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Deepika greets Abhiman as a guest. Abhiman says he is not her guest. She then piles decorative material on his hands and asks him to help her and get the hall decorated. He hesitantly agrees. Once he finishes his work, he meets Deepika again who asks him to come early tomorrow as he has a lot of work to finish. He asks why should he work. She says she is from bride’s side now.

Daadi/daadi bless Sonia after the functions and asks her to come home soon as they want to have tea by her every morning.

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Sonia’s sisters see her preparing milk for them and asks her to stop serving them as she is getting

married. Sonia says nothing will change except milk glasses as she will have to serve milk to daad/daadi, raghav, ratna, etc., including them and says she will serve them as before. She tries to make them all sleep, but they ask her to talk to them. Rathi says we cannot forget out parent’s house and one day have to leave it and go to our husband’s house.

Raghav looks at his dad’s diary and addresses his dad that he is marrying and needs his blessings. He thinks about Sonia.

Sonia says it is good that Raghav is in the same city and can take care of them. Deepu asks her not to worry. Fruity asks her to go and sleep as she will look bad in her marriage photo shoot. Anjali jokes that bride will look bad with dark circles. Fruity says she will sleep with Deepu from today. Deepu jokes that she has to call her didi.

Sonia comes to her room, Raghav throws a letter in her room which reads that tomorrow she will be his wife and today she wants to enjoy convincing his girlfriend. Sonia peeps out of her window and signals Raghav to go from there. Serial’s title song ek rishta aisa bhi…. plays in the background. Raghav signals her to come down and keeps ladder near her window. She ascends ladder but slips and Raghav holds her. Ishq hua…….song plays in the background… They both look at each other romantically. Sonia then asks why did he call her. He says he wants to know why his would be wife is angry. She asks why can’t he wait till marriage. He says he wants to give his would be wife a chance to spent time with her boyfriend as from tomorrow she will serve her pati parmeshwar/husband. She says she will go now. He says he wants to romance his girlfriend today and blind folds her. She asks why is he blind folding her. He says it is a surprise and takes her with him.

Raghav asks blind folded Sonia to eat what he is giving. She asks what is it. He says she promised to believe him with closed eyes. She tastes kulfi and says it is her favorite kulfi. She thinks she is lucky to have him. Raghav asks if she is thinking that she is lucky and says like she made 7 promises, he also wrote a list of his promises. He promises that he will love only her whole life and will not fall for another girl. She asks what is his third promise. He says if he has to select between well and cliff, he will select well. She asks what does he mean. He says if he has to select between his mom and her, he will choose her. She asks what is his fourth promise. He asks he to close her eyes again. He lights off candle and asks her to open eyes now. He says she promised that she will prepare food for him daily and says his fourth promise is whenever she does not have mood to cook food, he will cook it for her. He burns his hand with candle. She gets worried and says he is a kid. He says his fifth promise is that he will love her even after getting kids. She gets shy. He blows decorative material over her and she smilingly watches it.

Precap: Raghav and Sonia get ready as bride and groom in beautiful sherwani and lehanga choli.

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