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Deepu says Ratna now that she has forgiven her, let us start mehandi function. Raghav reaches there. All sisters see him and try to stop him. Raghav tries to butter them saying that Deepu is looking very beautiful and Fruity is his favourite sali. Fruity says it is ladies function and he cannot enter. He asks what about Daada and Abhiman. Deepu says daad is elder and came to bless us. He asks what about Abhiman. She says he will help us in function. He says even he will. They again stop her. He says he is their would be jiju and if he gets angry, they will repent. All sisters discuss and allows him to attend function, but say he should sit in a corner and not see Sonia.

Raghav sees Suhasi and Daad/daadi and ask where is Sonia. Sisters come and say he has to wait for 1

more day to see her. He starts peeping all around. Deepu sees Abhiman attending guests and thanks him for coming. He says he came from groom’s side, but if she needs any help, he can help her also.

Sisters keep a veil between Sonia and Raghav and asks Raghav not to look at Sonia. He tries to peep repeatedly. Sonia laughs looking at his condition and thinks Raghav does not have patience to wait for 24 hours. Ratna gets irked seeing Raghav being controlled by Sonia’s sisters. She sees Abhiman attending guests and thinks her younger son is getting married before elder one and as soon as Raghav’s marriage is finished, she will get Abhiman married.

Sonia comes and touches Ratna’s feet and tries to apply mehandi on her palm. Ratna says it is her day. Sonia says if her mom would have been alive, she would have got shagun mehandi first. Ratna says if she wishes, then she will get mehandi. Sonia applies mehandi on her palm.

Sisters start singing jijaji honewali jijaji….. song with Raghav. Sonia laughs looking at them. Power goes off and Ratna gets irked. Raghav starts dancing on Mehandi lagake rakhna….song.. and power comes. He drags Sonia to dance with her. Sisters get annoyed seeing Sonia dancing with him before marriage. Deepu says we are trying to stop Raghav to see didi, but she herself is dancing with him. They try to stop them again, but they ignore them and start dancing again. Serial’s title song…..Ek rishta aisa bhi…..starts in the background.

Sisters take Sonia to the corner and asks why is she dancing with jiju when they are stopping. She promises that she will not talk to Raghav till marriage. Raghav comes there and asks how was his performance. Anjali says it was superb, but stop seeing Deepu signalling her. She then says him that being away for some time is very exciting. Raghav says he was away for such a long time and now is being attracted like a magnet to their didi. Sonia says she will not talk to him as he troubled her sisters and walks out with sisters. Raghav thinks he has to feed her something special and convince her now.

Raghav gets sweets for Sonia and asks her to eat. She acts as being angry on him and turns her face. He asks Fruity why is her didi angry. She says if she does not get angry, they will get angry then.

Ratna hears guests gossiping that Ratna forgot her class and let her son marriage to a middle class girl. Suhasi hears that and says before marriage itself, people have started gossipping, Ratna will feel the fire now. Daada asks her to stop her taunts.

Precap: While walking on the road, Sonia’s foot gets injured with glass strands. Raghav picks her up and walks.

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