Ek Rishta Aisa Bhi 8th November 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Rishta Aisa Bhi 8th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Raghav and Sonia’s marriage rituals start and they both exchange garlands. Sisters get happy that jiju will be didi’s ghulam/servant now as Sonia put garland first. Daada says Raghav that this ghulami is very beautiful and he is enjoying it since many years. Panditji asks to call bride’s parents for kanyadaan. Sonia gets sad that she does not have her parents for kanyadaan. Khan chacha comes forward but stops hearing sisters telling that they will do kanyadaan. Guest asks how can they do kanyadaan. Deepu says relationships are made by obeying them, when her parents left them, didi/Sonia become their mummy papa, when she needs mummy papa now, how can they back off. Panditji praises sisters and says true relationships are the ones which are followed by heart and asks

sisters to tie knot and then give bride’s hand in groom’s hand. They happily oblige. Pandijti then asks Raghav to tell that he accepts and then add beetle leave in havan. Raghav does same.

Deepu gives flowers to Abhiman to sprinkle them over Soniya/Raghav, but he does not accept. She tells it is her didi’s new relationship and he has to bless he, forcefully gives flowers and leaves. Pheras start, Raghav starts walking in front first. Sisters talk that from today, Jiju also will be theirs along with didi. Panditji asks Sonia to come front now and start pheras. She does so, but knot opens and she continues pheras without noticing it. Raghav hurriedly ties knot back. Rathi gets tensed seeing this and hopes nothing wrong shold happen. Deepu says jiju handled the situation well and nothing will happen.

Ratna looks at Abhiman and thinks after this marriage, she has to get Abhiman married. Suhasi looks at her watching Abhiman and thinks why is she repeatedly looking at him and why she remembers him whenever she remembers Raghav. Deepu asks Abhiman to sprinkle flowers on Raghav/Sonia and says though we keep away from parents, we cannot fulfill their absence. she says she is missing her parents a lot today. Abhiman reminisces Ratna’s motherly affection towards him, gets irked and walks out from there.

Panditji asks Raghav then to apply sindhoor on Sonia’s forehead. Sonia reminisces her promise of being with Raghav in his thick and thins. Panditji then asks him to put mangalsutra in Sonia’s neck and he does so. Serial’s title track Ek Rishta Aisa bhi…. plays in the background. He then asks them both to remember their home god and says marriage is complete now. He asks them to take elder’s blessings. They take elder’s blessings. Sonia then hugs her sisters. Sisters cry emotionally. Raghav asks why are they crying. They say they are happy tears. He says he cannot see their tears, either happy or sad, so from today no tears. Anjali says you stole didi earlier and even us today.

Precap: Sisters say Sonia that it is not appropriate for them to stay at Roy Mansion. Sonia says she will get bidayi/farewell only if they come with her.

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