Ek Rishta Aisa Bhi 6th February 2015 Written Episode Update

Ek Rishta Aisa Bhi 6th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Daadi says daad that after today’s drama, Deepu will develop a soft corner for Abhiman. She asks why did he do overacting and asks to get normal now. He says his back is aching now. He says according to his experience, their elder grandson will come right now. Just then Abhiman comes in and says he found Deepu’s purse outside his room and asks if he should go and return it. Daada says Deepu will come tomorrow at 12 noon. Once Abhiman leaves, Daada tells how he took Deepu’s purse when she was helping him and dropped it in front of Abhiman’s room. She asks how can he be sure Deepu will come tomorrow at exactly 12 noon. She asks to wait and watch.

Deepu with sisters prepares Raghav’s restaurant menu and asks everyone to prepare pamphlets of it

and fix it on walls. Raghav comes with vegetables and asks what are they doing. Deepu says they are planning business strategies for his restaurant business and says until people know, what Raghav Roy does differently, they won’t be interested in his restaurant. Raghav likes it. Khushi says she is developing website to take online orders. Deepu says it is a very good idea. Raghav asks deepu to help him and asks Rathi to get Fruity and Khushi for school.

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Daadi calls Deepu and says daada is still ill. Deepu says he will be fine soon. Daadi says she left her purse yesterday and says if dada would have been fine, he would have come to return it. Deepu says she will come to pick it. Dadi gets happy and tells daada if Deepu and Abhiman unite, Raghav and Abhiman will also unite, then there will only peace and happiness in this house.

Rathi and Fruity fix pamphlets on roadside walls. They see competitor’s pamplets and fix their pamplets on them.

Deepu comes to meet Daadu and does massage on his chest. Daadi thanks her. Deepu says no need to thank and walks out taking her purse. While passing through Abhiman’s room, she sees Abhiman cutting his finger by mistake and trying to bandage it. Abhiman looks at her and smiles. She angrily leaves, but then comes back and bandages his hand. Dada and daadi gets happy seeing them together. Abhiman tries to touch her hand. She asks him dare not to touch her. She says she would have helped any human being as Soniya taught her to help even enemies. She says because of him, she lost Soniya and her life is shattered, so he should forget that everything will be normal again. Daada sees that and smiles. Daadi asks why is he smiling. He says once anger is vented out, love develops.

Raghav starts preparing food looking at Soniya’s windchime and wearing her prepared apron. He says he feels as if she is hugging him and wishing good luck, hope she was with him here. He continues his emotional talk looking at Soniya’s windchime.

Fruity and Khushi continue to fix their pamplet on rival’s pamphlet. Rival sees them and angrily asks if they are the one who fixed their posters on his. Fruity apologizes him. He tears pamplets and tries to hit Rathi when Abhiman comes there and asks him dare not to touch her. He asks if he is their relatives and says he will get them arrested. He tries to hit Fruity, but Raghav holds his hand and warns him not to touch his saalis. Rival says he is using his saalis for his business. Abhiman gets irked and holds his collar. Raghav asks Abhiman to back off as it is his family issue.

Precap: Raghav tells sisters that he will return client’s money. He sees Khushi making mistake and asks what is it.

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