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Sanskar was driving his car very rashly on road. After his last encounter at office and disclosed about his martial life before all staffs he was disturbed. From that time he hasn’t seen Swara inside his chamber . He knows , now she must be angry on him or may be hate him more than before. But he can’t do anything over it . He can’t hear all rubbish things keeping hand over hand . He is her husband and it’s his duty to be protect her virtue and dignity. If for this she hates him then he will never mind.

And now he is very tensed when she received her voice mail where she mentioned to meet him at the ECO point which is situated at the end of the city .

Now he is madly running his car on the streets of Kolkata.

After 10 minutes

Sanskar reached at his destination where he got Swara has stood facing her back towards him. Without thinking anything he ran towards her. He just want to see her safe nothing more .

Sanskar: ( panting voice due to fast running ) Swara are you ok ?? (Asked more than like a question turning her towards his direction and examined her from head to toe ) why are you here? You don’t know , it’s a very dangerous place where local goons are so active .

What , now will you please give my answers : Said irritatedly seeing Swara’s silence where Swara was just looking at him blankly

Who is Naina ? What is your relation with her ? : Swara said breaking her silence but Sanskar take back few steps hearing ” NAINA’S name from Swara’s mouth.

What did I hear that’s true !!??? What Nikhil are saying about you that’s true?: Swara roared at him looking straight into his eyes

I asked , what Nikhil said about you that’s true ? : Swara shouted at him and marching towards him

Sanskar I asked you something. Don’t stand like this. Just open your mouth dammit : Swara said shrugging his arms vigorously

Sanskar freed his arms and walked towards the end point and sat over a big stone and looked towards the empty space blankly.

NAINA : He recalled the name and some memories flashed inside his brain . These aren’t only memories for him , these are treasure for him which he stored inside it.

Flashback ****

A girl is running behind the two boys where the boys are running teasing her. But suddenly she fallen on ground and the boys immediately ran towards her .

Boys:( said in unison) are you fine Naina

Naina:( said holding their ears) yes I am fine but I caught you and laughed whole heartedly. Seeing her happy face both Sanskar and Nikhil also laughed with her. Then they both lifted the girl from her respective side arm and swang her on air where their laughing sound were echoing in air.

Flashback end *****

A broad smile formed on his lips when Sanskar was recalling his memory with Naina where Swara was just watching him confusingly .

Naina , she is my bff Nikhil’s sister : Sanskar said breaking the silence.

They both are twins . Like Nikhil , she was also my sister. I was loving her like Uttara , she was also thinking me never less than Nikhil . Sometimes Nikhil feels jealous seeing our bond ( a proud and satisfy smile played on his lips )

Swara: Then why he said that , you Ra….

Sanskar: ( sternly) don’t Swara , don’t use that word . Don’t make our relationship impure . I can’t forgive you in my whole life for this which I don’t want to do .

Swara : ( said stubbornly ) then tell me, what happened at that night in hotel. I want to know and I think , I have that rights on you ( said softly sitting on ground before him placing her both hands on his lap )

Sanskar looked her face for sometime then took a long sigh and started to tell


Naina: ( in phone ) I want to go there Sanskar. I want to celebrate my university’s last day with my friends.

Sanskar:( other side of phone ) then go Naina . Why you are telling me all these things ?

Naina: You know Nikhil , he will never allow me there. ( said making sad pout )

Sanskar: Then what you want from me ? ( said narrowing his eyes )

Naina : ( nervously) you convince Nikhil for me please. He will only trust you. So plzz…plzz…plzzz convince him

Sanskar: It’s risky Naina . Why don’t you understand. All night stay outside without anyone is not good for you . I won’t help you this time. Sorry

Naina:( irritatedly ) now don’t start your lecture like Nikhil. I have no mood to hear it . I can’t tolerate now . Nikhil is enough for it , now you don’t behave like as one-of him . ( making an angry pout )

Sanskar πŸ™ laughed imagining her pout ) ok .. Ok cool my dr little sister …

Naina πŸ™ cut him in middle) don’t dare to call me little . God sake i am only two minutes smaller than Nikhil ( rolled her eyes

Sanskar: You want my help or not ( in a cold voice )

Naina : Yes yes… I am your little sweet cute sister now happy

Hearing her , Sanskar laughed so loudly .

Sanskar: You are really so cute Naina . Ok i will convince Nikhil but promise me you will take care yourself ( in a no nonsense voice) and before 11pm you reach at home.

Naina : ( carelessly) ok I am promising to you, I will take care myself. I will back to home before 11 pm.

Sanskar: It will be good for you ( in a strict voice )

Then Sanskar cut the call.


At 7 am

Sanskar picked up the call which one was ringing continuously from his bedside table .

Sanskar:( lazily ) hello

Other side : Good morning sir . I am calling from Hotel BLUESTAR. Sir when you will leave the room because you booked it only for a night. And till now you haven’t paid the bill.

Sanskar: Which room? Which bill? I think you are calling wrong person. Sorry I haven’t booked any room.

Receptionist: I am talking with Mr Sanskar Maheswari right

Sanskar: Yes I am Sanskar Maheswari

Receptionist: Then the room has booked only by your name sir.

Sanskar:( woke up from his bed ) i think
You are having some misunderstanding. I haven’t booked any room in your hotel.

Receptionist: But your name is showing on entries. Sir please you come and check it by yourself.

Sanskar:( in an understanding way ) ok and cut the call.

64 missed call from Nikhil showed when he ended the call .

He worried seeing so many missed calls from Nikhil. He called back Nikhil but it was showing out of network.

Then he tried Naina’s phone which was saying ” switched off” . He irritatedly throw the phone on bed and ran his fingers in his hairs .

Sanskar: A very bad start Sanskar ( ruffled his hairs by his right hand)

After half an hour

Sanskar reached at hotel where receptionist showed the entries where his name was booked a room for a night .

At that time Naina ran outside crying vigorously from that hotel where Nikhil was running behind her .

Nikhil : Naina, stop. Please Naina listen to me. Please stop now. But Naina was running without listening the Nikhil’s words. When Sanskar saw the scene he also ran behind both of them. But suddenly everything became silent when a car dashed with Naina and she died on the spot. It was shocked for both of them. But at the next moment Please everything changed for Sanskar.

When he went to near Naina , Nikhil holding his collar and said in a hatred and anger filled voice: for you only I have lost my Naina , YOU RAPIST , YOU MURDER I WILL NEVER FORGIVE YOU.

Where crowd people were trying to free his grip from Sanskar’s shirt

Nikhil : I will never leave you b******d . You have started this and I will end it. You have spoiled my Naina ‘s life and I will spoil your life. It’s my promise to you Mr Sanskar Maheswari aka rapist and murder of my Naina.



Nikhil’s hatred filled voice echoed inside his ears.

Sanskar:( closing his ears by his both hands and madly shaking his head ) I don’t do anything…please stop …i don’t do this with my sister..please stop this. ( roared at high pitch where tears are flowing continuously from his eyes )

Without thinking anything Swara hugged him tightly and took him in her tight and protect embrace. She just caressing his back to calm him .

After that not a single word come from their mouths . A deep silent where only heart beats were showing their existence. Sometime silent do that magic which smoothing words don’t do.


Swara:( in a challenging and confident voice) MY SANSKAR DOESN’T DO ANYTHING LIKE THIS

Nikhil:( in an evil smile) that much trust , that also in such a short time span. Great really great. But you don’t know him , he is a cheater ( in a sad voice ) . He only knows how to break the hearts of their closed ones. One day , HE WILL BREAK YOUR HEART ….YOUR TRUST …LASTLY HE BREAKS YOU

Swara πŸ™ countered back with a trustful voice ) he will never do that . I know MY SANSKAR. He will give his life for his love ones but never break their hearts.

Nikhil : That much trust !!??? ( asked more like a question)

Swara πŸ™ without wasting a single second) yessss

Nikhil : Then I am giving you a chance prove your husband is an innocent. I am promising to you, I will end this hatred for him.

Swara πŸ™ looked towards him for a minute before replying took a sharp breath ) okkkk


Nikhil was hearing everything standing behind a tree where his head was resting on stem and tears were flowing continuously.

Screen froze on swasan who were crying silently holding each other in a tight hug and Nikhil stood far away from them behind a tree.


Precap : Nikhil will meet with Sanskar at his office

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