Ek Rishta Aisa Bhi 7th November 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Rishta Aisa Bhi 7th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Raghav and Sonia walk back home after enjoying kulfi. Sonia’s slipper breaks and she starts walking barefoot. She asks what is his 7th promise. Just then, glass strands pierce her feet and she starts writhing in pain. Raghav says his 7th promise is to walk with her whole life and picks her up. She asks him to leave her down and takes out his promise list, but is surprised to see blank paper. He says he does not need list to remember his promises. He drops her home and she asks him to go now and come back tomorrow to take her home. He says he will also take her 5 sisters as promised. She goes back to her room via window and he continues to stand outside. She signals him to go now. He says once she sleeps, he will go.

Ratna wakes Raghav in the morning. He asks

what is special that she came to wake him up. She says it is his marriage day today and after today, she cannot enter his room without his wife’s permission. He says Sonia is not like any other girl, she will accept you as her own mother. He says her family will be extended from today. Ratna says she know he wants to bring Sonia’s sisters home after marriage, but she requests him to keep them away from her. She then asks servant to get sherwani and asks him not to tell that he will wear sherwani of Sonia’s choice. He says he will wear only her sherwani. She asks him to come down soon as there will be a lot of work to finish. He says he loves her and hugs her happily.

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Sonia’s sisters and Khan chacha get busy greeting guests at marriage hall. Raghav gets ready in sherwani and eagerly asks if they can go now. Daadi jokes that she did not see such an eager groom in her life and says there are a lot of rituals left. Ratna comes with sherwani dupatta, dorns it on Raghav and then applies her jakal behind his ears. He smiles and thinks a mother’s best gift is to bring her child into this world and his mom is giving him double gift by agreeing to let him marry a girl of his choice. Suhasi performs aarti and teeka. Raghav says he cannot wait now and runs. Daadi/daada follow him.

Sonia gets ready. Sonia’s friend comes in car and scolds her driver that he has brought her to wrong address as it is a cheap hall. Driver says same address is written on card. Friend says it is Ratna’s son’s marriage and it will be in 5-star hotel at least. Ratna comes there and tries to explain, but friend says how can she forget about her status and let Raghav marry to a poor locality girl. Raghav interrupts and says mom does not believe in money and just wants a well-cultured/sanskari bahu. Daada/daadi say money is just a mystery. only sanskars matter. Friend apologizes Ratna and says she forgot Ratna would not do any loss business, she must have seen sanskars more than money in her bahu. Raghav asks her to get in and bless her and Sonia.

Marriage rituals start and Sonia’s sisters pull his nose as per rituals. Daada says Raghav you don’t have saas/MIL, but your SILs have performed the rituals. Raghav says let them, after marriage, I will pull their legs. Raghav gets mesmerized seeing Soniya in a beautiful bride. Taare hain baarati chandni hai ye baaraat….. song plays in the background. Raghav continues looking at Sonia as she is brought into the venue. All sisters smile looking at them, but Ratna frowns. Pandit gives garlands and asks bride and groom to exchange garland. Sisters say sonia should put garland first as she can make Jiju as her ghulam. Daada asks Raghav not to bend his neck, else he will be joru ka ghulam/wife’s servant for whole life. Raghav bends his neck and Sonia puts garland first.

Precap: Sonia and Raghav’s marriage rituals continue.

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