Ek Rishta Aisa Bhi 5th February 2015 Written Episode Update


Ek Rishta Aisa Bhi 5th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Raghav says sisters that Khushi, Fruity, Anjali are still small and they need his care. He asks who will take care of house and shop if he become chef. Rathi says she will take care. Deepu gets happy and says it is done then.

Fruity does not find book in her bag, sees a wooden box on cupboard and tries to pick it, but could not. She sees umbrellla and gets hapy. Raghav on the other side tells sisters that they are his responsibilities and he cannot forgo responsibilities for his dreams. Anjali asks what would Soniya have thought if she heard this and says Soniya would want him to pursue his dreams. He says he knows Soniya well and she would have accepted his decision. They call hear a sound and runs to check. They see box on floor with apron and a letter in it. Raghav sees

his name on apron and Soniya’s request not to stop pursuing his dream and she has gifted him a knife and spoon set. He gets emotional reading the letter and further reads that Soniya will feel she is hugging him if he wears her apron. He holds letter and starts crying vigorously. Sisters say Soniya also wants him to become chef and even they all want the same. Raghav agrees and looks at Soniya’s pic. Ek ristha aisa bhi……song.. plays in the background.

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Sisters tells Raghav that till now, they were identified as Soniya’s sisters and hereon they will be known as famous chef Raghav’s saalis. Raghav says he will keep his professional name as Diju as they say her. Rathi says after their parent’s death, Soniya was like a mother to them. Raghav says that means he is their papa and will fulfill his responsibilities and get them married. They hug him and say they will not go away from him.

Sisters discuss that they will have to support Diju’s dream. Anjali says Khan did not give his shop, what will they do now. Raghav hears that and says until his saalis are with him, he will find a way. Sisters look at Soniya’s pic and say Soniya finally convinced him to pursue his dream and say they should start their hotel at home itself. Each sister discuss their plan, Fruity says burger, Khushi says frankie, Deepu says chinese, rathi says sweets. They all start fighting. Raghav says they will keep Indian home food theme as people find it difficult to have home cooked food. Deepu says his idea is very good and asks where will customers sit. Raghav says they will give them parcel. Khushi says if customers need parcel, they will buy it from there. Raghav says they will try fusion food, Indian and continental combination. Sisters like his idea. Raghav asks them to decide menu, he will come back. He goes and speaks to Soniya’s wind chime and kisses it, saying I love you Soniya ji. Ek rishta…..song.. plays in the background.

Precap: A man tries to hit Rathi and Fruity for fixing poster. Abhiman rescues Rathi. Man says he will get them arrested. Raghav also comes to rescue them.

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