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Sisters request Khan chacha to lend his shop for some days. Khan gets tensed hearing that. Deepu says once business starts, they will pay rent. Rathi says it will benefit both of us. Khan says he does not know how to tell that he cannot give his shop. Deepu says she did not understand. Khan says he is selling this shop. Sisters are shocked to hear that. Khan says people whom he sold this shop will take over it soon. Khushi asks if he cannot delay. He says he is under deep debts and had to sold this shop, if they would have told earlier, he would have done something. Fruity asks what will we do now, jiju’s dream will not be fulfilled at all. Khan apologizes them for not able to help them. Deepu asks him not to apologize and says they will find a way. Anjali asks how. Khushi

says we have a lot of space at house. Deepu says just like people open business at home and then expand it from there.

Sisters say Khan that time flies, they remember he and Soniya talking over a window and reminisces how they got Raghav’s ram leela order and how they married. Fruity says then Soniya went away from us. Sisters stop her and ask her to remember what Diju/Raghav said.

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Daada calls Deepu and acts as feeling ill. Deepu asks if Dadi or servant is around him. He says they have gone out and asks her to come right now. Deepu tells sisters that she has an important work and will come back, she rushes to take care of him.

Raghav at home calls his client and informs that Soniya’s shop is open again and he can place orders. Sisters come home silently. Raghav asks where were they. They say on a walk. He says he has prepared a plan for shop, with which their shop will expand within 6 months. Anjali says he is wrong. Raghav asks what does she mean. She says it will grow within 6 weeks itself. Raghav asks them to take rest while the checks his shop.

Deepu reaches Dada’s room and asks how is he. He says he is feeling ill. She asks if she should call doctor. He says no and asks not massage his head as she used to. She massages his head. Abhiman comes running and asks if he is alright. Dada says yes, Deepu’s massage did a magic . He asks him to make him sit. Both Abhiman and Deepu help him sit. Deepu says she will leave now and walks out. Abhiman goes behind her saying he will bring juice for them. Once he leaves, Dada thinks he and daadi have promised each other to unite them.

Raghav shows order cheque to Soniya’s windchime and tells that he will forget his dreams and will work hard to fulfill her dreams, he just needs her support. Cheques fall on the ground. He goes and picks them and sees his dad’s recipe book. Wind chime shakes. Raghav says Soniya also wants him to pursue his dream, but he will concentrate on his responsibilities first, get sisters educate and settled first, later he can fulfill his dream.

Raghav sees all sisters sad and asks what happened to them. He says he has thought big for them, he will get Khushi admitted in an animation course and asks Fruity what does she need. She says she needs a doll which is shown in TV commercials. He asks Deepu what she needs. She asks if he will give it for sure. He says they are his world and if it is in his reach, he will definitely. She says she wants him to open a restaurant and purse his dream of becoming chef. Khushi says we know about Mr. Tyagi’s partnership offer. He says Tyagi is overconfident on him. Deepu says he identified a diamond and we all realize now that his happiness is in becoming chef. Raghav says he is happy that they are thinking about his dreams, but he cannot think about it before settling their lives, who will take care of house and shop then. Rathi says she will take care.

Precap: Raghav and sisters find chef apron prepared by Soniya with a letter for Raghav.

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