Ek Rishta Aisa Bhi 29th November 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Rishta Aisa Bhi 29th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Abhiman sees Deepika’s laptop open and checks her designs. Deepika sees that and asks him if he is stealing her designs. He says he creates designs and not steals. She says she is just joking and asks him to smile. He walks out fuming. She gets angry that he does not understand joke at all.

Anjali shows Roy mansion to her friends. Friends say it is like a palace. She boasts that Ratna loves them a lot and has given individual room to each sister. She asks what will they have. They say any Indian dish. Suhasi comes and says why don’t they have Italian as their chef prepares excellent Italian. Anjali taunts her enemy she must be jealous seeing this. She takes them all to her room and starts dancing on loud music.

Raghav drives back home with Soniya and sisters.

Soniya asks him to stop near a medical hall to buy medicines for Anjali. She sees Ratna in her car speaking someone and notes down man’s car number. Ratna gives money to Negi for doing excellent job. She then gets into car and leaves with Raghav. Ratna comes home and asks Suhasi who has played loud music. Suhasi says Anjali has called her friends home and she is dancing with them, she does not know how she is misleading her to go against Soniya. Ratna praises her.

Soniya and Raghav reach home with Rathi and Fruity. Soniya asks where is this music coming from. Fruity says from our room. Rathi says hope Anjali has not created any more problem. Soniya goes to room and sees Anjali alone as her friends left before she came. Ratna comes out with Anjali. Ratna asks why did she come from work soon. She says she was worried about Anjali. Ratna says Anjali had headache and Suhasi gave her medicine. She is at home and took care of Anjali. Soniya remembers seeing her in a car giving money to a man. Ratna asks everyone to have lunch and asks Anjali to rest.

Anjali thanks Suhasi for saving her from Soniya and reminisces how Suhasi informed her about Soniya coming home and asking her friend to have party some other day. Ratna thinks she could have informed Soniya about Anjali’s mistake, but did not and will wait for the right opportunity. Once Anjali goes out, Suhasi asks why did not she tell Soniya Anjali’s mistake. She says farmer does not cut his crop before it ripens, same wit her, she will wait for the right time and create misunderstanding between Soniya and her sisters, Soniya will tolerate anything not not lies. Suhasi praises her plan. Ratna asks if she did her work. Suhasi says yes and tells what she did.

Soniya walks with milk towards her room and reminisces Ratna telling lie that she was in home whole day. She gives milk to Raghav. Raghav says it is 1 week since they married and he bought cake for her. He says before she cuts a cake, she has to accept his dress and gives gift box. She checks it is a s*xy dress. He says he wants her to wear this dress. She is hesitant and says she does not like it. He asks her to wear it for his happiness. She comes out in a s*xy dress, trying to hide her exposed arms shyingly. He gets mesmerized seeing her beauty.

Precap: Soniya and Raghav’s romance on serial’s title song playing in the background.

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