Ek Rishta Aisa Bhi 3rd November 2014 Written Episode Update


Ek Rishta Aisa Bhi 3rd November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Raghav gets worried seeing Sonia’s burnt hands and asks how did it happen. Sonia says she burnt them while saving photo album. He says she would have let album burn instead of burning her hands. Daad/daadi and Suhasi also come there and Suhasi goes to get her Dubai ointment. Sonia says Ratna she does not want to separate her from her son and says she lost her mother and if she accepts her, she will feel she got another mother. Raghav asks Ratna how can she be so stone hearted and says he cannot live without either her or Soniya and will lose if he loses even one among two. He says he loves her a lot and asks if she does not want her son to happy, asks her to take a decision now to prosper her son or destroy him. Ratna turns back and stands silently. Raghav asks Sonia to come with

him now. She says she wants to wait until Ratna agrees. Raghav says she will not change and drags Sonia from there.

Daad/daadi says Sonia stops her memories/photo album from burning, but she is so adamant that she does not want to change. Daadi says Raghav is very patient and he tried his best to convince you, but you are adamant. Daada says Raghav is a very loving son and one cannot know when love changes into hatred and asks her not to let so and walks out from there. Ratna reminisces Abhiman hating her and thinks one son hates me so much and another loves me, she cannot let another son also hate her. She goes out with pooja thali and says Sonia that on this auspicious day of diwali, laxmi will perform laxmi pooja at her home today. Everyone gets happy hearing that.

Daadi and Daadi happily ask Sonia to go and get Ratna’s blessings. Suhasi asks how did this miracle happen. Daada says Ratna is like a coconut, hard from outside and soft from inside, soon she will accept Ratna and will love her like her own daughter. Raghav and Sonia take Ratna’s blessings. She gives Sonia pooja thali. Raghav thanks her for accepting his and Sonia’s relationship and says he is very happy now. Ratna says let us go and perform pooja. Daadi says today’s day is very auspicious, our house laxmi will perform laxmi pooja. Whole family perform laxmi pooja standing behind Sonia, who performs aarti. After pooja, Daadi gives her family bangles to Sonia and welcomes her in their family. Raghav happily hugs Ratna and says this diwali is really special and thanks her. Ratna says parent’s happiness is in children’s happiness. Sonia apologizes her for her earlier mistakes and calls her mummy ji. Ratna gets irked hearing mummy ji. Sonia asks if she can call her mummy ji. Suhashi says she can and says it is not America where she has to call Ratna as Mrs. Roy.

Ratna says Sonia since you are elder in your house, I will talk about marriage details with you. Raghav says he has promised Sonia that he will take care of her sisters after marriage. Ratna says of course if you have promised, you have to fulfill it and says he should not forget responsibilities towards her also and says she wants to make his marriage a lavish affair as per her family’s status. Raghav says Sonia does not want lavish marriage. Ratna says she knows Sonia cannot afford, so she will arrange marriage at her house. Ragha says Sonia wants marriage to happen at her house. Sonia says if marriage happens at her house, she will get her parent’s blessings. Ratna gets annoyed and asks how can it happen. Sonia says she will arrange everything and will not let her complain. Raghav requests Ratna to accept. Daadi says you chose girl according to your wish, but let this marriage happen lavishly according to Ratna’s wish. Daada also backs Daadi. Ratna says it is your marriage and I want it according to your wish. They both get happy hearing that. Suhashi thinks what has happened to Ratna, she is accepting every condition. Ratna thinks she wants this marriage to be happened soon and wants to control the situation herself once Sonia comes to her home.

Sonia’s sisters enjoy diwali crackers happily and shout. Sonia asks why are they shouting. Anjali says they are happy about her marriage. Fruity says let us burn crackers in whole locality and let neighbours know that it is your marriage. Raghav says she is right, let the whole world know that Dilwale Dulhaniya Lejayenge..

Precap: Sonia and Raghav talk romantically over phone.Update Credit to: MA

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