Ek Rishta Aisa Bhi

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At Night

At 12:30 am

At Sanskar room

Sanskar is packing his luggage inside his suitcase where Sujata was helping him in his packing where Ansh slept peacefully on his curdle .

Sanskar: ( said without turning his head ) Mom I will return day after tomorrow. I will try to come back early if it will possible for me. But if i won’t reach then please take care of Ansh. Here ( showing his finger towards the bedside table ) I have kept his all belongings. So you won’t face any problem. But please give him his food time to time . My little boy is a ” bhukad ” mom ( Sanskar laughed at his own words where Sujata was watching her son lovingly )

Sujata : ( thought it’s the right time again using her luck taking Ansh’s name ) till when you can take all responsibility Sanskar. Why don’t you think again about yourself . If not yourself then think about Ansh. He needs a mother ‘s love , care affection which you can never give him. So accept Kavita’s proposal and…

Sanskar:( turned his head towards Sujata and cut her words in middle ) mom I don’t want to fight with before my journey. So please leave this matter for now. I am getting late.

Sanskar moved towards the curdle where Ansh slept in his deep slumber.

Sanskar kissed at his temple

I will miss my Badmas …but don’t play so much with your grand mom and Ragini chachi..ok .you are my good boy : Again kissed on his soft pink cheek where Ansh moved a little on his sleep.

Sanskar for the last looked his son and walked away after giving a good bye hug to his mother .

At road

Sanskar was driving his car fastly to reach at airport where his all thoughts was covered by Swara’s thoughts .

When he passed across a lonely road he heard a koyal voice . His car immediately stopped by a jolt pressing the break.


Swara: Arey main keh rahi hun na ,It works

Sanskar: Matlab tum koyal Ki awaz sun kar koi bhi wish mang lo toh tumhari wish Puri Ho jayegi .

Swara : Haan , you know mere sath yeh bohot baar hua hai , aur meri sari wish Puri hui hai

Sanskar: Haan isiliye uski awaz main itni dard hai. bicchari ro ro kar kabse bol rahi hai , ke Swara mujhse abb kucch wish matt mangna main Puri nahi kar paungi .

Swara : Tum dekhna, ek din tum bhi wish mangoge . ( in a determining voice )

Flashback end **********************

Sanskar: Agar yeh baat Sachh hai , agar koyal ko wish mangne se apki har khawish puri hoti hai ..then ( said closing his both eyes ) I want to meet with you Swara …i wanna see you before at my eyes… I want to feel your fragrance…i want to feel your breath near me..i want to touch you senselessly like before…i want to lov….( a sob came out from his mouth before he will complete his words )

Looking from his car window at that direction where the Koyal was singing before .

Can you fulfil my wish…for the first and last time : Joined his both hands before him where a single drop tear slide down on his cheek .


A boy has stood before a girl holding her chin in his hand

Boy : I love you Shona …i don’t know anything without loving you….don’t leave me …i will di…

Swara immediately placed her hand on his mouth didn’t give him a chance to complete his words .

Swara : I will never leave you in this birth because Shona can’t live without her Sanky ( said in her glistening eyes which is showing only love for her Sanskar)

Sanskar: I love you and you are only mine ( said lovingly)

Swara: Only yours and sealed her lips on his lips as promise.

Sanskar first shocked seeing Swara’s kiss who initiated first then he also participated in same passion taking her in his tight embrace.

A broad smile formed on Swara’s lips .


I want, you give divorce to Sanskar and leave him : Sujata said sadly

I can’t live without him mom. You also know, Sanskar can also live without me mom. He will become mad . Don’t do this with us …I am begging to you mom don’t do this : Swara said in a begging voice joining her both hands before Sujata who stood helplessly before her


From today your Sanskar is mine . Never ever dare to come in front of him . From today , he is MINE …ONLY MINE….Sanskar is ONLY MINE: Kavita said loudly pulling Swara’s arms harshly.

NO : Swara woke up from her dream where she was sweating very badly .

She wiped her sweats from her forehead then watched the clock which was showing it’s pass 15 at 5.

She take out a photo frame below from her pillow .

I miss you Sanskar. …i am sorry Sanskar.. I know I have hurt you, whom I never want to hurt in my entire life. Please forgive me . But don’t hate me , please. I can’t bear your hatred…this will be my last day with my life when you will be started to hate me . ( tightly hugged the frame holding near her heart where tears were flowing endlessly from her eyes


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