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Swara has sitted silently inside the cafe at a corner table . After the last encounter in office she walked out from there . She doesn’t want to face all of them after the truth disclosed . In her short span life she never wants to become a hot gossip but today she is the hot topic of the whole city. And here today Sanskar disclosed their marriage secrets before the staffs . She has seen their astonishment looks which they all were giving to her , their shock faces , widen eyes were making her so nervous at that time. For which she moved away from that place to spend some lonely time for herself which she is badly needed for herself .

Suddenly she snapped out from her thought when the waiter came bringing her order one cup of hot coffee which she badly need it for her .

When she sipped her coffee and engrossed on her own dreamland a familiar voice hitted on her ears . She turned her head at that direction where she found Uttara is talking with a guy whose back is facing towards her. She went to their table where both of them sat their holding each other hands like a perfect love birds .

Uttra : I did all things which you told me . You were wanting to help Swara Bhabhi , who should know about bhai’s past for that their relation will make more strong . You always help Sanskar bhai after what happened with you . I can never imagined, after what happened with you . You will forget it and again accept bhai like before. I am really proud on you ( gripped her palm more on his hand ) I love you Nikhil .

Swara stopped on her track hearing Uttra ‘s love confrontation and also the guy’s name . She has heard this name somewhere” NIKHIL ” .

Uttra nervously pulled her hand seeing Swara next before her table . She wasn’t know , how will she react if Swara will ask about Nikhil and their relation. If she will tell about it to Sanskar bhai then ..
.. She can’t imagine that scene also . He will surely kill Nikhil without a single thought.

Uttra as an urgency stood on her seat where Swara marched at her direction angrily. She stood before her crossing her arms around her chest.

Swara:( strictly) what are you doing here? Then turned her face towards other chair where got the same person whom she met last night at party . With whom she had danced last night . Her all memories again returned back to the last night incident for which at morning she has humiliated before all staffs . And for that reason only today all know that she is MRS SWARA SANSKAR MAHESWARI.

Swara took a deep breath and washed her all last night memories from her brain.

Swara : Hi …Nikhil …. Right ( not sure voice )

Nikhil : Hello Mrs swara Sanskar Maheswari . Today is your day Mrs Maheswari ( in a teasing voice ) From morning only your news are flashing on all news channel.

Swara : ( irritatedly ) thank you so much . By the way what are you both doing here ?

Uttra is playing nervously with her dupatta where Swara is giving a questionable look at both of them .

Nikhil : ( plainly ) I don’t think till now you haven’t understood anything what is going between us where you were listening our talks standing behind our next table.

Swara felt offended hearing his words .

Uttra : ( hitted Nikhil ‘s shoulders ) Sorry Bhabhi don’t take his words seriously . He is just like that ( swara gave a small smile ) actually…act..ua..lly Nikhil and I …. I mean … I and Nikhil … No no I mean we both …..

Love each other : Nikhil completed her words

Swara laughed so loudly seeing Uttra’s condition and hugged her

Swara : ( said happily ) I am so much happy for you uttra.

Uttra: Thank you Bhabhi

After 20 minutes

Now trio are enjoying their order which has placed before their table.

Swara: By the way what is the meaning of your words Uttra that , Nikhil helped me to knowing about Sanskar after what all happened with him. How does he know Sanskar ?

Uttra: Actually Sanskar bhai and Nikhil are college bestie . He only told me to help you and bhai fo….

Swara didn’t give her a chance to complete her words .

Swara : You are the same guy na who had stood with Sanskar with a girl in that photo . I saw that photo at store room. I think that girl and you both are so close to Sanskar. ( suddenly a jealousy covered inside her heart thinking about the photo girl ) . Now how is she ? ( asking curiously to know about her something)

A pin drop silent spread for sometime. Uttra tensely looked at Nikhil who has sitted their in a plain face without any expression. But if someone will watch him closely then can see his pain which is inexpressible.

Uttra:( tried to convert the topic ) Bhabhi I am getting late . So lets go .( pulled her arms )

Both walked out from the cafe leaving Nikhil alone there .

A phone call disturbed Nikhil’s thoughts . He attended it after few rings .

Nikhil : Don’t worry I will finish my work at the right time . I won’t disappoint you this time . I won’t leave that b*****d who is the soul reason for my destruction. He had backfired me from my behind . Once he had snatched my precious one’s life from me . Now it’s his time to loosing his precious person’s life from his live . I will snatch his sister from him . Now he will taste , how it feels when your most precious th…..

Couldn’t complete his words due to a hard slap which landed on his left cheek . His phone landed on floor for the sudden movement which is placed on floor breaking in so many pieces.

Nikhil looked at the source who gave him that slap where found an angry Swara and crying Uttra.

Uttra : I never thought that you have come back again bhai’s life for your enmity. I thought you have known the truth and forgotten your all bitterness. But I am wrong, you have returned back to punishing my bhai which he would never do that.

Nikhil 🙁 in a hatred filled voice ) you really thought that . How foolish you are ? How someone will forget everything when his very precious thing snatched by his own best friend.

Uttra: But bhai doesn’t do anything.

Nikhil : You will tell and I trust you . I was present there . In front of my eyes my Naina took her last breath. She had closed her eyes on these hands ( showing his hands where tears are ready to come out from his eyes )

Swara : Who is Naina ? How Sanskar is related with your sister’s death ?

Nikhil laughed hearing Swara’s words .

Nikhil : Naina ( took the name lovingly ) she is my whole world . After my parent’s death she was the reason behind of my living which your dear husband snatched from me .

How ? : Swara said in a fearing voice don’t want to hear any unremarkable comment from Nikhil

Nikhil : ( roaring ) because your dear husband has raped my sister his own best friend .

Please nooo : A loud voice came from Uttra ‘s mouth but now it was too late .

The bomb has already blasted and now it can’t be recovered .

Swara stood there helplessly … blankly …shockingly…anyone can get all expressions on her face .

Screen froze on Swara’s shocking face


Precap : Swasan’s confrontation

What are you all of thinking , Swara will trust Sanskar after heard about Naina or will she believe on Nikhil ???

Thank you ?

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  8. Sreekkutty

    How can she believes Nikhil? She is his love then also he didn’t take any advantage on her. Don’t believe him swara.. Prove ur sanskar didn’t do that. Also forgive him fast then start cute romance ????

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