksh : ( without any intrest ) don’t know..may be never again

Sanskar: Why you are punishing yourself , where you know this isn’t your total fault?

Laksh: ( in a guilty voice ) It’s only my fault… Only mine. Without any fault, only for me you are bearing this much pain ( Sanskar immediately looked towards Swara where Swara avoided to look at him ) . Only for my stupidity today you and Swara aren’t together. It’s me, for whom you are suffering this much pain in your life bhai. How are you forgiving me so easily , who is the main reason to destroy your life , who is the main culprit, who has taken out your happiness from your life. Just hate me bhai…just hate me like others.

Sanskar: ( placing his hand on his hand) it’s ok Laksh… It’s really ok. It’s not your fault. If I am also in your place then i also do the exact same things ..may be more than from it . Then how can I tell you, you are wrong. For me you are not, so just forget the past and move on your life.

Laksh: ( stubbornly ) I can’t bhai ..i can’t. I can’t move on in my life without Ragini. She is my life bhai. She is my love. I have never told her, but I love her bhai…i can’t leave without her. ( in an expecting voice ) can we change the past ? Can she forgive me ever in my life ? Will she never allow me to see my own baby ? I am promising bhai , I will never ever do anything wrong which will hurt her… Not only her…i will never hurt again anyone in my life. Bhai please bring her in my life. Please bhai tell her , give me any Punishment but don’t leave me alone ….it is just killing me from my inside. It’s just stabbing my soul when I am thinking I am the main reason for which my love isn’t with me. I am feeling suffocation when I am taking breath . ( cried looking on the floor )

Ragini couldn’t take it more . So she ran away from there where Swara went behind following her.

Ragini did the first thing entering inside the washroom , she flashed the water on her face stopping her tears whose were flowing without her permission. Now she just hates this feeling of helplessness and her tears who are betraying her everytime.

Swara holding Ragini’s arms in her hand and turned her to face her.

Swara: Why are you here di?

Ragini:( said avoiding her eyes) nothing just not feeling good. You know na at this stage …

Swara:( cut her in middle) no I don’t know nothing . I just know , my di is running away from her feelings everytime. How many days di ( shaking her arms ) how many days you will run away from your own feelings . How many days you will give yourself false hope , that you are fine. You can live without jiju which is impossible for you. Everyone know that , you are craving for him , for his love. Then what is your problem di, why you are complicating it more ? WHY IS JIJU SO UNACCEPTABLE TO YOU ?

Ragini: ( not believing tone ) Really Swara , you are asking me this question.

Swara: Yes I am asking this question to you di…WHY IS JIJU SO UNACCEPTABLE TO YOU?

Ragini : ( in a broken and anger filled voice ) . Then listen, my problem is Laksh . He has cheated me taking the name of my love . He has broken my heart by his so called deal which can never joint again. ( in a disbelief voice) And I really don’t believe that my own sister is taking of that person’s side, who has destroyed her life in past

Swara:( in not a nonsense voice) jiju hasn’t destroyed my life. He isn’t cause of my destruction. Don’t take any decision seeing only one side . Because every matters are having two sides like a coin.

Ragini:( in an irritating voice) wow really Swara you are feeling like this. What magic has he done on you for that instantly you changed both your mind and opinion and now you are talking taking from his side.

Swara: I am not telling anything from his side di. What did I feel I just told it. And it is nothing any instant thought di . In last whole month I have seen how jiju craves for you, for your love , for their family. ( gripping her arms more tightly ). I am not telling you…you forget everything but just give him a chance to keep his opinion before you.

Swara: Ok leave it di. You don’t want to accept jiju because in past he had done a deal taking to your love not thinking about you . Now You are feeling insecurity for this , If in future he will do anything again like this. If he will again put his brother before you. Right na di. It’s hurting you na. Then tell me one thing di in my marriage day, why didn’t you think about jiju when you were helping me to run away from my marriage . Tell me di that time you thought about jiju….. That time for once you thought about maa papa …you thought about Maheswaries and their reputation. Tell me di you thought about this before helping me ( shrugging her arms vigorously where Ragini nodded her head negatively ) . Then it means , you don’t love Jiju because you thought about me above jiju.

Ragini:( in a defending and trembling voice) no it’s not truth . I love him. But that time I was some responsibility towards you. That doesn’t mean I don’t love him. I ju…

Swara:( stopped her in middle) exactly di exactly…you were having some responsibility towards me same like jiju is also having some responsibility towards his family, towards his brother. If you aren’t wrong at your place then how is he wrong di???

Ragini:( in amusing voice) why are you protecting him? Where he has done everything wrong in your life? Why are you taking his side?

Swara:( in a soft voice) I am not taking anyone’s side nor I am not protecting anyone. I am just taking the truth side. Jiju isn’t totally wrong in his side. He needs a chance di to prove himself . I know it’s hard for you to give a chance that man who has broken your trust before . It is difficult to forgive a man who has made fun taking your love. But di now it isn’t only about you. It is about your baby also. Please for your baby give him a chance.

Swara: I have seen both of your cravenness for each other . I have seen how much you cry in night inside the bathroom thinking I have slept. I have seen how much you miss jiju when you see a husband and wife in hospital who come hospital for check up. So please di just stop this hide and sick game . And give him a chance.

Ragini: ( in a questioning voice) Can you accept Sanskar after what has he done with you? ( looked her face very keenly like trying to read her face)

Swara:( in a blank face) I don’t know about it di. For now I really don’t know about it. Till now for once I haven’t thought about it also. you know for me marriage is a pious relationship which I won’t want to break. But now I don’t know about it specially about Sanskar who has cheated me ( said in a blank face )

Ragini immediately hugged her. I knew my sister is world’s strongest girl. So don’t worry everything will be fine soon . And about me and Laksh ( Swara slightly parted from hug and gave her a questioning look) I will give a chance to your jiju ( with a smile) now happy

Swara: Double happy ( again hugged her tightly)

Sanlak place

Laksh: Bhai, now i don’t want to stay here. I want to leave this place . For whom i will stay here. All hate me, specially my Ragini. I can’t see hatred in her eyes. I think i will move to New York and………

Without my di, how dare you jiju think like that: A loud voice heard from Laksh behind . Laksh turned his face at that direction where a big smile played on Sanskar’s face.

Laksh eyes widen seeing Swara and Ragini there. Immediately Laksh stood at his place where Swara walked towards him holding Ragini ‘s hand. They both stood before Laksh . Swara folded her hands across her chest where Ragini was looking down nervously .

Swara: So you are going to New York that also without my di. How dare you jiju. I don’t believe myself if I don’t hear it by my own ears. You are so mean jiju. ( in a sad face Laksh looked down where a tear slipped down on his cheek )

Sorry, I don’t mean that : Said in a low voice

Swara: But I meant that, you are so mean. HERE I AM PREPARING YOUR HONEYMOON WITH MY DI AND HERE YOU ARE PLANNING YOUR VACATION WITHOUT MY DI . It’s not fair. ( Said making a sad pout )

Sorry: Laksh said without hearing her words when he registered her words he instantly looked towards Swara who raised her eyebrow mischievously. He saw a glint of naughtiness played on her smile
Then he looked towards Ragini who was biting her lips due to nervousness.

He cried facing palm himself.

Thank you …thank you so much to giving me a chance . I can ne……

Now just stop it : Swara said in a strict voice for which Laksh looked towards her

Swara :Now I don’t want to listen your thanking speech . So don’t dare to start it neither I will think about on my decision again ( Laksh shrugging his head terribly)
Then ok. So now will we plan about your honeymoon trip ( Ragini pinched her elbow ) ouch ( said rubbing her elbow ) now you keep your fidelity with you ( pushed Ragini towards Laksh who landed in Laksh’s arm perfectly )and free me from her daily torture ( said making faces ) . And of course , if you dare to do anything like this again I am repeating it …. If you dare to do anything like this again or if I saw a single tear in my di’s eye then this time I will break your nose by my punch ( making a fist showed a punch on air )

Laksh: ( holding her in his arms carefully) I will never do any mistake again, I am promising to you. And thanks Swara to forgiving me.

Swara: It’s ok. But it’s your last chance where Laksh shrugged his head happily with a thank you .

Then Swasan left the place giving privacy to the couple who needs some lonely time for themselves .

When they reached at the entrance they heard


A broad smile played on their faces and for the last time they looked at each other . Then turned their heels at the opposite direction and walked out from that place ( think after 6 month leap when swasan met first time with each other on road and at last when they walked away at opposite direction )


Precap: Karwachauth special

Today I ended raglak scenes because I can’t give more punishment to Laksh . I am sorry if I will dishearten you about on it . So from now onwards the story will fully focus on swasan.

One more thing friends, the story is very close to its end. So the count down is begin . Some few chapters are left. After that this journey will end . I know I am posting the parts very late . But I don’t know why, nowadays I don’t want to write anything . But don’t worry I will post the next part very soon.

Thank You ?

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