Ek Rishta Aisa Bhi 3rd February 2015 Written Episode Update


Ek Rishta Aisa Bhi 3rd February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Fruity calls Raghav asks Diju. Deepu says he is both didi and jiju for them now, so he is diju. Fruity says Soniya prepared Khushi’s dress in 1 night. Anjali says it was 1 dress and they have to prepare 25 dresses. Raghav says they are soniya’s sisters and nothing is important for them. They all excitedly shout their slogan and check Soniya’s old items and they find clothes and decorative materials for dresses. Raghav speaks to his vendor and goes out to get cloth. Meanwhile, Rathi starts stitching dresses. Even Deepu starts designing dress and tears Rathi’s cloth. They both start arguing. Raghav comes back and asks them to stop fighting, they are a team and should work. They continue arguing. Raghav stops them again and asks to continue their work, while

he serves biryani which he brought from Khan chacha’s hotel. Fruity asks what will he do. He will serve them.

Raghav serves biryani to sisters and asks them to finish first and then have food alter. Rathi says Raghav that he works hard and even takes cares of them. He says it is because of his love for Soniya. Deepu says there is not like love in world. Raghav says she does not know as she does not love anyone. Deepu gets sad. Khushi jokes that she loves Varun Dhawan. Raghav asks her to stop joking and finish work.

Raghav and sisters prepare dresses and Raghav leaves in his scooter with Khushi to deliver them. He comes back to his shop and continues working. His client comes and praises him for handling the situation well. Raghav thanks him. Client says he should thank him and he has realized he is a cook and offers to open a restaurant in partnership. Raghav says he has to concentrate on his shop first and cannot travel in 2 boats. Client says his offer is open for him and he can get back to him whenever he likes.

Fruity calls daada, but Abhiman picks call. Fruity says Deepu doesn’t want her to talk to him. He says he did not do mistake purposefully and says he cannot stay away from them now. Fruity says Deepu and everyone consider him for Soniya’s death and if Deepu sees her talking to him, she will beat her.

Rathi tells sisters Raghav has forgotten his dreams and is fulfilling Soniya’s dreams. Deepu says we cannot let him forget his dream and Anjali says if Raghav opens hotel in partnership, he will succeed. Fruity asks if he will not get dream when he sleeps. Deepu asks her not to joke and tells she has a plan. She tells her plan to sisters and they all go to Khan’s hotel. Khan gets happy seeing them. They get into emotional talk and then tell Khan that Raghav got an offer of opening hotel in partnership. Khan gets happy and says his friend’s dream will be fulfilled. Sisters are hesitant to speak further, but Fruity stops them and says they want Khan’s hotel for some time. Khan is surprised and stands silently.

Precap: Deepu tells Raghav that all sisters want him to pursue his dream of becoming a chef and opening a hotel.

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