Ek Rishta Aisa Bhi 25th November 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sonia thinks how to take permission from Ratna to start her business back. Raghav comes and asks what is she thinking about and says she has a responsibility towards him also. Ratna comes with Suhasi and says she knows Sonia wants to work back. Raghav asks who told her. She says Suhasi. Suhasi thinks why is she making a scapegoat. Ratna says she likes women who are self-made like her and says she is proud that Raghav got Sonia as her bahu who is also self-made like her. Sonia thanks her and takes her blessing. Once she comes out, Suhasi says she easily got Sonia away from Raghav.

Sonia says Raghav that she did not think Ratna will accept her so easily and becomes her mother, says she will make everything perfect now. Ratna on the other side says, she will make thinks excellent

instead of perfect and says everything is under her control her. Raghav says he will be alone at home when she goes to her shop. She says even he is starting a new business and asks who is his new business partner. He says Samaira. She gets annoyed hearing Samaira’s name. Raghav asks if she is jealous and says Samaira liked my plan, so she made her as business partner. Sonia says she heard you both were about to marry. He says yes, but you came in between, so I thought of making her a business partner if not life partner. Sonia walks out from there angrily. He thinks Sonia’s love is hidden in her jealousy.

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Anjali reminisces her insult made by her friend and thinks of starting living as a rich girl now and hopes Sonia will not object.

Sonia helps Fruity in her homework. Fruity says she needs a new better pencil. Sonia says this one is better and she is getting good handwriting from it. She asks Fruity to tell a meaning of proverb. Fruity says it means one should be in their limit and says this proverb does not fit for them as they are living lavish life in Roy mansio now. Anjali comes and says Fruity is telling right, we should start living rich life. She tries to tell her about today’s incident, but Sonia stops her and says she did a mistake by taking Ratna’s bag without taking her permission, says though Ratna is very good, we should not misuse her lenience. Raghav comes there and asks everyone to come down as he wants to teach them something. Fruity asks if she has to study again. He says no, it is a fun activity. Daada comes there hearing their shouting and asks what happened. Raghav says he has a surprise for them all and should come down in 10 minutes. Dada says Raghav is giving a lot of surprises now a days.

Everyone come down at the dining table. Raghav says he will teach them how to dine when magazine people come. He teaches them how to hold a juice glass, which spoon to use to drink soup, to use hankie, etc. Suhasi says they dine like this in Dubai. Daada asks him to show which spoon to use for soup. She gets confused and says Raghav teacher will teach. Dada taunts she does not know anything at all. He then teaches them how to hold spoon and fork. Everybody hold them right. He says Sonia is holding wrong and touches her hands in lieu of correcting her. Dada says even he used to search opportunities to touch daadi in his younger days. Suhasi thinks whatever they learn, Ratna will kick them out of house before magazine people come.

Ratna hires a professional to execute her plan and give him money. He asks her not to worry, her work will be done. Ratna smirks.

Percap: Sonia gets irked seeing Raghav going with Samaira.

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