Ek Rishta Aisa Bhi 24th November 2014 Written Episode Update

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Anjali’s friend taunts her that Ratna may have not accepted Sonia and her sisters. Anjali says friend that she is thinking wrong, Ratna loves them a lot and she will prove that. She then thinks she will have to talk to Sonia about this.

Sonia’s sister dance happily around her. Sonia scolds them for not having breakfast properly. They start taunting her. Daada and Suhasi come there and Daada asks why are they troubling their bahu. They say they want to show him something. Sonia asks them to stop. Daada says deepu is his special reporter and can report anything. Deepu and sisters talk to each other and play drama about the recent incident where Raghav asks Sonia to tell him I love you and Ratna gets shocked to hear it from Sonia in front of her. Khushi says jiju did

not went to office after hearing I love you. Raghav hears their whole conversation and smiles.

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Raghav goes back to his room, sees Sonia alone and starts romancing. She gets shy and says someone will watch them. He says he wants to know how much she loves him and starts touching her romantically, he is about to kiss her when Sonia diverts his attention saying Suhasi has come and runs from there. He says I love you.

Khan comes to Sonia’s house and she gets happy seeing him, says she was remembering him a lot today. He says she remembered him and he came. He gives he sweets and says he cannot come bare handed to his daughter’s house, so he brought sweets. He says he is happy seeing her happy and asks what he should do about her store. She says Raghav spoke to Ratna, and she told I should not work so early. He says Ratna is right. She says Ratna gave her respect and she cannot disobey her. Khan says you are right. Suhasi hears their conversation and plots of plan.

Ratna sees Abhiman’s designs and says these are brilliant. She asks him about his client meeting. He says client did not attend meeting. She gets Suhasi’s call and asks Abhiman to go out saying it is Dubai client’s call. Suhasi tells her about Khan coming home and tells about her plan. Ratna praises her, says she unnecessarily thought her as useless and asks her to work smart like this. Suhasi thanks her and cuts call. Ratna thinks someone told right, if one wants to achieve something, whole world helps him/her, now she got an idea to kick Sonia and sister out of Raghav’s life.

Sonia’s sisters see Khan chacha there and get happily. Daada and Raghav also get happy seeing him. Khan asks Raghav what happened to his business plan. He says he has finalized one and has selected even a partner. Daada asks how is it. He says it is a surprise. Suhasi brings snacks and juice for Khan and says in Dubai, guest is considered as god. Daada jokes even in India, guests are considered god.

Deepika enters Abhiman’s cabin and says if she can talk to him. He is busy on laptop and does not look at her. She says someone told he is most handsome in this office. He turns and is surprised to see Deepika. She says she is a newly hired designer. They enjoy a chat. Ratna gets irked seeing them together. She welcomes Deepika and tells Abhiman that she will work with them from today. He says he will teach her everything. She calls head designer and says she will work under him. She gives head designers’s designs to Abhiman and asks his opinion. He says he will and takes Deepika to show office. He shows her conference room and says here many people’s fate are built and destroyed. She says nothing will destroy until till he is with her. She sees envelope and while showing it slips on him. They both romantically look at each other. Dil kyun ye mera….song.. plays in the background.

Precap: Ratna asks Sonia if she wants to start back working. She then says Suhasi everything is under her control.

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