Ek Rishta Aisa Bhi

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A girl is crying silently sitting on bed where in one hand she has held a photo frame and continuously talking with that photo person .

Girl: Why you ignore me nowadays? I am not looking beautiful to you for which you are always keeping busy on your work . Your work is more important than me ( said more like a question) if ” NO ” then why don’t you love me like before. I am not looking prettier like before to you said looking her image through mirror.

Yes I am not looking prettier like before ( sobbed ) I am looking like a fatty ( sobbed ) I am looking like a 35 years old comedian fatty actress ( sobbed ) where my husband is looking 25 years old Bollywood superstar and i am looking like her elder sister ( cried loudly )

At that time a smooth clap sound heard on air.

Girl turned her face at that direction where the clapping sound was coming .

She looked angrily towards the source and walked at that direction. She stood before a cradle where a 6 months baby is playing with himself.

Girl : You laughed on your mamma ( said narrowing her eyes ) you are also like your father . You don’t love me too ( again cried looking the baby where baby giggled looking his mother’s drama )

Girl : See ..see ..now also you are laughing at me ( cried more loudly where baby kept quite hearing loud noise and looked his mother in his innocent eyes . )

At that time two strong arms encircled on her waist from her behind .

I MISS YOU PRINCESS: a boy said in a whisky voice near her ear

Leave me : Girl tried to come out from boy’s tight grip

Boy : ( don’t bothering about her words ) I LOVE YOU PRINCESS ( hearing boy’s confession again started her crying session which she had forgotten before sometime)

Boy ๐Ÿ™ worriedly immediately leave her and turned her back to face her ) what happened ( holding her cheeks said in a panic voice ) Are you ok ?

Girl : No ( throwing away his hands from her cheeks ) how you are asking me this question, are you ok ? ( mimicking like his husband) where I am not .

Boy : What happened with you? Are you not taking your medicines at right time? Are you having pain on your stomach again ( going to touch her stomach )

Girl : ( pushing his hands ) don’t touch me where the boy gave ” what the hell ” look. I am alright and fine too. My problem is you Sanskar

Sanskar: Me!!( in an amusing voice )

Swara: Yes you . You don’t love me like before . You don’t give me your time . Now I have made bore for you who has no charm. But it’s all your fault . For your baby only I sacrificed my beauty but you don’t love me ( crying loudly where her hands wiping her tears )

Sanskar: ( in convincing voice ) But I love you princess. I am just bu….

Swara : Don’t trying to excuse giving your works . Before you were working too and at that time also you were positioning on 1st number in business world. Still you were giving your time to me but see now you are giving me lame excuses. Now you don’t love me Sanskar and it’s true . You accept it. ( said in her sobbing )

Sanskar was watching his wife silently.

Swara : Ok now I am gatting it , I was saying the truth only . You have no words to say on your protection. Now you accept it you don’t love me like before. Now I am not looking beautiful on your eyes ( cried hiding her face inside her palms )

Sanskar: ( freed her face ) you want to know ,why I was avoiding you where Swara nodded her head as a ” yes ”

Swara : I want to hear only ” truth ” ( stretching the Last word )

Sanskar:( started to say after take a deep breath) I don’t want to see you again on hospital bed in pain that also for me . I have seen how much pain you had gotten in Ansh’s birth time ( closed his eyes in pain remembering Swara’s labour pain on hospital bed, her loud cry , her loud shouts )

Swara : ( kissed his cheeks lovingly) but I love that pain Sanskar . For that pain only we will get our Ansh , our part who is a portion of our love ( kissed his other cheek ) kucch samjh main aya buddhu . I can bear 100 times more pain for our love . ( pecked on his lips ) BECAUSE I LOVE YOU MY DEAR HUSBAND.

Sanskar: I LOVE YOU TOO ( said kissing her lips )

After sometime

Both have stood joining their heads closing their eyes .

Sanskar: Happy 2nd anniversary Mrs Swara Sanskar Maheswari. This is for you ( forwarded a gift box towards Swara )

Swara ๐Ÿ™ in a surprising voice ) you were remembered about it.

Sanskar:( proudly) yesss…how can I forget the day when my beautiful wife walked inside my life ( pulled her nose tip in a teasing way )

Swara : Awww …my sweet and cute husband ( said pulling his both cheeks ) can I open it now where Sanskar nodded his head ” ya sure princess, it’s my pleasure”

Swara : Wow it’s so beautiful necklace Sanskar seeing the diamond necklace.

Sanskar: You like it

Swara : No ..i love it

Sanskar:( asked taking the necklace) may I
Where Swara immediately turned to other side and showed her neck removing her hairs at one side of her shoulder .

BEAUTIFUL: Sanskar said huskily near her ear slightly biting her earlobe. Now I am hungry ( said in double meaning for which Swara blushed hard hearing his words of choice . After 2 years also her husband is having same impact on her )

Swara : You go change your clothes and come freshen up . I am arranging dnr for both of us . ( said pushing him inside the washroom)

Sanskar: ( said huskily near her ear ) after dnr we will start our pending works from where we are leaving now ( swara nodded her head with her flushed cheeks .


At dinning hall

Swara : You know maa and baba are missing Ansh . If you will free this weekend , will we go to meet with maa and papa ?

Sanskar : ( in a teasing way ) maa and baba want to meet their grandson or it’s their daughter , who wants to meet with them.

Swara:( angrily) ok then I won’t go there ( ate silently)

Sanskar:( holding her hand ) I am sorry..i was just teasing you . I am really sor…
Before complete his words Sanskar heard Swara’s laughing sound who was laughing whole heartedly holding her stomach.

Swara : ( laughing voice ) look at your face Sanskar. I was just joking like you but you thought I am serious.

Sanskar: Hahaha …it’s so funny ( said rolling his eyes )

Swara : Ok I am sorry baba . Like you I was also teasing you . Don’t angry on me now . After all it’s my day …no …no …our day ( said kissing his cheeks)

Sanskar:( smiling face ) I am not angry on you..i can never angry on you .

Swara : I love you ( hugged Sanskar from side ways )

Sanskar: I love you too princess

Swara : ( freed her from hug ) you know today mom had called .

Sanskar: Mom called you . Now how is her friend’s condition.

Swara : Same like before. She was telling , she will stay there some more days.

Sanskar: Hmm.. I am just praying her friend get well soon

Swara : Me too

And again take their dinner.


At Sanskar room

Sanskar was working on laptop where swara was arranging the bed for their sleep and Ansh was soundly sleeping inside his cradle .

Swara : Sanskar come , it’s late now you sleep.

Sanskar:( closing his laptop ) ok boss as your wish and walked towards washroom .

After 15 minutes

Sanskar came out from washroom and found a silent Swara who sat silently on bed edge.

Sanskar: What happened ( shrugged her arms )

Swara:( looked towards him ) now mom called me

Sanskar:( tensedly ) hmm , then

Swara : Her friend passed away before sometime. She will come back after 2 days finishing her last rituals .

Swara : She said to clean our guest room where her friend ‘s daughter will stay for some days.

Sanskar: Hmm..it’s good mom is bringing her friend’s daughter with her . I am understanding, how she will feeling now .

Swara : Hmm ..very bad thing happen with her. Ok you sleep ..i am going to arrange the guest room .( turned to go )

Sanskar: ( holding her wrist) where?? It’s my time my dear wife. I won’t tolerate ,if anyone will snatch it from me . If it is you then too . ( pulling Swara towards him for which Swara lied on Sanskar’s chest for which Sanskar lied on bed )

Both were looking at each other without blinking their eyes. Taking this opportunity Sanskar roled over on Swara for which Swara is now underneath of Sanskar.

Sanskar: Your night is only mine ( said kissing her lips hungrily )

Swara : Only yours ( saying it Swara also participated on kiss with same intensity)

Then the camera blurred. Only loud moan and groan sounds echoed inside the room which was showing their passionate love making .

************ THE END **************

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