Ek Rishta Aisa Bhi 2nd February 2015 Written Episode Update


Ek Rishta Aisa Bhi 2nd February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Radha hands over lunchboxes to Soniya’s sisters are ask them to bring them empty in the evening. Sisters ask him not to worry. He refers to Soniya and says her sisters have become intelligent now and hopes he sells all 26 rani laxmi bai costumes.

Raghav at school discusses with school principal that he should think about rani laxmi bai conept for 26th jan this time. Principal says he will discuss with his staff and will get back to him in a min. He comes back and says his staff wants something related to new generation leaders and not Rani laxmi bai, which is ages old. Raghav feels sad after his proposal is rejected and thinks he will try it somewhere else.


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Deepu goes and Khushi’s school and tries to convince principal to buy rani laxmi bai costume. Principal does not agree. Dada on the other side tries to convince another school principal and says his school runs on Roy group’s charity, so he should agree to his terms. Principal says his idea is good, but already everything is decided and it is too late now.

Raghav sadly comes back home, sees Soniya’s dad’s scooter there and reminisces his marriage day when he reached home with Soniya with this scooter. He gets emotional but then feels happy seeing it, thinks who brought it here. Abhiman comes in front of him and says he brought it. Raghav gets angry seeing him. Abhiman stops him and says he know Soniya used to love that scooter, so he thought of returning that scooter. Raghav asks her not to take Soniya’s name from his mouth and says he is a wrong man. Abhiman says people are not wrong, but situation is. He says he did not mean to harm Soniya and says he was away from his family for 22 years and cannot stay away more. Raghav says he will forgive him as he is brother, but only after Soniya’s sisters forgive him. He asks him not to come back in front of him again and walks into house angrily.

Rathi and Deepu walk on the road sadly thinking they could not sell costume and Deepu gets sad that even she did not get job yet. Rathi asks her to not lose hope. She gets a cal from Rathi’s principal and says her order is approved. She gets happy and says she will inform Raghav now. They reach Raghav’s shop and see Anjali telling that she got an order for 25 dresses. Raghav is surprised, but then get tensed also as he has only 25 dresses. Raghav’s clients also scold him for not providing 25 dresses. Raghav asks to share dresses, but they scold and warn him that his shop will close soon, before walking out.

Soniya’s sisters sadly discuss that they could not help jiju and he had to apologize clients because of them. Raghav tries to cheer them up and tells a poem that he is both jiju and didi, etc. They reminisce reciting same poem earlier and get happy.

Precap: Raghav’s client gives him offer of opening a restaurant in partnership.

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