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Abhiman and Deepika catches Mr. Negi red-handedly trying to steal proof from Deepika’s bag. Ratna comes, slaps Negi and hands over him to police. She says he is the one who was selling designs to rival company. She asks them both to come to he cabin as she has an important work.

Raghav calls Soniya and asks if she is missing her. She says she is not. They start a romantic conversation.

At her cabin, Ratna praises Abhiman and Deepika for getting Negi caught. Deepika says it was her duty. Ratna says she wants them to design for the next collection. Deepika says she is new in this field and does not have experience. Ratna says when she started this business, even she did not have experience, but way to reach the destiny starts with first step and their destiny is

creative director of her company, she wants them to replace Negi and says she wants to see who is better among them and can become creative director. She says Deepika she is not offering this because she is Soniya’s sister but because she is talent and asks them both to show their talent. They both thank her for trusting them and say they will try their level best.

Suhasi suggests Anjali to call her friends home for a party. Anjali says she is afraid Soniya will know about it and Rathi/Fruity may tell her. Suhasi says she has an idea, she calls Ratna and Fruity and asks them to go and help Soniya on her first day of work. Ratna says Khushi will come from college and she has to take care of her. Suhasi says she will handle her and says driver will drop them at Soniya’s shop. Ratna asks Anjali to come. She says she will not come. Suhasi says she will take care of Anjali. They both leave. Anjali thank her and calls her friends home. Suhasi thinks lies weaken relationship and now she has to provoke Anjali to tell lie to Soniya.

Soniya hears Khan playing rock song on his radio and asks from when he starting listening rock music. Chintu comes and jokes that didi will hear romantic songs from here. Soniya imagines Raghav standing in front of her and help her. Sathiyaa…..snog plays in the background. She realizes it is her imagination and continues working. Raghav comes. She thinks it is again her imagination and says she loves him so much that she is imagining him, says she will close her eyes and he will dissappear. Raghav comes and stands next to her. Khan comes and asks Raghav if he needs tea. Raghav says he will have lunch. Khan says he will send butter milk then. They both start having lunch. Rathi and Fruity come there and ask what are they doing. He says lunch. Rathi asks Soniya instead of working, she is romancing here. Raghav says she should be happy that her jiju is pati vrata and should pray she also gets a husband like him. He asks them both to have lunch with him. Fruity says its very less food. He says it is full of love and they will be full with less food. Soniya asks if Anjali went to college. Rathi says she did not and is with Suhasi. Raghav says let us all go home and have lunch there. They all agree.

Deepika gets coffee from a coffee vending machine. Abhiman comes behind and asks her to hurry up as there are other people waiting behind her. She gets afraid thinking it somebody else, turns back and sees Abhiman behind. Her hair stucks in his blazer. He frees them. She says she will prepare him coffee. He says he will himself and says he is her competitor now. She says she will get creative head position. He says it depends on designs and execution. She says may be best person win part ways. Ratna thinks she will make them fight and separate and ultimately she will give position to her son Abhiman.

Soniya and Raghav come home and hear music from Anjali’s room.

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