Ek Rishta Aisa Bhi 27th November 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Rishta Aisa Bhi 27th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Ratna asks Deepika not to tell Raghav and Soniya about their office issue and trouble them and not to mingle her personal and professional life. Deepika agrees. Anjali thinks Ratna is right. Once they both leave, Suhasi whistles Ratna and comes out of her hideout. Ratna asks why is she overacting. Suhasi asks if her plan is going well. She says yes and asks her to keep Anjali occupied. She says yes.

Deepika on breakfast table gets worried remembering office incident. Soniya asks why is she not eating. Deepika says nothing important. Anjali thinks she is doing wrong by hiding her problem from Soniya. Soniya asks why are they both silent. They both say nothing important. Soniya asks Deepu to close her eyes and imagine her most beloved one, she will feel relaxed. Raghav says

whenever he gets into that situation, he closes eyes and remembers Soniya. Deepika closes eyes and remembers seeing envelope on Mr. Negi’s desk. She hurriedly gets up from breakfast table and says Soniya she is done and will go to office now. She calls Abhiman and asks him to come to office soon as she knows who the culprit is who is selling their company’s designs to rival company.

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Soniya asks Anjali why she is at home instead of going to college. She says she does not want to go today and she wants to tell her something. Soniya asks what is it. Anjali remembers Ratna’s words not to discuss professional problems at home and says she needs her shalwar kameez. Soniya says she can take it. Raghav comes and says Soniya he will drop her to her shop and in lieu of that he can spend some time with her in car as she will be in shop whole day and he will be alone at home. Soniya nods okay.

Anjali gets tensed thinking about her insult by her friend. Suhasi asks why is she tensed. She says nothing. Suhasi starts emotional blackmail and asks if she does not consider her as her aunt. Anjali tells her about the party incident and says she heard Ratna telling not to mix professional and personal life, so she does not want to tell Soniya about it. Suhasi says she will help her and tells about her plan, says Soniya will not know about it. Rathi comes and asks what will she not know. Anjali says she is talking about her dress stain and wants it dry cleaned. Rathi says she will send it to drycleaner. Suhasi ask Anjali to leave for her college and she leaves. She then thinks Soniya will get tense now after she hears about her sisters’ problems.

Raghav brings Soniya to her shop. Khan and Chintu greet them. They both touch khan’s feet and take his blessings. Raghav asks Soniya to start her business like a new one and gives her coconut to break. She does same.

At office, Deepika tells Abhiman that she knows who the culprit is and has proof in her bag, as soon as police comes, she will handover proof to them and get the culprit arrested. Peon listens to their conversation and suspiciously leaves from there. They both see him walking out. Deepika says she will execute her plan well and will keep an eye on culprit. She sees a man walking towards her cabin.

Soniya performs pooja and says she is opening her shop today and Raghav starting his new business and prays god to protect her family well. Raghav says Soniya he will be with her always.

Deepika signals Abhiman that someone is going to her cabin. They both enter cabin and see a man searching proof in her bag. Abhiman calls man, man turns and it is Negi.

Precap: Ratna says Deepika and Abhiman, they will have to work on a project and whoever does better will get a promotion.

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