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Swara was praying before god folding her both hands .


” when all ways door close only god whose house door always open for us . He is the only creator , who keep us safe from all bad things and evils ”

Today she wants his blessings to protect her Sanskar from all evils .


Swara : I want to know every single details about on your plans . ( said determiningly )

Sanskar and Nikhil looked at each other then looked towards Swara who was looking back narrowing her eyes like ” just open your mouth ” .

Sanskar : It’s nothing serious. I was just thinking…no..no…i mean I and Nikhil , we both were…ju..st means …Ni..khil..Was .. jus…t ( shattered due to the short of words )

I want to hear the exact plan Mr Maheswari without hiding a single word from me: Swara said strictly folding her arms around her chest

Sanskar: Ok ( in a defeated voice ) Nikhil will kidnap me and inform that person about my kidnap , who wants to destroy me on my behind .

Swara : Are you serious or you are kidding with me ? ( yelled at Sanskar and walked towards him ) why don’t you understand, he is dangerous. He is wanting to kill you. I can’t take this risk keeping your life at risk ( in a full of concern voice where her hands were caressing his cheek )

Sanskar: But it is needed . I have no other way without it to bring him out from his own den .

But I….: Sanskar cut him in middle .

Sanskar: Trust me Swara nothing will be happened with me

Swara nodded her head and looked away in her glistening eyes who are ready to come out .

Sanskar looked towards Nikhil who was looking at him astonishingly.

Sanskar assured him through his eyes ” soon everything will be ok ” who nodded his head positively understanding his hidden meaning of the unspoken words .


Swara : Please be keep safe my Sanskar from every single evil things . I don’t know why I am getting bad vibes like something is going to happen bad . Please don’t break my trust on you . Please safe him from all evilness. ( prayed silently closing her eyes )



An accident happened where the person who was driving has died on spot . The person’s whole body and face has burnt very badly due to accident for which it is so difficult to varify the person’s face .



All Maheswaries , Gododias and business world thumbed hearing the morning news which was flashing every 5 minutes intervals on Tv screen .

Swara is all numbed after knew the news which has taken away her all happiness with her smile . Now she is seems like a living dead body who is having her body rather than soul like MOON WITHOUT ITS GLOW AND SUN WITHOUT ITS GLOW AND SUN WITHOUT ITS BRIGHTNESS . Swara’s condition is same like them, LIFE WITHOUT HER SOUL .


WELL DONE Nikhil : A husky happy voice came from a corner of dark place at a godown.

person : I am really appreciating you . After all today your sister got peace there ( said pointing towards the ceiling upping his index finger )

Nikhil : ( thanking in a gratitude voice ) thanks for everything. Without you it isn’t possible for me to give punishment to my sister ‘s culprit and peace to her soul. I will be obliged near you in my whole life for your kindness .

Person: It was my responsible and duty to giving justice to a brother for her sister’s injustice .

Nikhil : But I will never forgive your kindness for which my sister’s soul got peace and her culprit got his punishment ( said in a hatred fill voice ) . But I want to see that person, who has done all things for me .

A pin drop silent spread all over the place for sometime .

Person: ( broke the silence) why not ? How can I deny your last wish dr ? ( said with a smirk )

Nikhil:( said in a confusing more like a questioning voice ) Last wish !!!!???

Person: ( laughed victoriously) yes after all today again I will do a favour on you. Don’t you think , your sister is alone there ( pointing his finger up at air ) . So I am thinking, why I won’t send you at near her for which her loneliness go away . You think ,it’s just a tip for you from my side.

Nikhil just stood there dumbfounding hearing his words .

Person: Boys ( 4 boys came outside from the darkness) hold him ( said in a bossy tone )

All held at Nikhil from his arms tightly where Nikhil was struggling to come out from their grips .

Person ( in a tasking voice) tsk…tsk..tsk…so sad …but now it’s time to say you bye Mr Nikhil ( said coming out from darkness with a smirk)

Nikhil : ( in astonishing voice ) YOU!!!!!!!

Next moment a gun shoot sound echoed at air.


Why you do this ? Why you want kill Sanskar? Why you defamed him in front all of us by Naina’s rape ? He thought you as your idol …he respects you more than anyone . Then why you did all this with him when he is like your son : AP said in a venomously voice where all stood their blankly . No one wasn’t imagining the culprit is their one of their own family member from among them. And no one hadn’t dreamt the culprit is one and only DURGA PRASAD MAHESWARI , the head and bone of the Maheswari Parivar and Industry .

Police reached at the spot at the nick time and caught him red-handed. Now DP has sitted in middle where polices held his hands from back side and Maheswaries , Nikhil , Sanskar Laksh stood around him making a circle.

AP : Just open your mouth ji , i…we all want to know , why you do this with Sanskar , who is like your son.

DP: Exactly Arnapurna , he is like my son but not my real son like Adarsh and Laksh . ” Real Son ” and ” Like My son ” these two words are far different from each other. Which look similar but in reality the meaning is far different from each other. I want my sons make the hire of Maheswari’s empire. But that Sanskar ( looked in a hatred filled eyes ) broke my dream. I hate him for his intelligence, I hate him to shattering my dream , I hate him because for him my sons didn’t get that opportunity which I was wanting to see them. And you Arnapurana ( said sternly ) gave him your all shares for his new business which made him more powerful than me in my company which was only my hard work . It was the day which was just the starting of his destruction . Your saint forced me to do all things ( in a mocking voice )

AP : ( in a regretting voice ) I didn’t know , my husband whom I was thinking is my lord in actual he is a devil who does everything for his own selfishness, even kill his own son too . ( said in a hatred filling voice ) . I had never imagined in my dream also, my husband can do something like this . If everyone will think like you, then for your kind information you would the first one who doesn’t reach at this position here now . Yamuna maa ( DP ‘s step mom and Ram’s real mother) doesn’t love you like her real son. Now Ram stays here at your position but you. But she had given all Maheswari empire to you not her own real son . And Ram ( pointing her finger towards Ram ) who thinks you as your idol more than a brother doesn’t accept the decision whole heartedly and walked behind your path as like your an oblige employee which you aren’t deserving. Actually You are not deserving anyone’s love . Officer just take him from here with you and won’t leave him easily . Tomorrow I myself will file complain against him going to your office who was trying to kill my son Sanskar. Now just take him . ( turned her face other side )

Officer turned to go taking DP with him when DP looked all family members ‘s face which he got only hatred from everyone. But something he got to see in Ram’s eyes , which he was never dreamt in his whole life to see in those lovable eyes for him . Today he has lost everything and he deserves it . He walked away without looking back .


All family members hugged Sanskar seeing him safe but Sanskar’s eyes were searching only one figure who was missed all the time .

AP: You are fine ( caressing Sanskar’s hairs ) I thought , we again lost you . But if you were fine then , who is that person who found at accident spot.

Sanskar: It was my and Nikhil’s plan to catch the culprit.


Nikhil: It’s very dangerous move Sanskar. I can’t do it. Why you aren’t telling about your plan to Swara. She has all the rights to know about you . ( in a frustrating and strict voice)

Sanskar:( plainly ) I can’t because you know , she will never allow me to do this all this stunt taking risk on my life .

Nikhil : ( concern voice ) exactly Sanskar this plan is totally risky . So this plan is cancel . We will think about another plan.

Sanskar: Have you any other plan ( Nikhil shrugged his head as a ” No” ) then it’s final . We will go with this plan. And about Swara , she hates me. If anything will happen with me also on this plan , she will easily move on in her life . ( where Nikhil was giving him ” what the hell ” look ) if nothing will happen , about which i am sure , I won’t let her go out from my life . Because Sanskar Maheswari has only learnt to win ( said proudly and winked looking towards Nikhil where Nikhil rolled his eyes seeing his beloved friend’s overconfidence )

Nikhil : But where you will get a dead body ??

Sanskar: You don’t worry about it . My agency will arrange all things . The accident must be happened like this the culprit will come out by himself ( said victoriously)


Other side

Uttra has stood silently and watching her family in her glistening eyes.

Her trance broke by a voice which came from her beside .

I am sorry : Nikhil apologised standing beside him

Uttra turned her face at that direction where found Nikhil has stood beside him who is looking at her back. She immediately turned her face to other side which increased his pain more.

Nikhil: ( in a regretting voice) I know , what I have done with you , a SORRY is not sufficient. After all I have broken your trust , love specially your heart which you had given to me for which I am not worthy . But if it is possible for you , then please forgive me and give me a chance to our relation and turned to leave

Uttra: I forgave you .( Nikhil immediately stopped on his track hearing her voice and turned his face to meet her face ) you have nothing wrong done with me ( said lowering her head) you are my bhai’s culprit. If he forgave you , then I also forgave you.

Nikhil immediately took her in his tight embrace and kissed her temple : I LOVE YOU ( confessed his love whole heartedly for the first time where Uttra was just crying silently )

Uttra : Please won’t tell lie to me again. I am not that much strong like Swara Bhabhi who could bear all lies from their beloved ones . I am not strong like her ( said in a pleading voice )

Nikhil:( in a determining and promising voice ) I will never ever tell lie to you. You will never again suffer like this for me . I am promising to you Uttra , from now onwards I will never bring a single tear drop in your eyes for me ( said cleaning her eyes )

I LOVE YOU NIKHIL : confessing her love Uttra hugged him again where Nikhil hugged her back in same intensity.


Where is Swara ? : Sanskar asked to Laksh When he came to hug him

At that time Swara ran towards Sanskar and hugged him like her life depends on him. Without him she can’t breath also.

Swara : ( in a trembling voice ) I will kill you.

Sanskar face’s expression changed immediately in a sad look.

Swara parted a little bit from the hug and looked straight into Sanskar ‘s eyes.

WHAT???: Said in a cold way seeing Sanskar ‘s sad face

Sanskar: I was hoping to hear a better confession than ” I WILL KILL YOU”

Swara said again hugging Sanskar: I have the right to kill you Mr Sanskar Maheswari because I LOVE YOU placed a soft kiss over Sanskar’s heart where Sanskar was registering her meaning of each word . Sanskar pulled away her from the hug and looked directly Swara’s flush face . Where Sanskar ‘s face glowing like a 440 volts bulb.

What did you say now ? : Confronted Swara again to hear the same three magical words.


I LOVE YOU TOO PRINCESS . AND I AM PROMISING TO YOU IN FUTURE I WILL NEVER HIDE ANYTHING FROM YOU . IF I WILL DO THEN THAT WILL BE MY LAST DAY : Sanskar confessed in his deep husky voice where Swara stopped him placing her finger on his lips .

Swara : Never say again those words ( in a threatening voice looking directly inside his eyes )

Sanskar: Never ever I will repeat it ( said looking back her hazel eyes )

Next moment everything stopped when their eyes met with each other.

Hu…hunn..hun..: Both back to earth hearing some throat clearing sounds .

They startled by the sudden sound and moved back few steps from their position. Swara stood there shyly bowing her head down where her fingers fidgeting with her dupata’s edge due to nervous and there Sanskar just glared the persons who disturbed his private moment with his princess.

Laksh : ( in a teasing way ) Easy bhai , easy …don’t kill us by your glare. If a person kill by his glare , I think till now we would have all already dead here .

Sanskar: ( in an mocking voice) exactly i want the same,( got a little hit from Swara on his elbow ) but atlas i can’t do the same with all of you .

All laughed hearing Sanskar’s sarcasm.

Ragini suddenly stopped her laughing and started to staring Sanskar. She walked towards him and stood before him folding her hands around her chest.

Ragini: ( in a serious voice ) now it’s my turn to play the role of as an elder sister. Listen Mr Sanskar Maheswari, I don’t care what you are for business world but ( pointing her index finger) if you again hurt my Shona or think about it also, then I WILL KILL YOU . And this time I am very serious about on it.

Both sisters don’t know anything without killing me : Sanskar murmured under his breath

What are you murmuring ? : Ragini said in a confusion

Nothing just promising to myself: Sanskar said plainly

Ragini: It’s better for you .

Sanskar: Thanks for your trust on me

Ragini: It’s ok.

Sanskar: Now can we leave

Ragini and Uttara both said unison : Where ?????

To our HONEYMOON: said caging Swara in his arms and winked at Swara watching her shock face where Laksh and Nikhil gave hifi with each other seeing their partners shocking faces which was worth watching for trio .

After sometime Sanskar and Swara walked to their new destination holding their hands where their fingers are entwining with each other and a bright smile formed on their faces which was twinkling in their eyes.


( you just listen this song and think the situation according to you but if you ask me , then just think they walked away holding each others hands where Swara’s head is resting on Sanskar’s shoulder and a broad smile playing on their lips )

••••••••••••• THE END •••••••••••••

Ufff…i relaxed now . Today I ended this journey which I had started before months. I am really thanking all of you, you have made this journey unforgettable for me. Without your support I wouldn’t make it perfect..still it isn’t perfect but I think it’s something which I can count as a perfect.


Last chapter was very special for me because I had crossed 150 in votes where I am only having 232 followers. I think it’s a huge success for my book . Thank you so much to Ek Rishta readers who has made this book as this much success .

Thank you so much wattpad readers , who has made my this book special by their love and comments. Their name list is so big so I can’t take all names .i am really happy for my watty readers. I really never thought that you will make it this journey so special at the end . Without all of you i would never imagine about season 2 .Thank you so much friends to making this book as a huge success and taking this book as a try.

Thank you ?

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