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After one month

Time is very strong and precious . It never waits for anyone . It neither waits for anyone nor it allows anyone to wait for him. It only gives alot of memories behind it, which we store inside our brain and heart . It depends upon us how we utilise our time accordingly with it. It’s we , who walk according with it. It’s we, who move our life forgetting everything leaving the past behind us and match our footsteps accordingly with it.

One month has passed. MM and Gododias have somehow settled in their lifes. But four lifes has stayed there where they have lost their loved ones. Sanskar and Laksh are crave for their loved ones love where Ragini and Swara are angry on their loved ones for their cheating.

At morning in MM

All females are setting bf on dinning table where males has sitted on their respective chairs. At that time Sanskar came to downstairs and take blessings from all. When he bent down to take blessings from AP , AP moved away from her place and sat on her chair near DP. Sujata held Sanskar’s shoulder in a supportive way and gave a little smile nodding her head in a way ” don’t feel bad , everything will be fine so soon” .

In this whole month AP hasn’t talked for once with Sanskar . It hurts Sanskar very much. After all she is his badi mom. He is very much attach with her from his childhood. He shares everything with her. He loves and respects her like his mom and she also loves him back like she loves Laksh and Adarsh bhai.

Everything has changed before one month when she got to know , till now Sanskar was doing just his memory loss drama. Only for him Laksh had done a deal with Sekher and stuck to his marriage too. And after knew about this deal, Ragini has left Laksh. And now she is angry on Sanskar seeing Laksh’s devastated look. And her anger has increased more , before three weeks when Laksh isn’t coming out from his room or not anyone allow to go inside his room without Sanskar. Before 3 weeks she has seen Laksh for the last time when he had been to see Ragini in hospital. At that day he was so happy but when he returned he was looking very hurting . From that day no one has seen Laksh . He has locked him inside his room. Only Sanskar goes inside his room which is only allow by Laksh. It had worked like ghee on fire. For this AP hates Sanskar more. According to her , Sanskar is the only cause or reason for his Son’s condition. So from that day she never talk with Sanskar and here everytime Sanskar feels guilty more seeing his badimom’s hatred and Laksh sadness. He wants to solve all the mess. For this he has tried many times to talk with Swara but she has ignored her phone calls . Now he is helpless not doing anything for his family.

Sanskar went upstairs taking Laksh’s bf. When he entered inside Laksh ‘s room, seeing his brother a lone tear flowed which he wiped immediately from his left middle finger.

Laksh sat on his couch holding a small baby doll in his left hand and Ragini’s photo frame in his right hand . He was talking something with both of them in a very low voice which can only hear them and a big smile was playing on his lips. He is looking oldy in his beard face and uncut hairs. But his eyes were shining which was visible to Sanskar . And he knows the reason of his shining eyes . It shines only for his Ragini and unborn baby , Who are his life.

Sanskar placed the bf plate on tea table before him . Laksh looked towards Sanskar with a little smile then offered a seat to sit beside him on couch. Sanskar sat next to him where Laksh ate his bf silently. Sanskar caressed his hairs lovingly . After finished his bf he cleaned his mouth in a towel and then he turned his face towards Sanskar with an undescribed happiness which Sanskar didn’t understand .

Laksh: ( in a curiosity voice ) Bhai I need a help from you.

Sanskar:( doesn’t understand seeing his sudden happiness) of course Laksh. You just tell me then see the next second your brother will fulfil it for you

Laksh:( in a proud tone) I know it , Bhai. That’s why I want you do this by yourself. You will do it Na bhai ? ( gave a questionable look where Sanskar just nodded his head positively ) . You know bhai, today one month has completed to hearing my baby’s news . ( in a happy tone) Before one month i got this happiest news in my life but today ( immediately his voice changed in a sad tone ) she is not with me. ( Sanskar hugged him in sideways where caressing his hairs) you know bhai, I had promised to my baby , I will buy new dolls every month for her. So I want today you will buy a new doll for her , ( detached him from the hug ) if you will free then only…

Sanskar:( interpreted him in middle) patted her cheek with a smile) today I am totally free for my niece. I will buy the best doll for my niece. Now you don’t worry about it.

Laksh: ( immediately Laksh hugged Sanskar tightly ) I know after all you are best brother of this world and for this I love you so much bhai ( Sanskar said while caressing his hairs ) I also love my kiddo lucky ( both laughed at same time)

At Reliance mall

Sanskar is searching best doll for his niece that time he heard a familiar voice from behind him which was coming from the adjacent stall . When he turned his face at that direction, he saw his love who is buying kid dress with Ragini who is looking so happy seeing kid ‘s dress.

Sanskar immediately laid out his phone from his pocket and clicked some Ragini’s photos with Swara and sent them to Laksh.

Suddenly his phone beeped of his hand by Laksh msg .


Open your skype bhai. I want to see Ragini.

After read the msg , now Sanskar is tensed . How will he shoot Ragini in his phone in a public place that too when Swara is present beside her. If she knows about it , then she will kill him by her bare hands saying, he has again ditched her taking their photos without their permission. ( before opened his skype a/c he take a deep breath. He will do it, after all it’s his younger brother’s wish who wants to see his dear lady love)

When he is shooting Ragini’s video he saw Swara is seeing at his direction through mirror. In a horrified look he looked at her . He gulped his saliva in his throat where his breath pumped in inside his lungs. At the very next second she turned her face at his direction where both looked at each other. For few seconds their eyes met with each other , but the next second what did she do?? Sanskar became surprise seeing that.

Swara moved back some steps creating distance from Ragini so that Sanskar will take Ragini’s video clearly. Sanskar was amazed seeing her sudden changing behaviour. Later he ended the skype and mouthing a thanked to Swara . But Swara walked away not showing any heed attention towards Sanskar.

At night

In a dark place where a spot light is spotting on a boy and a girl. The boy is crying holding the girl ‘s hand where the girl has stood like a statue without any emotions.

Boy: I am sorry, please for the last time forgive me. I will never hurt you again . I am sorry for hurting you, I am sorry for taking your love in a grant way. But I am promising to you, I will never ever think to hurt you. I really love you…i can’t live without you Ragini ( cried loudly placing his face on her palm ) i will die without you and my baby ( his hand was caressing Ragini’s baby bump) please give me a chance to prove myself. Only one chance Ragini…give me only one chance. Don’t push me away from near you…i am not taking breath …i will die…please save me from this darkness…. I will die Ragini …please save me…give me a chance…i will never cheat you…i will never ever hurt you…..i love you Ragini……i love my baby ….. and suddenly he invisible from that place but there his painful voice was still echoing on air.

LAKSHHHHHHHH: Ragini waken up from her sleep where her whole face was covered on sweats .

Swara sat next to her switching on the light . She gave her a glass of water when she caressing her back.

Swara: Are you ok di??? ( in a tensed voice)

Ragini: ( said wiping her face) ya i am fine .

Swara: Same dream !!!??? ( in a questioning and understanding voice)

Ragini:( not looking into her eyes nodded her head) yes

Swara: Now you sleep di. Nothing will happen with jiju. He is fine. You just take some rest for your baby ( while lied her on bed )

For the last time she checked Ragini now who has already slept in her deep slumber. She took a sigh seeing her calm face and then she turned her face in other direction encircling her hands around her chest.

Swara’s pov:-

I don’t know, why it’s happened with us. We were happy in our lifes . But suddenly Maheswari entered in our life and made fun of our lifes , every relations, our loves , and our lives .

Nowadays every night di is seeing a nightmare where Laksh jiju is going somewhere away from her. She is worried for him . And why will not be she worried for him??? After all she loves him more from her life . And now she is hurt because she is hurting that man whom she loves very much in this world . For the outer world all think, she is punishing jiju for his deeds . But i know she is hurt herself more seeing Laksh jiju’s pain

Before three weeks what happened in hospital i can’t believe in my eyes. when di hurt jiju so badly. And after that i have seen her break down for hurting her dear husband. But that day one thing more i got to know and that was Laksh jiju loves my di in same intensity like my di loves him. I felt his love for my di. That day I knew , he loves my di so much .


Laksh happily enters inside the hospital to see his lady love because today is the first meeting with doctor and he wants to present with Ragini and support to her at that time. But his happiness flow away when he heard Ragini’s hatred words .

Ragini: ( in an anger and hateful voice) Why you are here? Now what you want from me?

Laksh:( controlling his emotions) I just want to stay beside you and my baby . I want to smooth your stress….i want to support you and less your….

Ragini ( interpreted in middle and said mockingly ) Mr Laksh Maheswari , don’t show your sympathy to me or my baby. Neither I want it nor my baby want this from you. So just stay away from us. Because now I know you , without any profit you don’t think about anyone . So surely you have come here for some of your benefits. ( in a thinking way) but now how will I come your benefit ?? One minute ,( said like she has got her all answers ) you come here to take my baby from me . ( looked in a horrifying look ) . Yes now you want to take my baby from me. ( laksh looked towards her in a shocking face). ( said aggressively )Now with whom you have done a deal for my baby ? ( in a stern voice ) I won’t give you my baby . I will never give you my baby . If that day will ever come in my life, then before that I will be taken my life happily with my baby.

Laksh: ( shouted) Ragini , how did have you tell that. If you hate me then hate me but don’t tell those words . I can’t hear them. ( face palmed himself ) again I will never show you my face to you. Neither I will come before you nor I will ever try to meet you. Please take care yourself and my ba…….( couldn’t complete his words) your baby and walked away from hospital never turning back his face for once to take a single glance of Ragini.

Swara was watching everything at a little distance from Ragini , where Ragini was crying very badly placing her palm on her mouth to stop her loud moan which are ready to out come from her mouth. She was totally breaking down by her heart break. Seeing her di like this tears were flowing down from Swara ‘s eyes .

Flashback end


Swara’s monologue

That day , I felt jiju’s love for my di. He truly, deeply, madly love with my di. I saw that love in his eyes for my di . And from that day he never comes before di according he had promised to di. Now I am feeling bad for him. I know he has done wrong with my di but he did it for his family, for his brother ( when her thoughts reached at Sanskar suddenly anger, hurt, pain, emptiness every single emotions covered inside her heart)

Swara:( said in a voice which was filled with every emotions ) I hate you Sanskar. I really hate you. For you and your so called drama, today my di and jiju are staying alone far away from each other. It’s only your fault, for this ( in a determinant voice) I will never for give you.

Screen frozen on Swara ‘s determinant face


Precap: Swasan will meat with each other in a coffee shop and something is going to be happened good

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